Fire & Water #193 – JLMay Crossover – Justice #1

It's the start of the JLMay Podcast Crossover Event! Shag & Rob discuss the first installment of JUSTICE, the 2005 maxi-series by Jim Krueger, Alex Ross, and Doug Braithwaite!

From here follow JLMay to these fantastic podcasts! Each will cover different issues of JUSTICE and each will come out in May! And don't forget to use the hashtag #JLMay when discussing on social media!

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12 responses to “Fire & Water #193 – JLMay Crossover – Justice #1

  1. Alex Ross picked Doug Braithwaite to be the penciller of the series because they had similar tastes and styles. Braithwaite, conscious of Ross’ techniques and perspective, did all of the layouts and pencils, and then Ross painted over them. The ABSOLUTE JUSTICE collection shows a ton of the original pencil pages and sketches.

    Props to Shag for pointing out how hot Cheetah looks sleeping naked, although, really, did this surprise anyone? This maxi series made Priscilla Rich one of my favorite super villains for a while thanks to panels like that and a few more coming up in chapter 3.

  2. Great start to the event Rob and Shag. I’m stunned that Shag never read this. Special shout out to Dr Anj for inspiring the whole idea in the first place.

    Next year we’ll get 52 podcasts involved and do 52.

  3. Shag when you talked about Mera’s line of always waiting, you probably missed the obvious since you hadn’t read beyond issue 1. SMALL SPOILER: She and Arthur Jr are going to be left waiting because he doesn’t come back (until much later). I mean, I agree that is it just the sentiment that she’ll always stick by him, but it also serves as foreshadowing. Just my two cents, though.

    Great opening to what will certainly be another amazing JLMay.

    Suggestion for JLMay2018–Tangent: Superman’s Reign.

  4. Nice recap and excited to hear everyone talk about this book. As you know, a very bronze age Supergirl (as well as the Titans) show up later. That makes me very happy.

    I do have to shake a fist that Shag has moved this to the top of the read pile. I suppose this means the Chaykin/Garcia-Lopez Twilight gets put off for even longer!

  5. I’ve debated posting this, largely because I have no desire to be critical when there’s no objective reason for it. It’s all about my own personal preferences and biases, and I know it. That said, you invited comments about the podcast crossover, so here goes.

    I’m not really a fan of the concept. Fact is, while I listen to the majority of F&W Network shows, there are a few I’ve tried, decided I didn’t care for, and simply won’t waste my time with, even for the sake of a crossover.

    I suppose that it’s possible that the *right* crossover event could push through that bias, but this isn’t the one to do so. Largely because I’m not a fan of Alex Ross’s work. Some of that might be nothing more than the fact that I’m not really looking for “realism” in my comic book artwork, but honestly, it’s probably more to do with the fact that he is so thoroughly unable to accept the very existence of Firestorm as a member of the DC Superhero canon. Fine. If he doesn’t have time for my heroes, I don’t have time for him.

    All that said, I *will* of course listen to those shows (including a few that aren’t part of your network) that I normally listen to. I certainly won’t *avoid* them simply because an Alex Ross work is being discussed. The fact is, your discussion of the stories, and the topics they bring up, are always fascinating. While the “world is destroyed… but wait! We can still stop it from happening!” trope has been used more than a few times, this first issue does show promise of an interesting take on the concept.

    I do agree with Shag that, if this is to be read as an issue by itself, having half the issue be “just a dream” is a bit annoying. I suppose it might have even made more thematic sense if the *whole* issue was the “just a dream” bit, with the real story starting in issue 2 (not that I’d prefer that, mind you, but the point being that it really does look like this will work better in Trade format, which of course was already the target for stories written in 2005).

    Anyway, even if it’s not my thing, I do applaud your continued efforts to support your fellow comic book podcasters. I hope that the endeavor is a success.

  6. Like Shag, I have had this series collected but never got around to reading it. I was therefore excited to hear the JLMay promo, because it is high time I did! It is also a great reason to jump into the latest episode of this great podcast. Sometimes you’ll review something that I want to discover for myself first before I listen to your coverage. I haven’t kept up in my listening but I love this show! I’m going to try to stay current and catch up on episodes I haven’t heard yet. I enjoyed the latest two episodes of Fire and Water!

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