Done-in-One Wonders Presents: Tales of the Terra-Man

No fooling! It’s a special “lost” episode of Done-in-One Wonders, which takes place between episodes 8 and 9. Terra-Man gets an idea to establish an alibi for himself and L.A.N.O.S. for their numerous “therapeutic larcenies” — by producing their own podcast!  A podcast that's about the one subject Terra-Man is an expert in… his own life!

Featuring: Superman v1 #249 (first story only)

Originally recorded in 2019 by Xum Yukinori; edited in 2023 by Isamu Hideaki-Yukinori.

Images from this episode:

Music by Thee Phantom 5ive and Dale Schacker.

With special thanks to Ryan Daly for providing the voice of Neeb-Lar. Thanks also to Rob Kelly, Chris Franklin, Siskoid, Shag Matthews, and Isamu Hideaki-Yukinori for additional content.

Xum Yukinori (1963-2019)

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5 responses to “Done-in-One Wonders Presents: Tales of the Terra-Man

  1. That was really fun! We all miss Xum’s brilliance, kindness, and humor. This was truly a gift to “spend time” with him again.

    He’s been gone for over 3 years now… and he’s still putting out better shows than the rest of us on the Network. 🙂

    Great job Nephew Isamu in pulling all this together. So much excellent work! Your father would be proud of you!

  2. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this. I only knew Xum through his podcast appearances and art, but his kindness and creativity showed in everything he put out.

    Kudos to the other members of the Fire & Water community for their parts in the production.

  3. This episode produces an incongruous mix of feels all at once, but they’re all good ones. I think you’d get more comments if we knew how to express them. Regardless, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone involved (especially Nephew Isamu), and I miss Xum, too.

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