The Xum for Sam Podcast! Track 3: I’m All You Need

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In the third episode of “The Xum for Sam Podcast”, Xum Yukinori reflects on the love he had lost, and later found, while reviewing Samantha Fox's bold single, "I'm All You Need" -- the second track of her 1986 debut album, "Touch Me."


Music clips performed by Samantha Fox.

Dedicated to Danielle Parsons and Namiko Yukinori... with love.

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2 responses to “The Xum for Sam Podcast! Track 3: I’m All You Need

  1. Enjoyed the episode, Xum. Your stories are so very cinematic. I try and recall similar experiences from my past but come up dry. I love the idea that you didn’t immediately recognize Namiko with her glasses on.

    Are these interviews with Ms. Fox talking about the song(s) in question original to your show? Did you interview her about all the songs you plan to cover? What an amazing resource, to be able to talk to the very person you’re podcasting about!

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