Film & Water #119 – Whirlpool


Episode 119: WHIRLPOOL

To celebrate #Noirvember, Rob welcomes back Dr. Anj to talk about Otto Preminger's 1950 film noir WHIRLPOOL, starring Gene Tierney, Richard Conte, and Jose Ferrer!

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4 responses to “Film & Water #119 – Whirlpool

  1. Thanks for discussing a movie with which I was totally unfamiliar. I really like it when you go off the beaten track and find some undiscovered gems. I will look for it on TCM. Here’s a 1979 Gene Tierney interview on the Mike Douglas Show where she discusses her battle with mental illness.

  2. Great show, chaps. I need to see this! I wonder if Dr Korvo shared a practice with Zeena Krumbein from Nightmare Alley – two evil shrinks, secretly taping their clients!

  3. The plot of this is somewhat similar to one of Lon Chaney’s Inner Sanctum films, “Paging Doctor Death”. But it goes in a totally different direction.

    I’m not up on Gene Tierney films. You guys have convinced to make note of when they pop up on TCM!

    Always great to hear from Dr. Anj!


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