Zero Hour Strikes! Sequels and Epilogues Part 2

This is it! The clock has run out on Zero Hour Strikes, leaving this second of two epilogue shows with only Extant's final story in JSA #11-15 for Siskoid and Bass to cover. Get your final dose of the show before reality collapses in on itself!

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6 responses to “Zero Hour Strikes! Sequels and Epilogues Part 2

  1. Just wanted to say a quick congratulations & thank you.

    When I was a kid, the annual JLA/JSA team-ups were my favorite DC Comics. I remember buying Zero Hour as it came out & really being unhappy with the way it handled the JSA.

    You two did an AMAZING job with this podcast. It is easy to enjoy a podcast about something you like. It is much harder to enjoy a podcast about something you dislike. You two are so good that I’m sad to see this wonderful podcast end.

    I’m really looking forward to you two teaming up to tackle DC Comics Presents.

  2. Geoff Johns –
    I don’t like Hal as Gl unless it’s written by this guy-
    I don’t like Hawkman, unless it’s written by this guy-
    So that he wrote the only Zero Hour crossover I like isn’t shocking- I love this

  3. Senator, let me make one thing perfectly clear: I am not now, nor have I ever been, the super-villain known as Extant!

    I understand the confusion. I meet the same general description. I am an entropic being, and things do break down around me. If he weren’t dead, I might get called in for police line-ups whenever he caused trouble. Ooh! Maybe they’d let me consult on chaos-related cases! I could probably even finagle a way to meet / work with Black Cat and the Scarlet Witch. Their powers are related, right?

    It’ll never happen, though. Unfortunately, thanks to Atom Smasher, Hank Hall is no longer…extant.

    Seriously, great final episode and a great run overall. I really enjoyed the conversation between the two of you, and I appreciate your pulling us commenters into it. I’m looking forward to all the new variations of Fire & Water Team-Up.

    P.S. I didn’t like where Geoff John’s took either JSA or Green Lantern eventually, but that was years away, This was still when JSA was a must-read every month. I’m glad you got to end on such a high note!

    P.P.S. I don’t think it makes sense that the lords of chaos had the violent champion and the lords of order had the peaceful one. Or really, that they’re “sponsoring” Hawk and Dove at all. You can use violent or non-violent ends to achieve order or chaos, and comics are full of people using violence to enforce order (e.g., Batman, Sinestro). Doesn’t matter now, though, ’cause Hank Hall is DEAAAAD! (Sorry, Anj.)

  4. To my eternal shame, I’m really not very diligent when it comes to posting comments and feedback on podcasts. But I just wanted to say that I’ve listened to every episode of Zero Hour Strikes! and found it immensely entertaining, even though the actual event itself was err, not that great. Nonetheless, I have a strange amount of affection for that period of DC, as it was the first time I was reading DC books as they came out, having recently defected from Marvel (because 90s). So thank you for all your efforts – they were much appreciated. I look forward to the revamped team-up show.

  5. Congratulations guys! Having listened to every episode, I can now say that I personally feel the podcast holds up better than the series itself.

    I was genuinely excited about Zero Hour, and loved the ride at the time…except for the JSA massacre. That angered me then, as it does now. I loved the JSA series through all of it’s original run here (less so when it was rebranded Justice Society of America). The Extant storyline felt like Johns righting an editorially-mandated mid-90s wrong. Something he’d do to even greater success with GL: Rebirth. It was as if the comic itself was avenging the JSA’s good name, through Atom Smasher, mostly. And I really liked that Al did exactly what ANYONE would do if they could time travel, and saved their loved one. Timeline and “destiny” be damned!

    So again, thanks for the thoughtful examination of what, in hindsight, was probably the last era of DC I was completely enthusiastic about and invested in. The Zero issues were all and all pretty fun and well done, and the conversation was exceptional. Off to Team-Up!

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