Who’s Who in Wonder Woman

"WW" stands for WHO'S WHO but it also stands for WONDER WOMAN! To celebrate the release of WONDER WOMAN '84, Shag and Rob present a collection of Amazing Amazon-related entries from all the various incarnations of WHO'S WHO: The Golden, Silver, and Modern Age Wonder Women, Cheetah, Dr. Psycho, Steve Trevor, and many more!

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23 responses to “Who’s Who in Wonder Woman

  1. Not a clip show. You have the material, why waste it? Especially with the opportunity of the new WW84 film at hand, a great way to review particular selections of the shows that you worked so long and hard on.

    Another opportunity you may have to revisit some of your shows will be the release of the Omnibus in the spring. I’ll leave it your wiser heads to see how to dovetail that opportunity, other than maybe its tremendous value of a 50th Anniversary project to DC’s stable of characters in what is now an -ahem – 86th anniversary for DC.

    Until the Who’s Who Centennial Podcast – make mine Fire and Water!

  2. Hello, gentlemen. Thanks for the walk down memory lane…of episodes I just listened to a few months ago. Haha! I kid, of course, because I did enjoy this retrospective focus on Wonder Woman characters very much, especially the additional entries created by the uber-talented Mr. Yukinori.

    Wonder Woman is my second favorite comic book character (the Flash being number one), so I’m always interested in hearing what fellow comic book nerds have to say about her and her mythos. Now I’m really looking forward to your review of Wonder Woman 1984 to see if you guys have the same praises (and quibbles) as I had.

    And, I agree with Rob. You two have mellowed out in your old age. The snark has definitely lessened, but Shag remains irredeemable as ever.

    Until the next episode, gentlemen.

  3. Howdy~
    Been listening to all of your episodes during this current pandemic. Really enjoy all of them. It has lead me down a rabbit trail of researching the writers & artist that worked on this series. It’s been a fun way of learning more about the Creators on this series…
    Anyways, I’m about ready to start a new job (that pays Great) and I’m planning to support you on Petron. And I’m planning on trying to track down some original art from the artist on this series. Don’t think that I won’t be able to find or afford any “Who’s Who” pages.
    Suggestion: how about, once your done, go back to the beginning an start over. The audio on the early episodes could use an upgrade… you could call them “the “Deluxe Edition”.

  4. Did you forget Aegeus, or just deemed him too boring of a character to cover again? Either reason is acceptable.

    I got the Wonder Woman entry in my copy of Who’s Who #26 signed by George Perez. Also the picture of her in the deluxe History of the DC Universe.

  5. This was a great catch up, guys. I’m here to show some love for José Delbo. Not only he is a fellow argie like myself, but also he drew MY Wonder Woman, back in the seventies. My first comic which I can recall as collecting and being significant was the Mexican edition of Wonder Woman 212 (which I just got a copy as a Christmas gift!), and shortly after José took over the art. He was never flashy, but the man was consistent month-in month-out. Also, he drew that Animal Man story that I was shocked in retrospect to have read when Grant took over the character.

  6. Good suggestion as to picking up the tabloid Superman vs Wonder Woman.

    And yet… no mention of either Baron Blitzkrieg or Sumo? Both were recurring foes of Wondy, both had Who’s Who pages dedicated to them. As was mentioned, several of her enemies were Morts, so it’s funny that these two were skipped.

    1. Oversight on my part. My eyes went for characters who debuted in WW’s solo series, but of course WW had a solo strip in World’s Finest, where BB debuted.

      1. Still it was a nice compilation of pages. I only mention the Baron cause he’s mikes away better than most is Wondy’s foes… and he is from Earth-Two (where that world’s Aquaman is now officially confirmed by DC as having telepathic powers!).

        1. I’m weirdly fond of Baron Blitzkrieg, but Roy really made him an All-Star Squadron villain in the eyes of most fans. That said, Rob and Shag have a HUGE Wonder Woman blindspot that I’ve been consistently Delboing them over for years. Cue GoT “Shame” gif.

        1. You might have confused with Kung.

          Sonny never returned, and it was revealed in Final Crisis #2 that he died happy and fulfilled in feudal Japan. The Sonny of Earth-51 appears in that series and helps Shilo fight the New Gods.

  7. Kung was another character who first appeared in Wonder Woman, although he is better know for being in All-Star Squadron, much like Baron Blitzkrieg.

    The Miss America entry from the Update could have been covered too, since she was meant to replace WW in the JSA, at least before DC decided to undo everything Roy Thomas did.

  8. I was surprised you left out Circe, since I’ve always viewed her as one of Wonder Woman’s top foes, certainly more than the Duke of Deception. (Though I clearly remember the Duke getting mentioned in the “Villains” list in the info card that came with WW’s Super Powers figure.)

    So Aegeus and Circe—are those the only Wonder Woman foes in Who’s Who who weren’t included here?

    1. I only listened to some of the preamble of the episode so far, so it’s a big wow that it took this deep into the comments to learn the guys missed Circe. People were talking about Sumo but not Circe? If she were here, she’d curse the lot of you as swine. Literally.

  9. I’mma just take a moment and appreciate what seems to have happened:
    A version of the Who’s Who Podcast that is the same podcast as the present one, just younger, has been plucked out FROM the past and allowed to exist ALONGSIDE the present Who’s Who podcast as a contemporary entity, able to be regarded on its own, and have its own reason for being! You guys might not have intended to do it, but you’ve Bob Haneyed out a show with its own identity a la Donna Troy. And I’m a fan, yes I am. Maybe in the years to come, we’ll see it have adventures and get married and have kids and have its origin retconned at least once per crisis, and — and I can’t keep that silly analogy going. Happy new year fellas, and here’s to another 84 fun-filled episodes of Who’s Who!

  10. As I’m never going to have time to listen to the original Who’s Who episodes, I enjoy these clip shows a bunch. Thanks, guys!

  11. Oh yeah, Bob Rozakis killed the Answer Man because someone asked if the Earth 2 Dr Psycho wore gloves!

    I think it was probably some kid who kept asking about Earth 2 Aquaman’s yellow gloves…

    Anyway, fun episode, and I’m with Gus, stop picking on José Delbo, Past Rob, it was just a grade and José was THE Wonder Woman artist for more of the Bronze Age. Check out my blog for some José love!

    My ‘What the…?’ moment this episode came with the supposition that Lyta’s yellow panel on her Fury costume was to do with that business about Amazons cutting off that pesky breast. I would not have thought of that in a million years… I just assumed it was a bit of a Harlequin thing. Could someone check this out with Jerry Ordway? Or Mike Machlan, if it was one of his designs. Or better still, I believe Ryan has Roy Thomas on speed dial…

  12. Happy New Year, Who’s Whosers (Not quite a Canadian hoser)! It was a great way to end the year with a clip show on Wonder Woman and her cast to coincide with the new movie. As great as it was to go back to hear some of these old entries, the thing that stands out most to me, is how much better you guys have gotten over the years. By no means am I trying to insult past Who’s Who, but to hear the evolution of the podcast over the years was amazing. You guys are awesome! Keep up the great work!

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