Who’s Who Review #2

It's the second stellar episode of WHO'S WHO REVIEW! Shag and Rob take a fresh look at classic entries from Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe, featuring the All-Star Squadron, Cain, Crime Syndicate, Hawkgirl, Rag Doll, Tomahawk, and more! Plus we cover YOUR feedback!

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41 responses to “Who’s Who Review #2

  1. I definitely agree about the Crime Syndicate’s death in Crisis. Even with all the more “important” scenes in COIE, the shot of Ultraman looking over his shoulder and then flying headlong into the anti-matter wave is one of my favourites. Animal Man also played up the sympathy for the Crime Syndicate as characters that comics were too serious for nowadays, so it’s appropriate that Grant Morrison also got to bring them back. The Mark Waid Qwardian versions might not have stuck, but it was cool to see CS counterparts for the JLI characters (and also Green Arrow, for some reason).

    This was a Hawk-heavy episode. I have a lot of affection for their Silver Age stuff, but the Manhawks are pretty goofy, and between the name and the human-head-on-a-hawk’s-body thing they’re painfully on the nose as reversals of Hawkman.

    1. The Qward version of the Crime Syndicate was weird. At least there has been enough reboots of the CSA since then to finally get analogues of Aquaman and Firestorm.

      1. I looked at this without my glasses and first read “The Oswald version of the Crime Syndicate.” This soon after late November and Rob’s Jack Ruby edition of POD Dylan, the mind reels.

  2. FYI: Eccentric Dancer (Wikipedia): Eccentric dance is a style of dance performance in which the moves are unconventional and individualistic. It developed as a genre in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a result of the influence of African and exotic dancers on the traditional styles of clog and tap dancing. Instead of holding the body stiff and straight in the style of a jig, acrobatics such as flips and contortions were used in a more exuberant, expressive and idiosyncratic way.

    FYI Buddy Ebsen began his career as an eccentric dancer.

    1. Which continuity or earth version had Lois Lane be Super Woman in the CSA? I’m almost certain that’s a Morrison idea.

  3. One of the coolest Tomahawk stories was in Swamp Thing #86 . In the story Swamp Thing was going backward in time & meeting heroes such as Sgt. Rock , Shining Knight, Enemy Ace, Jonah Hex . In #86 it’s told that Dan Hunter was killed skinned alive.

  4. One of the coolest stories with Tomahawk was in Swamp Thing #86, in the story Swamp Thing going backward in time & meeting heroes such as Jonah Hex, Shining Knight, Enemy Ace. In #86 it’s told that Dan Hunter was killed by being skinned alive.

  5. I am introducing a new comment segment called “Shag: Out of Context.” In this segment, I will provide a random quote from Shag that takes a whole new meaning out of the context of the show.

    And, now, today’s “Shag: Out of Context”…

    “When you want a beautiful woman, you put Dick Giordano on it.”

    Dick Giordano, legendary comics artist, writer, editor, and (according to Shag) an accomplished pimp.

    Thank you, gentleman. I will see myself out.

    1. So Steve Givens heard that as well. I thought I was hearing things. This was such a great early Christmas present of an episode.

      It absolutely makes sense that Golden Glider was created in 1977 after Dorothy Hamill won figure skating gold at the Innsbruck Olympics the previous year. She was everywhere for a while after those Games as sort of a proto-Mary Lou Retton. Even her haircut was apparently a big thing.

      You may or may not be interested to know that The Terrible Trio are appearing in a current storyline in DC’s Batman & Robin series by Josh Williamson. They have been transformed into somewhat vicious animal/human hybrids. I definitely prefer the classic versions.

      Has anyone checked with Roy Thomas to see if Dan Hunter is perhaps an ancestor of Tim Hunter from The Books of Magic? ;-

      There are some great entries here including my beloved All-Star Squadron and Northwind from my beloved Infinity Inc., Ferro Lad from my beloved Legion of Super-Heroes, the ultra-creepy Rag Doll, and Color Kid from Keith Giffen’s Subs series (RIP Mr. Giffen. You are missed).

      1. Yeah, the point about US figure-skating champions has come up somewhere on this network in the not-too-distant past, as I recall pointing out how 1968 Olympic medalist Peggy Fleming was still a household name in the 1970s when I was a kid. And yes, Dorothy Hamill was incredibly popular for a number of years after the 1976 games, and yes, that haircut was a real trend for a time. In fact, I’d say that Hamill’s popularity exceeded Mary Lou Retton’s almost a decade later.

  6. The Flash TV show did so many things wrong but hiring Troy James as the character Rag Doll was not one of them.

    Here is his appearance on America’s Got Talent just before he was hired for an episode of The Flash:

  7. That’s some collection of characters.
    My favorite legion of super hero’s members are
    Karate kid and timber wolf .
    Also did you guys ever read the honey mooners comic the 24 issue maxi series ?
    And did you dc published a honey mooners comic ?

        1. Yes I’m listing to the same show I just also happen to review issue 8 of the 24 issue maxi series of honey mooners comic . For my YouTube channel and after listening the show my mind wonders . So some times I just think random things .

          1. If you and Uncle Siskoid write the entries, Mr. 749, I can put these in a Xum’s Who template for you (though the Jackie Gleason characters may take up a whole book; he played a number of different ones in the JACKIE GLEASON AND THE HONEYMOONERS 12-issue series…).

  8. Wow! All-Star Squadron is one of the all star entri s in WHO’s WHO. It’s just an absolutely amazing piece. Liberty Bell modified her costume and added a cape in issue 31 of All-Star Squadron.
    The Crime Syndicate another killer entry with one of the best renditions of Ultraman ever put to paper. He really looks like a rough and tumble criminal version of Superman.
    Hawkgirl. Absolutely gorgeous! I could see a WWII flight crew putting that image on their B-52.
    So happy to have another entry of The Review so soon after the 1st.

  9. I just calculated 819 divided by 13. The answer I got was 63. That means you only have 61 episodes left. And then we still have your promised Impact and RPG issues to look forward to. Looks like we got at least another five years of Rob’s anecdotes from the Kubert school to hear about.

  10. I am pretty sure I talked about this in the original Who’s Who but I will stand on my soapbox, screaming and defending the ManHawks.

    I read them (I think) in a digest. The whole story I was wondering what was going to be under the mask. I kept thinking how weird it is going to look to see a humanoid face tacked onto a bird body. I was imagining how insane it is going to be. And then … the ultimate switcheroo … the heads are just hawk heads. They’re just giant birds. I was completely shocked. And that made it perfect. It made them a lifetime fave.

    Add to that they work for Hyathis in a Showcase Hawkman story! That’s like peanut butter and Nutella!

    I will GO TO THE GRAVE defending Hyathis. She’s awesome! You’ll see when the randomizer brings you back to her! #JazzHands

  11. I’m continuing to enjoy the Who’s Who Redux sampler, and there were some really good entries in this one – I learned a lot, esp. that bit about Ragdoll (I refuse to write it as two separate words). Like Rob, I’d always thought he was just an odd-looking guy, rather than a more ordinary guy wearing a mask – I have to say, it takes away a little of his mystique for me.
    And I tend to agree with Shag, I’ve always found the Crime Syndicate’s Superwoman rather fetching…

    By the way, the sidekick in the Plastic Man cartoon was called Hula Hula – I guess you guys would have known that if he had ever gotten a Who’s Who entry.

    1. He was referred to as “Bad Luck Hula” in the opening sequence of every episode of THE PLASTIC MAN COMEDY-ADVENTURE SHOW, so that might explain Uncle Shag’s confusion.

      My dad said Hula Hula was a cross between Lou Costello, Curly Howard, and Maxwell Smart (see sepatate entries)…

  12. I got hooked the sweet drug that is #fwpodcasts. And of course the first one is always free. (That’s how they get you hooked.) Who’s Who is that fix for me. I enjoy learning the little extras. Then as podcast promos started I got even more hooked. THANKS for giving me this new world.

  13. Thanks, gents.

    You talked a lot in the earlier episodes about how the original series neglected some major locations in the DC Universe—sure, a bunch of geographical entries were included, but the assemblage seemed pretty random (Why was there two pages for Paradise Island, but no listings for Gotham City and Metropolis?) Likewise, the Cain entry makes me wonder if there should have been a listing for the House of Mystery itself (after all, it was a “guest star” in both DC Comics Presents and Brave and the Bold). It could have shared a page with the House of Secrets without even screwing up the alphabetical order.

    Speaking of which, I remember when I read Who’s Who during its original run, entries like Color Kid frustrated me—they could have easily squeezed him into half a page and made room for more entries, if only there were someone else with an equally brief history adjacent to him in the alphabet. I think we as the readers never really appreciated how much of a juggling act putting that series together must have been, with its (mostly) strict adherence to keeping things alphabetical. (Probably explains why Electric Warrior got a two-page spread in the update, despite his series having been canceled by then.)

    I loved the idea of the Golden Glider dating the Top. I like to imagine the Rogues as a bunch of obnoxious frat guys who live together in a disgusting house—it’s kind of inevitable that one of them ends up dating the hot sister of one of the other guys. (Or at least it would have been back in the ’70s.)

    That All-Star Squadron shot is indeed stunning—the first kapow! moment in the original Who’s Who run. I wonder: Is that the first-ever example of that specific type of superteam illustration, with all the members fanning out and racing toward the viewer? It’s a format that’s so iconic; don’t pretend you haven’t imagined various of your own fantasy supergroups in such a formation.

    I like the idea of history being totally reversed in the Crime Syndicate’s world, but I’m sorry, the idea of an American Christopher Columbus initiating the conquest of Europe makes no historical sense whatsoever—haven’t you read “Guns, Germs, and Steel”? (It’s amazing the details that we comics fans get hung up on; man, we are insufferable.)

  14. Cain better not touch my blow molds, or he’ll learn what murder REALLY is all about! He comes by often enough on HoF, I think he knows better.

    Is it wrong that I was disappointed with the All-Star Squadron entry? Its of course gorgeous, but by this time, my beloved All-Star #31 had been released, showing ALL the members (and the Earth-2 Aquaman, out at sea), so I expected to see EVERYONE. We got that in the update, but alas not by Da Ordster.

    It never ocurred to me that Rude’s Hawkgirl piece doesn’t have her flying. The image is so dynamic, despite her standing completely still. She just looks like a coiled spring, proud and strong. I kind of wish someone would do something more with this late 40s look here, with the wings and the more cowl-like lower mask. It’s a great look!

    Rag Doll being made into a Manson-like cult leader was one of the darker revisions in Starman, but he was an obscure enough character that I think it worked pretty well.

    Shag’s comments about the awesome Tomahawk logo made me look up when it became the defacto logo for the character. Truth is…it never did! Unless it was used in some story interiors I’m unaware of, according to Mike’s Amazing World (RIP to Mike who we all owe so much to) it was the logo used on the very last issue of the series, #140 (May/June 1972)! And that was a “Son of Tomahawk” issue, with “Son of” being in the flat part of the blade above “O-M”. But it looked damn awesome, and someone at DC knew that, hence it subplanting the servicable, but boring-by-comparison logos from the majority of the run! I’m guessing by this date, it was probably the work of Gaspar Saldino?

  15. This is still a blast. Great job, Rob and Shag. I’ have an audiobook I’m trying to finish on my commute, so it will take me forever to get through this, but I had a couple of comments now. The podcast will be better when I can simultaneously look at my Who’s Who Onnibus from In-Stock Trades, anyway. I was in a coin shop once and felt obliged to buy something (long story), and I picked up a commemorative medal from the 1939 World’s Fair. Pretty cool, and totally an All-Star Squadron influenced decision.

    Rob, did you copy the House of Mystery for that house-in-three-seasons assignment you talked about once?

    Superwoman reminds me of this woman I met in a training exercise. See, she was a role player portraying a Russian mob moll, and…well, long story short, I did well in the exercise. I gave all of my attention and focus to my work that day.

  16. Impressive podcast most impressive. Cool to see y’all doing the redo of Who’s WHO podcast. The All Star Squadron was awesome. I was gonna do that by initials, but yeaaah that did not go well. Someone had a sense of humor. Not an insult on this version of the JSA. But Oy. The art is great as always.

    Still in shock this only happened because John was lied to about Statin leaving Huntress. And he had been told by an editor he would have gotten Huntress as artist, but when he learned from Staton this wasn’t true. ( Not Statons fault. He had no idea the editor was giving Jerry false information.) He left to draw this book. Or so I think I read . Anyway this art looks great. Yeah liberty Bell looks way better without the cape. Though I like her daughter better as Jesse Quick than as LB 2. Cool group. What? Shagg doesn’t like the Infinity Inc.

    I’m in shock now. Of course you know what this means? Y’all need to do Infinity Inc and LSH co podcast. hey Atom Smasher from Infinity Inc. was in a movie so ha.

    Moving on. Cain looks cool. I used him in a fan fic once. With the Gargoyle. But I gave him back his first name Iving or was it Ira befit he was renamed Goldie? Anyway he managed the desk at a detective agency. With Zed Martin from Constine . Madam Xanadu and Enchantress as the detectives. In truth I mostly know Cain from Who’s WHO, adds and the revamp of House of Mystery from Vertigo.

    Oh wow Karen was in the last issue of his comic? Cool. I just saw an interview of her on U tube. Amazing editor. Moving on. Color Kid liked him on the LSH cartoon. He’s no Cosmic Boy, or Comet Queen, but he’s cool. For a mort. CB and CQ aren’t Morts. But as one CK is cool.

    Ah the Crime Syndicate I liked them best on the Cartoon. With James Woods voicing Owl Man. Yeah this costume Oy. Looks like he had an ill fitting Adam West Bat Man costume and slapped on so weird Owl mask on his head. Shagg is Right Super Woman is hot. Probably reminds one of Ursula from Super Man 2. Ultra Man looks like Clark before his first cup of coffee.

    Not evil just in need of caffeine. Johnny Quick just looks like North Star warring a Flash costume for Halloween. Power Ring looks like Detective John Munch dressed as an evil Green Lantern for that same Halloween party. I now hear Richard Belzer as the voice of Power Ring. Sorry Mr. Kelly no evil Aqua Man in this, but he was on the Super Friends cartoon version of them. With an eye patch. Sadly no goatee.

    Surprised Rob didn’t mention That. Next, Fero Lad. Soo wait 3 different folks were supposed to be the first Afro American member of the LSH. And we ended up with Tyrok. Oy. Could have been Ferro Ladd a cool Cop. And we get Tyrok. Sigh. Nothing against him. It’s just such a let down. All these could have beens and we get Tyrok the screamer. Mean while Marvel has Power Man, Brother Voodoo, Blade, Storm, Misty Knight. Etc.

    And this is around the time Black Panther is fighting the KKK. Evil Dip sticks that they are. Granted that story didn’t get finished till Jack Kirby came back dusted it off and finished it. Cause of marvels own fears. But, Oy. Weird they fired Mr. A.U. But, they made Black Lightning first and soon Mr. Stewart becomes the lantern.

    And the Garden does.become a member of the Titans for a bit. With his girlfriend Bumble Bee. Neither as big as Cyborg but, it was of its time. Sadly . Also as y’all mention EC had the first Astronaut story of the one human smart enough to contact Aliens. And he being an Afro American Man. And later Amazing Man. From DC.

    Those days they ignored that a hero could be anyone. Now they over play the every person part. And down play the action. Ah well happy medium is difficult for em. Anyway before I do that myself. I’ll just say it’s sad they didn’t just let Jim make Ferro As he wanted him to be.

    Moving on. Golden Glider mainly remember her as the second Captain Boomers mom. And that means she had a romance with the first Boomer. After the human top. I thought I had bad taste in men. The looks fine fits her job. Like they tell ya to do at Joe Kubert. A guy who’s a boxer looks like a boxer yad, yada. I think Rob may have gone there not sure he never mentions it.

    Next. Hawk Girl looks fine. It’s good art work. And the close up of her face with out the mask is definitely a great shot. Fitting of Steve the dudes classic style. Still it’s fine.

    Moving on. Man Hawk it’s well 50s schlock at its peak I guess. Just kind of roll my eyes and move on. Not goofy enough to be in the comics Mad Man or Mad Dog from when the Bob show was on tv. Or serous enough to bring it forward. Just well some one mad that. Moving right along.

    North Wind would need a whole new costume. It’s just corny. The mask and everything. But yeah his real face would work way better with out the mask. Maybe sub glasses when he’s in day to day stuff. This outfit reminds me of the Angel in his champion days. And that was not a good look. He would need a full overhaul. Moving on.

    Ah the Axe Man. Well I like Ron Wilson’s art from his run on the Thing. This well it’s a bit standard. That’s all I’ve got for it. Next one.

    Rag Man I know his son from Villain Unlimited more than him. I always liked Steve L. Mostly for his inkling than anything else. Forward.

    Ah the Terrible Trio. Liked them in concept but the concept never really worked out. The BMTAS show had a fun use of them. But, it just didn’t work. Though they tried. The art looks silver age it’s not a Darwin Cook Level, but it works. Now last bit.

    Tomahawk. I like him mostly for the Joe Kubert art I saw of him years ago. And that one bit ware he appeared in Infinity Crisis or something. And the Lord Shilling right up in Who’s WHO. I liked the Davy Crockett DisneyShow that was shown in re runs back in the 70s. They even had a few book and records.

    So I might have liked him as a kid. But no connection to him so it’s fine. Oh I have a friend from work who’s on. U tube . So for those who like Rap music. He does stuff as Yungeen LD. Anyway. Can’t wait to hear y’all’s next podcast. Y’all should do an all LSH and Infinity Inc episode. bye.

    1. Golden Glider wound up not being Boomerang Junior’s mom, but I wish she had. That would have been a lot simpler than the nonsense they actually went with.

  17. I don’t know how strict you want to be about DC’s Golden Age heroes dating, but Doll Man and Doll Girl (Quality) and Bulletman and Bulletgirl (Fawcett) all exist in that larger universe and were crime-fighting couples.

  18. Hi guys! Count me as another listener who didn’t get on board in time for your first time on Who’s Who volume 1 and is thrilled for this format. The themed clip shows were also fun, but it’s even better having your current opinions on the listings. Thanks for starting this up!

    For Superwoman, I think Shagg is responding to her femme fatale eyebrows and general expression. Afraid you like the bad girls, my friend.

    It’s a strange coincidence that the randomizer picked Ferro Lad and Persuader for the same episode, because their designs are extremely similar to the point I wondered if they were related before I read their histories. And it doesn’t help Persuader is prominent in the death of Ferro Lad story. Seriously, if it wasn’t for the axe, they could be brothers, and then Persuader could travel to another dimension, as you do.

    Now, recently I read the 1990 Time Masters mini series on DCU Finite. “Why, for god’s sake” you ask? Well, I followed a twisty rabbit hold that started with reading the 2007 Booster Gold series, which lead to the 2011 Time Masters, and since the searches found the 1990 series, there you go. In that 1990 mini, Rip Hunter and company visited different DC characters in history in each issue, as they strive to stop the Illuminati in the past to prevent nuclear war in the present. Makes perfect sense, right? In issue #4 Rip’s cousin, Dan Hunter, traveled from the present back to the time of Tomahawk, and decides to stay in that period. And before you ask, Roy Thomas was *not* involved with that mini as far as I know, but that’s closer to a Geoff Johns sort of move long before he started writing for DC.

    Since Vandal Savage keeps coming up, he was revealed as the secret leader of the Illuminati in that mini, ever since the time of Arion in Atlantis. Remember how Savage lead a group of villains in the Young Justice Animated Series called “The Light”? The word “illuminati” translates from Latin as “enlightened”. (I didn’t know this, the TM mini points it out.) Blew my mind! Coincidence or deep cut?!

    Entries with my favorite artwork: All-Star Squadron, Cain, Color Kid, Crime Syndicate, Ferro Lad (look at his hands reaching in front of the border!), Hawkgirl, and Northwind.

    Were Doctor Fate and Inza a crime-fighting couple?

    1. Well this time I’m what 3 or 4 days late to the party and everyone has mentioned the points I was wanting to make on this great episode. Tim Price has put in better words my theory that the Persuader and Ferro Lad actually ordered their costumes off the shelf back in the day in the same store – he also alluded to the idea of Ferro Lad’s brother could be the Persuader after a trip to another dimension… So far so good.

      But then to top it off Tim also mentions Dan Hunter and Time Masters – which was one of my favourite books when it was out – I got the entire run AND got one issue signed by Bob Wayne of DC Comics – I don’t think Bob wrote much for DC but he worked for them for years in sales. He was a great guy to chat to when he came to Scotland for UKCAC. Anyway Time Masters has been completely retconned now but at the time it was great fun and starred the top top JSA Villain of Vandal Savage who I noted also got mentioned in the comments this time around. I think I am possibly the only Time Masters and Hacker Files Fan I know – throw in that Chase book and Chronos and I think you’ve got a great quadrant of the DC universe to read with those four (note Quadrant and Four was intentional)…

      So what can I talk about instead? Well the moment I laughed the hardest was when after Shag had made an unintentional didn’t fly joke about Northwind… he tried so so hard to make another joke about Aping with the discussion of the Terrible three – and it just fell so flat that even Ch’per Rob couldn’t laugh with him.

      Anyway thanks for the advice to skip loads of the previous recordings with the new format in place, as usual probably a bit too late to advise us but who cares! (That’s the next show right Who’s Who, Who’s Who Review, Who’s Editing, Who’s That and then it’s Who Cares?)

  19. Another fantastic episode, fellas! I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’ve returned to Who’s Who, because both the series and your original show on it brought me an awful lot of joy. I think I’ve written this before, but I discovered the FW Podcast sometime around 2012 or early 2013, during a rough time in my life. Listening to you guys having so much fun discussing a series I had such fond memories of really helped me feel so much better during a tough stretch. For that, Rob and Shag, I thank you. Now, since my mother passed away last month, I’m finding the same sort of joy in following your latest Who’s Who show. You guys sound like you’re having a blast doing the Review, which makes for easy, and enjoyable listening.

    Okay, as for the episode and entries…

    But first, Shag, thank you for expressing something I’ve been thinking for a while now: Roy Thomas over-wrote the hell out of All-Star Squadron. It’s an EXHAUSTING read these days for me. I would love to have seen Ordway’s art given more room to breathe, instead of being crowded by those bloated word balloons.

    I admit to a soft spot for Golden Glider’s entry. Boy that Novick-Giordano art is gorgeous! It’s like something out of a classic Hollywood film. I love it. I have to admit, I had no idea her jewel-weapons offered such a wide array of powers. That’s pretty impressive.

    So cool seeing Steve Rude’s awesome Hakwgirl (she’s rarely looked better) and Giffen’s Color Kid is terrific. Joe Orlando knocks it out of the park on that Cain entry. Now I need to seek out the story Rob was talking about, when Cain realizes he’s a comic book character.

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  20. Hey guys. Another fantastic episode. Thank you so much for getting me through today’s winter outdoor jog. Ugh.

    I always felt that the reason there were two Hawkman prodigy characters in Infinity Inc was because Roy Thomas has said that Hawkman was his favorite JSA member. Also, Roy pulled Norda’s parents and backgrounds from a 1940’s Hawkman story, just as he did with Neptune Perkins.

    The Terrible Trio are back, FYI. They are showing up in recent issues of the current Batman and Robin book. I can’t really follow the art all that well in that book, an indicator that I’m old. But I think they are transmorgified into actual animals.

  21. Hi.Do you guys have any plans to cover the 2 wildcats,stormwatch and wet works sourcebooks since those characters now belong to dc? Some of the artwork oncthose books is beautiful

  22. So, this is a “me” thing, because I have re-listened to the Who’s Who podcast so many times, but I chuckle every time Shag and Rob repeat something they said when they originally covered an entry.

    This isn’t me making fun of anyone. I know that one of the fundamental laws of podcasting is that you will forget things you said seconds after the episode is done being recorded and/or edited. Especially shows from over a decade ago. It just tickles me. Because it means the reaction was genuine.

    Anyway, loving this format. Like a lot.

    The thing that stood out the most to me in this episode was something Shag said. A few days before listening to this episode I was looking at some All-Star Squadron covers and thought, “Wait a minute. All-Star Squadron came out in 1981, which was around 40 years after WW2 started. We are now further away from All-Star Squadron #1 than the book was away from its setting. Weird. Also I am old.”

    And then Shag says something similar.


  23. Oh, and I know that y’all covered Vandal Savage last time but to add to what was said in the comments section of the show, Wolfman pitched Lex Luthor as an evil businessman (a gross simplification but it fits for brevity) when they were doing the makeovers of Lex and Brainiac in 1983. His Lex pitch was shot down, so he moved it to Vandal Savage. Then the Crisis happened and the Superman revamp and we finally got evil business man Lex.

    I’m getting Deja vu leaving this feedback.

  24. It’s fantastic to hear more Who’s Who Review! I’m slowly catching up on episodes and enjoying the revisiting of all these entries. Like you have mentioned, you’ve covered some of these characters so long ago, that your opinions might have changed. And even if your opinions haven’t changed, how you express them probably have. As Hillary Flammond said, “Things change, people change, hairstyles change, interest rates fluctuate.” Now on to the entries…..

    Cain – I have a soft spot for House of Mystery and Cain. I really enjoy a lot of DC during the late ’60’s/early ’70’s when DC went gothic in almost every book and Cain in the HoM was at the forefront of that love.

    Color/Colour Kid – Another soft spot character. I can’t defend him, but just super kooky that I fell for him. The while Legion Subs were bunch of lovable losers that I like to cheer for.

    Crime Syndicate – Love LOVE these characters. I haven’t read every story (I really should go digital so I can) but every story I’ve read of them, I really enjoy. The modern versions are okay, but peak Crime Syndicate revolves around the height of Ultraman’s odd collarbone epaulettes. The pointier the better.

    Manhawks – Nightmare fuel.

    Persuader, The – If foreheads could kill…..

    Doll, Rag, The – I’m with Rob, I thought this was a crazy creature and not just a bendy guy in a costume. But now that makes it even creepier. “Superheroes are a superstitious cowardly lot, so my disguise must be able to strike terror into their hearts. I must be a creature of the night, black, terrible, a… a… Raggedy Ann doll!”

    This was tons of fun as always gents! I’m looking forward to the next episode. Keep up the great work!

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