Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? Ep.4: Anthro to Arak

The first boy on Earth. A planet of evil. Dating Atlanteans. The King of the Seven Seas. A displaced First Nations warrior. Which are hot, which are not? The Girls of the Hot Squad are on course to take us through Who's Who #1 in this Hot or Not mini-series which dares to ask if the characters of the DC Universe are any more datable than the ones from the MU!

Featuring permanent panelists Isabel, Nathalie and Josée.

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19 responses to “Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? Ep.4: Anthro to Arak

  1. Another fun show as always.

    “It’s a dry heat” and “Of course you can stand it (since there is no furniture)” would make good travel slogans for Apokolips.

    “Darkseid is a Thwomp” may look good on your merch.

    My dad created a Topo entry in Xum’s Who, if the “Hot Squad” wants to do another bonus animal entry.

    I always pronounced Arak as “uh-ROCK” (not to be confused with THE Rock).

    Are there hints that this show may go beyond Vol I?

    My friend’s 5 year old male German shepherd was close to 90 pounds. I figured Ace would be a little more lean given how active he is. But I agree with “All the weights are weird” (which can be another slogan for your merch).

  2. Anthro: Maybe he’s short because humans have continually gotten taller over the years?

    Apokolips: Isn’t this the only Fourth World entry Kirby didn’t draw? What really burned me about this one, was the Kenner Super Powers Tower of Darkness (based on the Tower of Rage, complete with giant Darkseid head) was never released.

    Aqualad: He’s always been the whipping boy of the Teen Titans…and now he gets dissed here. Poor, permed Garth. No love for him. I don’t even think Rob really likes him.

    Aquagirl: Tula always seemed like a fun character. I think DC missed a bit by sacrificing her instead of wet blanket Aqualad.

    Aquaman: This is about as classic as you get. But you failed to mention to the girls that while Aquaman disbanded the League, and the reformed it with only heroes who could fully commit…he left the team hanging as soon as Mera showed back up. I wonder if that would have affected his “hotness”, Momoa or no?

    Arak: I know I shouldn’t be this way, but when this guy shows up, I just kind of lose interest quickly. I know Roy Thomas was trying to recreate some Conan heat at DC, and the art is gorgeous, but this just never clicked with me at all. Not sure why.

    Did the Girls think the network was called Fire and Water because we’re affiliated with that church or something?


    1. Last night I just happened to find out, by looking through my dad’s old comics news magazines, that Roy Thomas’s Arak title, as well as All-Star Squadron, were the reason DC cancelled the Super Friends comic book, so Rob has a reason to have a problem with Arak now.

      Paul Levitz was quoted in Comic Times and Media Showcase #5, page 65, saying, “Super Friends was cancelled to make room for [Roy] Thomas’s new titles.”

  3. Forget to mention: Aquaman called Aqualad “Squirt” on the 1960s cartoon. I guess “Chum” would have a different meaning in the ocean.

      1. Most superheroes are around the same height, but I would have loved to see one of these classic sidekicks show up much taller than their mentor. You know like Speedy towering over Green Arrow or something.

        Or how about Damien grow up to be 6’8″.

  4. Impressive podcast most impressive.This is Liz Anne Oswalt. The first guy kind of looks like Michael Landon as a Cro-Magnon man. Though I don’t think he lives and Cro-Magnon this is the same people. The sciences point out those are two different creatures. And that Lucy was hunched over because she was old. Not because she was unable to walk upright. Will she wasn’t because of age not because genetics. Any rate if he is the first of its kind what is his girlfriend also look human ? Shouldn’t she look like a Neanderthal? Any rate decent enough entry. Onto the apocalypse cool enough Jack Kirby entry. Sadly we almost got apocalypse within the DC universe. But, they fumbled the ball. Fact that almost got twice. Since before the bomb that was the eternals movie there was a planned new Gwads movie. They are driving this does a decent job of making look Kirby-esque. You can definitely see how Mattel was inspired by this with created He-Man. As well as George Lucas when he made Star Wars.

    Moving along aqua lad does kind of look like Greg Brady as a superhero. Luckily Phil Jimenez gave him a better costume later. Only it is great seeing George Perez artwork.
    Sad to hear that you will probably passing due to cancer. It was that enough hearing that he had to retire. Though I hope he has a great time with his family before he passes. On that sad note moving right along. Aqua girl looks okay. Kind of like Annette Bening as a superhero. Though she gets a much better costume in the young justice videogame. Don’t have to is to say about these two. Though she did have a cool part in that videogame when you fight the world serpent at the end of it. Not the Norse version but the Arabic version. But, she has to die in that videogame. Geez she’s like the feel version of karate kid. Or Kenny from South Park.

    Oh good Aquaman got a hot. Rob Kelly will be beaming for days. We all never hear the end of it. Sorry I was just never a big fan of Aquaman. I like the Mamoa version. And the one from the cartoon, but that’s about it. Moving along.

    Oy. Arak. Where to begin. First off that is not a Danish ax. And that is definitely not a Tomahawk. It looks like he grabbed a wood chopping ax and brought it to battle. Though it is too slender to even be that. Also those pants are way too tight. They make his butt look great, but they wouldn’t be very practical. They would be made out of animal skin. Being that tightly be hard to move in. Spandex is not a thing at that. And while I realize Vikings tended to just pick up bits of their enemies gear when they defeated them. This looks seemed only to what end I have no idea. They may have convinced him to wear gold. But, gold is heavy and has very little defensive purpose. I guess it just makes it look like he’s got money. The sword is a two hander or at least a bastard. So him duel wielding is not the greatest idea. It’s also built like a European longsword so would be much better for stabbing than slashing. And that usability is better when you can half sword. And you have to put down the acts to do that. Or put that in his weird belt. Where he got the candy cane belts I have no idea? Also he’s a showman why does you only have two feathers? And where is his medicine bag?

    The Frankish helmet on the one guy is kind of weird. Since not only as a ceremonial helmet as the ladies pointed out the liking were that. The long ship is kind of cool. Though not sure how accurate the shields are. They are also correct that that horse would not have a billowing chain mail skirt. Then again the night has giant shoulder armor over his sword arm shoulder. Which would impede his movement. A looks like somebody who’s fought mounted combat before. Last thing in the world you would one is a giant shoulder pad in the way of when you’re going to swing the sword.Arak is drawn decent enough. Even if the boots are kind of weird. Kind of looks like the weird sandal boot things that Hercules used to wear. Stone over a pair of long moccasins. With for some reason the Pirates flat for over them. And for whatever reason there is no bottom to his boots. Their kind of like moccasins that are just part of his feet. Almost like he’s wearing really thick socks. At any rate good enough drawing. Decent enough looking guy moving right along. Did I mention I have a YouTube page? Can’t wait to hear the next podcast.

  5. Another fantastic job, everyone! Even thought there wasn’t as many ladies this time, they more than made up for it with some great discussion!

    Apokalips – Armagetto and Coke makes a great mixed drink! “Climbing the Tower of Rage” sounds like a wrestling move. I also agree with the ladies; I prefer the cold to the heat. My philosophy is that you can always put more clothes on, there’s only so many clothes you can take off.

    Aqualad/Aquagirl – Tula looks like she is having so much more fun than Garth, from which I understand is par for the course? Also, question for the ladies; would you ever go swimming with those boots on? That looks like it would weigh you down a lot. P.S. – Siskoid, I loved the Tiny Bubbles needle drop. Don Ho was a favourite of my parents and that song takes me back to my childhood.

    Aquaman – Not to suck up to the founders, but I think Aquaman’s always been awesome but it’s too bad he is the butt of bad jokes. Having said that, Jason Samosa is fantastic and almost made me spit take! “I don’t like (the name) Arthur. It’s not water-y enough”. What IS a water-y name? Walt? Steve? Bubba??

    Arak – I’m up for all those pronunciations!

    Well done, everyone! Keep up the great work!

  6. Cheers for another terrific show.

    Anthro was the first DC comic I ever bought as a kid. I remember little about it, caveboys are dull. Well, unless they’re Robin.

    Apokolips is another reminder that one day I should actually open my Fourth World Omnibus, it just sits there, looking amazing. I never enjoy comics that visit that place, it’s too much like a sweaty factory with especially cranky, ugly colleagues. Well, except that JLA/JSA/New Gods team-up, that was terrific.

    it’s incredible that the girls decided Aqualad should be British, as he was actually educated for a time in Scotland, so may have a Caledonian accent. And those aren’t socks , they are boots , boots, I say! I love them, and the square shirt opening is unusual and looks great. Mind, V-necks are best for tee-shirts.

    Aquagirl speaking telepathically to other Atlanteans is seriously unmpressive, that’s like saying mysuoer power is to talk to people on the street – all Atlanteans communicate via thought (or as they say in old TV shows, ‘mental telepathy’). Does ‘Tula’ count as a watery name, given its almost ‘Tuna’?

    ‘A secret fish in the Aquaman logo’? Are we talking the letter ‘Q’? I see that, after a lifetime of looking at the logo. Mind blown.

    Arak was a wonderful series, it grabbed me from the first, as the opening issue was partly set on Lindisfarne, where I used to holiday as a kid, a magical place. The flavour of the book was something else, it’s so far from Conan that it’s untrue, with a historical background you never see in comics, and an amazing mix of characters from history and myth. The girls should try an issue or two, I bet they’d be horny for Satyricus. I say ‘A-rack’, hard ‘a’… that pronunciation is obvious, the Who’s Who guide makes sense only for US Americans.

  7. Thanks for another great episode.

    Octopus: Some scientists theorize that the octopus may have been the first intelligent life on earth. I don’t know how much evidence there is for this theory, but I would like to believe it is true.

    Aqualad: I think I prefer him in his later incarnation, as Tempest.

    Aquagirl: I’m glad that Tula is back in the post-New 52 universe, but I wish they’d give her more to do.

    Aquaman: There was some question about why Aquaman would include fins on his calves, as part of his costume. At one point in time, I believe the calf fins were actually part of his body. I don’t know if that was the case at the time of this entry.

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