Done-in-One Wonders Episode #14: Cause that’s Unchecked

The Xum Crew receive a surprise visit from Doctor Manhattan, and together they discuss the issue of retroactive continuity carried to its logical (or is that illogical?) extreme. Plus: a group of powerful beings appear -- to take MAYA away! And more behind-the-scenes mischief from Barely-Pre-Crisis Apokolips! Will the Crew ever get to the Done-in-One Wonders Electronic Mailroom?

Featuring: Paradox Girl #1

Read the comic online (for free) here!

Images from this episode:

Music by Hoyt Curtin and the Manic Street Preachers.

With special thanks to Michael Bailey for providing the voice of Doctor Manhattan; to Nathaniel Wayne for providing the voice of Axiom Man; to Lis Zwick for providing the voice of Paradox Girl; to Siskoid for providing the voice of DeSaad; to Shag Matthews for providing the voice of Darkseid; and to Delvin Williams, Mike Staley, Amelie, and Pat Sampson for providing additional voices.

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3 responses to “Done-in-One Wonders Episode #14: Cause that’s Unchecked

  1. I’d never heard of Paradox Girl before, but absolutely love the concept behind this character. Also, I agree with Siskoid that Xum did an exceptional job finding Doctor Manhattan’s voice, that can’t have been easy. Props also to Michael for pulling off the role. In fact, everyone involved deserves an all expenses paid Boom Tube ride to Disney World.

  2. Greatly appreciate the guidance on how to find this issue online. It was a real delight, and no surprise it made the Done-In-One Wonder cut. It also calls for a reread to fully understand PG’s path through the issue. Fantastic job on the creative team’s part.

    And I’ll give another thumbs-up for Xum’s rendition of Dr Manhattan. That was amazing. Thank you all for sharing these episodes.

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