Mountain Comics #21 – Brave and the Bold #179


Rob welcomes our pal Dr. Anj to the cabin to discuss the voluntarily-purchased Brave and the Bold #179, starring Batman and The Legion of Super-Heroes!

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4 responses to “Mountain Comics #21 – Brave and the Bold #179

  1. Fab show, I bought this at the time and enjoyed it. I can see the holes now but I’m not too fussed, most Legion comics of around the Gerry Conway/Joe Staton period were pants. I was just pleased to get away from the usual B&B round of Deadman/Green Arrow/Wildcat/Joker/Black Canary… whenever it was an actual super-powered person, it was a treat.

    What a terrific opening page scene-setting narration by Martin Pasko – why don’t writers today give us ‘writerly’ narration?

    This is the only time I’ve ever seen Batman throw a bat signal on someone’s back – it’s very early Spider-Man with his belt projector.

    All dat ‘dem dat dey’ dialogue from the 20th century hoods was hilarious. That’s just how you urban Americans toik.

    That’s a very Jim Aparo Batman head on page 3 – Colon was so good.

    While the villains crop top is perhaps a little dubious, overall I like the design – especially the red eyes.
    I love his backpack blaster – what a great idea, new to me as I don’t know this Star Wars fella you’re talking about, Bibbo Whoever.

    That panel on page 10 of Batman pulling his cape back while preparing to jump is superb, you don’t normally see the ‘prep’ before a stunt.

    Why are they hiding the villain in the shadows, regular Legion readers know who he is and those who don’t won’t be interested when he’s finally unveiled.

    ‘Blood is still thicker than water, however curdled it may be ‘. Wow, that’s a fine line, I hope Pesky Pasko recycled it for his TV work.

    Universo’s name is Argus Oranx? Nah, he’s Vidar, that wa well established, heck, his kid Rond Vidar is actually in here.

    Universo refers to his captives as ‘nubile legionnaires’. In that costume he’s likely referring to Cos too speaking of which, it was a Mike Grell creation, not a Cockrum.

    Sure, they were standoffish at the start, but I love the Legionnaires sitting at the feet of Batman soon afterwards, as if he’s a favourite uncle telling them a story before bed.

    There’s a rare imaginative use of Cosmic Boy’s magnetic powers in here, tracking his pals via magnetism – it’s good stuff.

    ‘Thanks Shrinking Violet, I’ll take over now,“ says Batman, as Vi beats up Universo. Condescending pillock.

    Siskoid would love that full page final farewell – definitely friendly. I don’t see how it was underplayed, time travel is pretty easy for the Legion, and Cos WAS accompanying him, which was a nice touch – as an established 20th-century history buff, he’d take any excuse for a trip back in time.

    It’s weird that the Wayne descendant never came into it on panel, after being namechecked. I suppose this means that Killing Joke animation is in continuity (ducks).

    I loved the clues that, at this time, Editorial used to put in each issue as to the identity of the following month’s guest. In B&B #178, with the Creeper, a Legion cruiser was sneaking across the sky on p13, but what was the hint here for the Spectre in the next issue?

  2. Impressive Pod Cast most impressive. Ah the 70s LSH. Some of it was awesome and some was Cos’s teddy. Sorry I hate this costume for him…. oh and Mike Grail created this costume. The comic sounds cool. As for why they don’t like Bats…well they are from the future, So they probly read Tom Kings run on Bats. So they are expecting that version and thus hate him for that. LOL I kid. I kind of like that the gals and guys win at the end. Yeah it’s weird they bring the gals back to the future. The 70s and 80s Bats is my fav and was my Bats phase.

    Not a fan a prep time Bats. I.E. can beat any one with Prep time Bats. Oy. I might one day discuse this on my U tube page. That’s Liz Anne Oswalt on U tube.

  3. I collect B&B very religiously back then, but someone I missed this issue and didn’t pick it up until I was in my 30s. I know I didn’t just skip it because of my unfamiliarity with the Legion….You can’t despise a character more than I do Green Arrow and I still grudgingly bought the B&B’s and DCCPs with him.

    As Job Bob Briggs used to say, “There’s way too much plot getting in the way of the story.”

    I’m glad to hear that Anj, the Legion expert, had problems with comprehending some of the stuff that was going on. I remember being confused and having to go back and re-read pages, thinking, “Now what just happened?’ I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only reader who felt that way. I think Pasko tried to cram too many characters into the story. Maybe it would have been better to have Batman with only three or four of the Legionnaires.

  4. Finally got around to listening to this episode. It was an absolute joy! Hearing Rob and Anj celebrate and mock this ridiculously over complex plot was super fun! I was grinning from ear to ear the entire episode. I’ve never read this issue, and I’m even less likely after hearing this, but it made for a wonderful show!!

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