Done-in-One Wonders Episode #5: Rise of the Legion of Xum

At the end of our last episode, an uninvited guest villain had taken over the podcast! It was his first step toward his ultimate goal of total comic-book fandom domination! Can the captive Professor Xum’s recap of the villain’s first Bronze Age comic book appearance reveal the means to save the day?


Featuring: The Flash v1 #225


Images from this episode:

Music by Hoyt Curtin and the Manic Street Preachers.

With special thanks to Will Rodgers for providing the voice of the Flash.

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10 responses to “Done-in-One Wonders Episode #5: Rise of the Legion of Xum

  1. Can’t wait to listen to this episode! Been so worried about what might have happened to Professor Xum (aka Little Professor Man)! Many thanks for producing a Wonder-ful podcast.

  2. Still going strong. Nothing’s going to stop you now, Xum. Wait, is that a loud noise I hear?
    I agree with Terra-Man. “Aw, dang!”

    Ready for season 2. It starts next week, right? RIGHT?

    …aw, dang.

  3. I kept checking for red skies while listening to this.

    Also, Solomon Grundy’s comment about Iris West concerned me. I don’t like the idea that he has romantic thoughts AT ALL.

    IIRC this is the first show on the network to end on a cliffhanger (except for every episode of Fire and Water, where people wonder if Shag and I will ever co-host again).

  4. The performance art of this show makes it the closest thing to a comic that isn’t a comic. I’m impressed and a little scared by this early arrival of the future of podcasting.

  5. Another brilliat episode – so much drama and suspense. I’m glad Toby Manning and co came through….

    ….hey, all of a sudden I’m wondering if Terra Man ever met Towbee!

  6. Hooray! Solomon Grundy saved his friend Little Professor Man after all! Tim Price was worried, but Tim Price knew Solomon Grundy was just misunderstood. Good job, Solomon Grundy!

    Tim Price managed to send this comment before the end of the episode. Tim Price wonders what happens at the en….

  7. Once again, Xum, you’ve created a wonderful experience! Your approach, attention to aural details, through-line, and succinct analyses make for joyful listening! I’ve not read this issue, but the Bates/Novick Flash stories are the ones that I first read, and I have a great fondness for them.
    Recently, I was listening to some other comics podcasts and was very disappointed. While I don’t expect everyone, or anyone, to do the same effort as you, I do expect people to speak clearly. That’s a minimum for an audio medium. Several of the annoyances of these (non Fire and Water) podcasters include: not reading their copy clearly; being in an apparent rush to get to the end; being in no rush to get to the subject; casually alluding to writers, artists, stories without context; using sfx on their voices that make it hard to hear what is being said.
    The quality of the Done-In-One Wonder Show is well worth waiting for! Thank you for all the effort and care you put into it!

  8. Well that was a season finale! And despite the tease of a cliffhanger last time, it was all done in one after all. No waiting weeks to find out of Zoom would replace Xum. And a Silver Age resolution too!

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