Done-in-One Wonders Episode #13: Missive the Point

In the third season premiere, the remaining members of the Xum Crew plan to catch up on their backlog of responses for the Done-in-One Wonders Electronic Mailroom, which could be accomplished as long as they do not have any interruptions...

Featuring: Jonah Hex v1 #73

Images from this episode:

Music by Lonestar and the Manic Street Preachers.

With special thanks to Max Romero for providing the voice of Jonah Hex; and to Michael Bailey, Siskoid, and Shag Matthews for providing additional voices.

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12 responses to “Done-in-One Wonders Episode #13: Missive the Point

  1. It’s so fun to hear these come together. I always asked Xum only send me my parts, so I wouldn’t spoil the story for myself.

    The fact that Xum took our separate recordings and created all of this is just fascinating. Big shout out to Isamu and Adrian for their editing skills as well.

    Great job Max, Michael and Siskoid on joining in on the fun.


        1. Xum is indeed smart, but he told me that the Marquis de Sade take was all Siskoid’s idea. I remember Xum laughing so hard at the recordings he received months ago, from you and Siskoid both. Thanks for giving him so much joy.

          1. Thank you, Namiko. The story goes that when he asked me to be DeSaad, I asked him if it was because he wanted me to do it with a French accent, so I thought it was HIS idea. Either way, it’s pretty silly, which is a good representation of our relationship. Xum always committed to the bit, and I’m of a like mind about that.

  2. Enjoyable as always, and even more so given that I had given up on hearing any more of these. Nothing much specifically to add, except maybe that I’d love to have a “like” button for comments above.

  3. It was a real treat to hear all of the great voice work, from across the Network, that went into this episode. I was in stitches for much of it. Well done!

  4. Tim Price is so grateful to have gotten another episode of Grundy’s show. As Grundy would say, “Cool!” A fun done-in-one, great voice bits, excellent editors, just a joy. Tim Price thanks you all.

  5. That was one of the best episodes ever… it’s incredible how much story ‘olde time’ comic creators could get into 17 pages. Xum and the Xum Crew – that bot is my new favourite – really brought the memories of that issue flowing back. I am, though, shocked to learn that the Chronicles weren’t quite correct; it was good of Jonah to take it all so well, and I love that the ‘hero to some/villain to others’ may have wound up actually talking melodramatic-like after reading Michael Fleisher’s dialogue.

    Thanks to everyone who helped get this episode into our ears.

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