Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? Ep.16: The Brain to Brainwave Jr.

An organ in a jar. A computer tyrant. A green Legionnaire. A cone head. Psychic father and son. Which are hot, which are not? The Girls of the Hot Squad continue their assessment of Who's Who #3's entries based on sheer datability.

Featuring permanent panelists Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Shotgun, and Amélie.

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9 responses to “Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? Ep.16: The Brain to Brainwave Jr.

  1. It’s wild to me that everyone in this issue has been in live action but Brain Storm,& I wish this look for Brainiac had lasted longer than it did, also when the Amalgam omnibuses come out in a few months can you make an episode to show the ladies some of the heroes & villains than were merged by DC & Marvel?

    1. I’m a huge Amalgam nerd, Kevin, but I don’t know that I can slow down progress on the two covered series any more than I have. Will there be Amalgam Who’s Who pages in the Omnibus? I hadn’t heard about that. That would be the clincher.

      If only there were an Armadillo amalgam.

  2. The Brain: The Brain and Mallah appear in Season One of My Adventures with Superman. Have any of the Hot Squad watched this? I think some would definitely dig this take on Superman and Lois, and the storyline overall. Very anime-influenced, smart and suprisingly sweet and sincere.

    Brainiac: Poor Siskoid’s Brainiac suffers the fate of many copies of that figure, including mine. In fact, I had TWO Braniacs from childhood, and both of them suffered broken arms. I think the vac-metalizing process weakens the plastic.

    Brainiac 5: Man, I really like Kesel’s inks over Curt Swan! That is all.

    Brainstorm: The Girls will be happy to know that there IS a tiny version of his helmet out there, on the 1966 Justice League of America figure by Ideal Toys. Yes, Brainstorm made it into figure form before many far worthier foes!

    Brainwave: Never understood the whole Merry thing either. Did Thomas ever really explain it? Oh, if you want to be either disturbed, or laugh your ass off, check out live-action Brainwave (who seems to be based on this very Who’s Who image) in the 1988 Superman 50th Anniversary TV special. YIKES!!!

    Brainwave, Jr.: Glad you used the Stargirl clip. Some really compelling stuff with parent and child on that series. But then that was the whole crux of the show! Ordway art is always top-notch!

    1. I second the appreciation for My Adventures With Superman. It’s a delightful series. And I daresay, the episode featuring The Brain and Mallah is now my favorite take on their characters and relationship. It’ll never be handled that way in the comics because it’s not villainous enough, but it was so good!

  3. Thanks for the welcome! And a fine round of compliments!

    I think I was the guy who voted down Brainwave Jr. I couldn’t imagine such a ‘pretty boy’ garnering a lot of attention. Plus the ‘I alter memories’ seemed like a definitive ‘not’.

    The first time I read about the first Brainwave was in the story where he has the illusion on. So when it disappeared and I saw the insane little bald guy, I was pretty shocked. I do like the more normal size head in the Brainwave Jr surprint.

    And thanks for all the giggles regarding Brainstorm.

  4. I’m not sure if I should feel good that I was the one who said the girls would find Brainwave hot or if it means I should seek therapy.

    We can film a PSA – This is your brain. This is your brain after binging oHOTmu.

    Lastly, after hearing the collective disdain for gym class and all the brain slander, I will continue my strategy of not getting smarter or stronger and just feed my wife and supply her with clean, soft, fleece blankets to wrap up in when she is watching TV on the couch.

  5. When I was young tinier Time Priest, I was given a huge Super Friends coloring book for Christmas featuring Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman fighting the villain Brainstorm! I’d never heard of him before, but he must have been a big deal to threaten those three heroes. The book is long gone, but I spent hours coloring the Life magazine sized pages. But since Brainstorm wasn’t on the cover (shocking I know!), I didn’t know what colors to use for his costume. So I ended up using lots of purple and green, and silver-grey for the helmet, so not too far off. Honestly, I had to use purple and green because the heroes used up all my red and blue! Without realizing it, I gained an insight into colorists before the digital age.

  6. Hooray for more Who’s Hot! Another great episode all around, everyone! The oHOTmu Squad is a giggle oasis in a desert of dull work.

    Brainiac – This is the Brainiac I remember, mostly from Super Powers. A great looking toy that I could WISH that I got. I don’t think I ever saw him on the pegs, though. When I learned about the “original” green version, I thought it was so much duller than the Super Powers version.

    Brain Storm – If I was a superhero, and I saw this dingus coming at me, I would be defeated so easily because I would be on the floor laughing. How does that ribbed for her pleasure hat stay on? It’s got no chin strap. I can picture him running away with that thing teetering on his head, while he tries to hold it up.

    Jr., Brainwave – I’m not against this hero and I kind of like Infinity Inc., but I’ve never liked this costume. Why the goggles? Why cover the ears but leave the hair open? I don’t know, I don’t think these are good arguments from me but I stand by my irrational dislike.

    Thanks again for all the laughs! Keep up the great work!

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