Done-in-One Wonders Episode #8: The Date Knight Strikes!

Make a date with our special guest, the Pre-Crisis Batgirl, as she joins Professor Xum to reminisce about a charmingly quirky Bronze-Age tale from her days in Congressional office.

Plus, a special Electronic Mailroom segment in which one of the Xum Crew bids the show farewell...


Featuring: Detective Comics  v1 #483 (Batgirl story only)


Images from this episode:

Music by Bob Sakuma, Hoyt Curtin, Ike Yorihiro, and the Manic Street Preachers.

With special thanks to Stella from Batgirl to Oracle for providing the voice of Batgirl, and to Chris Franklin for providing the voice of... well, just wait and hear...

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14 responses to “Done-in-One Wonders Episode #8: The Date Knight Strikes!

  1. I’m glad to hear that none of the Xum Crew angered Batgirl. I’ve heard that Batgirl can really hold a grudge if you offend her. I’m really glad to hear her pop in!

  2. Delightful episode Xum! After taking a look at the art, yeah, I have to agree, I think Mr. Oksner was throwing in a lot of cheesecake poses, mostly for their own sake. Still, some of his panel layouts are delightful (like the splash) and it really manages to convey a lot of info in just a few pages. I wonder what it might have looked like with a more sympathetic inker.

    Nice of Batgirl herself to stop by! You get the best guests!

  3. Another highly entertaining episode!

    So sorry that Bizarro is leaving…I mean, so grateful that Bizarro am staying…dang, Bizarro-speak am not hard to write!

    And I loved the teaser with the special guest at the end…I won’t mention the name in case anyone reads this comment before listening to the podcast, but I’m looking forward to hearing how this plotline develops!

  4. Thanks for spotlighting one of my favorite Batgirl stories. Bob Rozakis really excelled at these off-beat, down-to-earth stories (his ‘Mazing Man series, for instance).

    I appreciate that you took a moment to call out the bits of excessive cheesecake in the art. I enjoy that kind of imagery as much as the next guy (and Oksner was exceptionally good at it), but it should make sense in the context of the story that’s being told. And really, a fit woman in skintight spandex is already going to be plenty sexy without having to go the extra mile of “hey look at my rump” every other panel.

    A big round of applause for Stella, who did a great job voicing Batgirl. You’ve established a very particular style for the show, a precise mix of earnestness and tongue-in-cheek humor, and I thought she hit that balance perfectly. A great episode all around.

  5. Ah, yes. Another enjoyable done-in-one story summarized and reviewed with the usual panache. Along with others here, I’d like to add my compliments for Stella’s participation in this show. And as for Chris Franklin’s cameo, well I won’t spoil it too much in case anyone reading these comments hasn’t listened to the show yet, but I have to say I literally burst out laughing when I heard him voicing that character a la Sean Connery.

    Otherwise, I remember having some issues of Batman Family, and also a few of the Detectives that were in the Batman family format, but never this particular issue. So when I looked over your gallery post I was a bit astounded at the sheer amount of cheesecake packed into a single 12-page story.
    Anyway, good work all around and I’m looking forward to the next show.

  6. If I knew Batgirl was going to stop by, I would have asked you to get me an autograph, Xum!

    As for Oksner’s art, yeah, its a little TOO cheesecakey in parts, but you have to remember Oksner was often asked to draw clean “good girl” art. Even Angel and the Ape was full of cartoony cheesecake shots. And his Supergirl in her hotpants costume was certainly drawn to appeal to young boys. Not excusing it, but its just a sign of the time. Its a little more obvious with Batgirl’s more modest costume, however.

    It does seem Colletta’s eraser should have gotten half of his pay here. For every defense of the man, there’s examples like this. A complex character, for sure.

    Fun show!!!


  7. Another great episode Xum, Stella and assorted weirdos!

    Just out of curiosity, what would be the era of the most recent comic you would want to cover on the DIOPWS?

  8. Another fine show, with an unexpected guest. Batgirl here reminded me of a super-Lucy Van Pelt, with her insistence on Xum spelling out the art’s cheesecakiness. To be honest, I never noticed it, that’s probably the queer eye on the Bat-thigh for you.

    I found this a very dull tale, there’s not nearly enough in the way of colourful conflict. I wonder why this story was chosen… I suppose there are no done-in-one Velvet Tiger stories.

    That Denny O’Neil quote was simply a wordier version of an older DC lettercol quote, that Metropolis was New York in the daytime and Gotham was New York at night.

    I was completely lost amid the post-credits plot details, but I love that guest star! The voice was spot on.

    Thanks for the Nasty talk!

  9. Another done in wonderful! I loved Stella’s Batgirl and could easily imagine Yvonne Craig saying those lines.

    As for the story: Much as I love the Dollar Comics, they did tend to have lots of low-stakes stories. This one was much more enjoyable to me in your retelling than it was originally. I also have to admit that despite being a hormonal teenager when I first read it, I had not really noticed the cheesecake Oksner put in. Now I can’t help but see it. Weird.

    Anyway, thank you for another fun episode. I am eagerly awaiting the next, especially with that end teaser. Kudos to Mr. Franklin for that performance!

  10. Delightful episode! Tim Price was thrilled to hear Batgirl on the show. She worked so well with Solomon Grundy, TIm Price hopes Little Professor Man can bring her back in the future.

    Tim Price is also sorry for getting confused about Solomon Grundy’s comment. Unless… was that written by Bizarro Tim Price instead? Hmm, if Bizarro hadn’t left, Little Professor Man could have asked if Bizarro had made Bizarros of podcast commenters.

    While Tim Price has not read this issue, Tim Price enjoyed hearing Batgirl getting to be superhero on a date. This doesn’t happen as much nowadays, a casualty of expecting more realism in comics. It reminds Tim Price of when Dawn Granger dated a cop in Hawk & Dove from 1990, but also showed how impractical it was to date as a superhero. This Silver-Age-like story was much more fun.

    Wait, with Chris Franklin coming to the show, could there also be … Other Solomon Grundy? Tim Price is probably hoping for too much. Ah well.

  11. Yes, a great show. Call me slow on the uptake, but it was after the diversionary talk about the BeeGees that it struck me that “B.G.” is also the initials of Barbara Gordon. Now I have to ask you if in any comic a character caused confusion by calling Barbara by her initials, and I have to warn you I won’t believe you if you say, “No.”

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