Done-in-One Wonders Episode #13: Missive the Point Gallery

This heah’s Jonah Hex, an’ yore lookin’ at some high-falootin’ light engravin’s from whut thuh Perfesser called JONAH HEX v1 #73, made wit’ one-a his fancy muh-sheens. The Prof. says yew kin use yore own fancy muh-sheen tuh take uh closer look by usin’ a “clicker” or some-such. Ah trust y’all know whut yore doin’.

Also, the Prof. wants tuh keep this heah light page uh his clean, so keep alla yore chatter at thuh udder light page yonder by using yore clicker-thang heah.

Ahm curious how Ah get outta thet partic'lar predicament.

Jody Mantlo and his gang had mah dead tuh rights—but only cuz he done stole muh idea.

This pitcher page done made mah look like a dadgum idjit!

Lotsa fine engravin’ thar by thet Garcia-Lopez gent. No wunner his name is praised.

Y’all keep muh “gentlemanly ways” unner yer hat, pardner…

Hard tuh believe thet all happened, dun't it?

I dun’t know who this Nickel-whut, McManny, an’ Carson gents are, but ‘parrently they plumb stole thar bit from me.

Ah dun't know much 'bout this one, 'cept it's from a "CRISIS 8". Ah dun't think Ah wanna know more...

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