Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? Ep.15: Blue Beetle to Boy Commandos

The Charlton Spider-Man. A demonic stuntman. An assassin that pops up now and then. A Legion Academy teacher. Child soldiers, but fun. Which are hot, which are not? The Girls of the Hot Squad begin their assessment of Who's Who #3's entries based on sheer datability.

Featuring permanent panelists Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Shotgun, and Amélie.

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10 responses to “Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? Ep.15: Blue Beetle to Boy Commandos

  1. Blue Beetle: Interesting that the girls preferred the Cullins art (overall) over the Rude art, since Rude is defintely more of the “fan-favorite” artist (Shag aside). I do agree that Cullins’ piece is more dynamic, but yeah, his Ted Kord head is WEIRD. Doesn’t even really look like the way Cullins normally drew him! Nerd alert: The Golden Age Blue Beetle (who bounced around from publisher to publisher) was policeman Dan Garrett, who got his powers from a secret fomula (so drugs). Charlton gave archaeologist Dan Garrett a new Silver Age origin with the mystical scarab.

    Blue Devil: I think my ear buds were getting red from all the heat and blushing from this one! “Blue Devil” is an old southern saying, used to describe people with a melancholy mood:”They have a case of the blue devils”. Blue Devils is also the name for the sports teams at the famous Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

    Bolt: Needless to say, I never noticed “the bulge” before. Now I can’t unsee it! Glad the ladies appreciate the more dynamic (and far superior) layout and art design of Who’w Who.

    Bouncing Boy: Did Chuck invent yoga pants? Glad to see the girls dig him, and Siskoid’s closing line was rather clever.

    Boy Commmandos: I had to put aside my Kirby reverence and realize that his art in this period (especially inked by the very stiff Greg Theakston) was rather odd, and kind of “insular” for comic fan conumption only, in many ways. The concept seems rather maudlin and ill-conceived now, but yes, Kirby was a street-wise survivor of the Great Depression, a Jew, and soon after co-reating the group, a frontline soldier in World War II. So all that has to be considered before passing modern judgement on the idea. I’m glad to see this was discussed, and it wasn’t dismissed outright. But I expect no less from this crew. I enjoy the new perspectives as well as the phalic jokes.

  2. Given the amount of sheer giddiness and giggles I heard on this episode, I wonder if the sangria was flowing! Laughed the whole commute listening to this.

    I think my favorite moments of the show is where the squad just completely lose their minds and Siskoid has to sort of try and reel everyone back in. In this episode there was a moment where the penis talk was reaching some crescendo and you hear him sigh and say ‘ok … ok … ok’ to try and dial it back. Just fantastic.

    As for these pages, I like Steve Rude’s throwback art so find the first Beetle page more appealing.

    I like Bolt’s ‘hit and run’ assassination style but his costume does look like he had too many people trying to help him. ‘Dude, you need like a punisher skull.’ ‘No man, you need like a lightning bolt like Deathbolt!’ ‘No no, you need like a sleek dark outfit to be like a ninja!’ ‘Hmmm … why not all of that?’

    Thanks for the levity! You are all doing God’s work. So shines a good deed in a weary world …

  3. Thanks for including the *classic* theme from “The Fall Guy” sung by the Six Million Dollar Man himself: Lee Majors! It’s one of those theme songs with an extended version where the part you never hear from the TV show is really rough … like they knew no one would ever hear it. Something about a forced rhyme of “flirt” and “Burt” to get Burt Reynolds into the song.

  4. This was great commentary on great entries — at least three out of five, anyway. I agree with whoever said that some of the Boy Commandos’ mouths are too wide. They’ll all be played by John Cena in the movie. Two other notes on them: The guns should be black and brown, not olive green. Also, don’t think Jan is carrying a flame thrower. I think Mr. Kirby just exaggerated the muzzle flash from what looks like a Tommy gun, AKA Thompson submachine gun. But I support whoever said the flame thrower was the weapon that made them uncomfortable. I’m the unofficial firearms consultant that Fire & Water never asked for, and even I think flame throwers are insane.

  5. I had a lot of fun with this episode and the OHOTmu gang seeing penises on Blue Beetle’s costume makes me wonder how they’d do with those Magic Eye posters from the 90s.

    “If you look at it just right you’ll see a sail…”

    “It’s a penis!”

    Blue Devil got Loki level swoons and I now ship the entire panel with him.

    I’m glad everyone came around and learned to love the bouncing uncle guy.

    The Boy Commandos creeped me out.

    Lastly, I love hearing the panels reactions when they hear a characters real name, like Larry (The Bolt) Bolantisky.

  6. It’s the All-Bulge issue! Okay, maybe not ALL bulge but it was close…. and in the case of Blue Beetle, it was really close! This was a fun episode and made me chuckle many times. Once again, I’m glad I work from home now, otherwise my coworkers would think I’m going mad.

    In my college days, I had left some leftover turkey in the back of the fridge for way too long and that got pretty blue……

    Blue Beetle – the Revised drawing is definitely crotch -forward. All my knowledge of BB is from JLI so this entry definitely fleshed out the character for me and made me realize he wasn’t always a fat schlub.

    Blue Devil – I’m blushing by the ladies blushing!

    Bolt – This dingus would be a lot more menacing if we didn’t see his face, weird ’80’s sunglasses, and wings.

    Boy Commandos – I didn’t get it then, don’t get it now, and probably will never get it. And who is the old man that’s halfway coming in from the left side? He has no legs and his left hand looks messed up. I’m not going to disparage what Kirby did for comics, but this particular drawing is not good.

    The ladies never fail to bring a smile to my face and, Siskoid, you are doing yeoman’s work getting all these giggles and shrieks edited to such a smooth sounding show. Well done everyone! Keep up the great work!

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