FW Team-Up: Eminem and the Punisher

To promote his 2009 album Relapse, Slim Shady got to together with Frank Castle in Eminem | The Punisher: "Kill You", a crazy one-off (first 8 pages published in that year's XXL Magazine's May 5th issue, the rest on Marvel Comics' website) by Fred Van Lente and Salvador Larroca. oHOTmu or NOT's Isabel Goguen and Siskoid team up to talk about this unusual crossover, white gangsta culture, and Shady's career and music. PARENTAL ADVISORY: EXPLICIT CONTENT

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10 responses to “FW Team-Up: Eminem and the Punisher

  1. Well, that was certainly interesting! Can’t say I’m a fan of Eminem at all, but I enjoyed the discussion. I do recall a friend of mine getting tickets to a live taping of a WWE RAW wrestling show, and as we were were walking out, some promotional types handed us tapes (yes, tapes!) of a new rapper who I thought was literally calling himself “M&M”. I thought the whole thing was ridiculous, and I think I threw the tape away. A few months later…

    I liked the Thomas Jane Punisher movie just fine. Not a bad flick, I don’t think. I haven’t gotten around to the Netflix series, but his portrayal on Daredevil was my favorite interpretation of the character, so I need to get around to it.

    From Bob Dylan to Samantha Fox to Eminem…our musical tastes are certainly…eclectic here at the Fire and Water Podcast Network!


    1. You could have pulled a Barracuda and made a fortune on eBay!

      Note that if I were to do a music podcast, it would be something like the Rheostatics or Frank Zappa, just to throw more styles out there.

  2. The Punisher is not for everyone. That of course can be said of any comic book character. Opinions vary. It’s obvious why you don’t like the Punisher.You have absolutely no understanding of the character.
    You think he’s supposed to be a hero. You think he’s human.
    He is niether of these.
    The Punisher is an insane killer. His chosen victims are criminals.
    He has shut himself off from society and his humanity.

    1. You’re just making the point as to why I’m not a fan. Everything you just said is booorrrrrinnnnng. Maybe for a one-off or occasional guest star, but it doesn’t support a (number of) continuing series, or a movie/TV franchise.

  3. Interesting find and glad you covered it.

    I think the dream Eminem team-up for me would be him be transported to the Wanted universe and forced to take the place of Wesley/The Killer (since JG Jones modeled the character after Eminem)! Imagine Eminem forced to pretend to be a real life killing machine in a world gone mad.

    With all this music talk, makes me want to start that podcast about The Smiths that I have dreamed about!

  4. Not into Eminem or rap in general.

    Not into the Punisher, but the Netflix series was excellent.

    Unlikely I’d pick up this comic.

    But boy, it sure made for an interesting conversation. Well done, Siskoid and Isabel!

  5. I tried, I really did. Three separate times I tried to listen to this discussion, but I just couldn’t do it. As appealing and interesting as I find both Siskoid and Isabel, my disinterest in the topic, and characters, at hand, apparently was greater. Oh, well.

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