Fire & Water #158 – Aquaman #49/Fury of Firestorm (Classic) #27

Aquaman is back! Shag and Rob discuss "Rising to the Surface" from AQUAMAN #49 by Dan Abnett, Vicente Cifuentes, John Dell, and more. That's followed by "Spelldance" from THE FURY OF FIRESTORM #27 (Sept. 1984) by Gerry and Carla Conway, Paul Kupperberg, Rafael Kayanan, Rodin Rodriguez, Nansi Hoolahan, and Duncan Andrews. Plus YOUR Listener Feedback!

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7 responses to “Fire & Water #158 – Aquaman #49/Fury of Firestorm (Classic) #27

  1. A few comments.

    About there being a Superman movie that kids can’t see, they already made a movie I can’t see. It’s called Man of Steel. I simply can’t watch that movie again.

    Victor Cifuentes has pinch hit a lot on Superman books so I am used to his style. I am not surprised that Mera looks so good. One thing I like about that final splash page of her in the Aquaman costume is that she kept the classic Mera collar, giving it a bit of her flair.

    About Firestorm, as I said somewhere along the way, I think this is a turning point in the series. Things went a little bit downhill for me after this. From Slipknot to the new Killer Frost all the way to the wrestler who takes bad steroids, things seem to be in an orbital decay after this.

    As for this issue, I hate … HATE … the portrayal of the doctors. ‘Do no harm.’ It’s our first rule! Any hospital where a medical staff will let someone die in their waiting room without treatment, well, they’re the supervillains. That is insane.

    Lastly, Rob singing Human League! Although the way it sounded, maybe it was more Inhuman League. I picture that is what Black Bolt sounds like!

  2. Crowded House, Human League, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. What a talent!

    Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the new direction of Aquaman.

    I have to say that Classic Firestorm had the hot women. Plastique, Silver Deer, and Firehawk. Man, what a great time for the character.

    Lastly, it’s great to hear two friends talking about comics they enjoy. Keep it going, you two! Also, I like what you’ve done with the network…

    1. I guess that wasn’t the last thing after all.

      “You have three last chances.”

      I want them to set up their embassy to the surface world in the Philippines! Of all the Justice Leaguers, I always felt the Martian Manhunter and Aquaman had the best chances of visiting…

  3. ^I think Rob’s singing was a plot by the Injustice League!

    The Aquaman issue sounds nearly like a Bobby Ewing Shower reboot, but I guess it’s not completely. Either way, nice to see DC actually acknowledge their readership’s displeasure over a title’s directions. Hear that, Superman people?

    I was looking through the posted pages from the Firestorm issue and I thought “WOW! Ronnie got shot! But why is he called Bobby?”. That sure looks like Ronnie Raymond there, so it lessened the impact for me. Of course I haven’t read the issue, so maybe it’s just me. Either way, that’s horrible, and a great motivation for a villain. And speaking of posted pages, yes, I’d have to agree Silver Deer…had a good time with that enchantment. She even needs to snuggle afterwards.

    If Cindy were here, she’d hit me.


  4. The monthly review episodes are always favorites and I know it’s been difficult for Rob to speak to the recent run. While I didn’t dislike those issues nearly as much as Rob, I still felt a great sense of relief with issue 49. It felt like Aquaman again … which makes me worry about what might change following Rebirth.

    I’m remaining optimistic however, because getting two great issues of Aquaman every month would be fabulous.

    Personally, I didn’t like Mera’s new costume at the end. I much prefer her and Aquaman having different costumes, so I hope that is just a tease. Plus, I wish more artists would draw the scales like Reis/Prado. That look of Aquaman’s and Mera’s costumes was perfect in my opinion.

    Looking forward to the next episode!


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