FW Team-Up: Planet of the Apes and Alien Nation

Two franchises crash together in Adventure Comics' first full color series as Ape Nation! Yes, it's the Planet of the Apes and Alien Nation in a unique team-up mini-series, as covered by your hosts Siskoid and Derek William Crabbe! What are you waiting for? Press PLAY already!

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7 responses to “FW Team-Up: Planet of the Apes and Alien Nation

  1. That sure made for an interesting podcast. This is “peak team-up” in a lot of ways: 2 concepts that are cool on their own, smushed together, and see what comes out. I had heard about this series when it came out, but hadn’t gotten into the PotA hype of the time, nor was I that big on Alien Nation but that changed with the TV movies. I’ll have to look for a chance to read this one sometime.

    When it comes to more recent team-ups, there’s only one that I’ve even tried in quite a while, and I really liked it. But then I realized, if I even suggest it, it’ll sound like I’m pandering to Siskoid enormously! Honest, it just leaped to mind all on its own! I can only mean, the Star Trek/Legion mini-series. I know, I know, it’s ridiculously on the nose for you, Siskoid, and you probably already have it on the schedule or have DOZENS of people who’d do it with you besides me. Ah well.

    Re: the special edition cover. Good lord! That’s so overt, it’s tactlessly so! Not even trying to hide it. Yeesh!

  2. This was a terrific episode, guys. I’ve only seen a few of the Planet of the Apes movies, and never seen the Alien Nation movies or series (though I was familiar with the premise), but you guys still made this story accessible and interesting. Wonderful discussion, and Derek was, as always, a great guest.

  3. A secret War of the Worlds crossover? In the ’70s Marvel UK reprinted the Killraven series, set in a future where the Martains came back in 2001 and conquered Earth. They reprinted it as part of their Planet of the Apes by redrawing the Martians as apes, and renaming Killraven to Apeslayer! It may be a coincidence, but I’ve got an urge to look up this Simon the Apeslayer guy in Adventure’s regular book.

  4. As much affection as I have for POTA, it just never translates to comics for some reason. That Dale Keown cover for the ongoing series was something, though. I really should give Alien Nation a fair shake one of these days, but I have a strong aversion to James Caan in leading man roles. Maybe Mandy Patinkin could carry me through?

    1. And you’ll find Caan thoroughly unpleasant there too. He’s the racist cop saddled with an alien. I liked the Caanless TV series better, on the whole.

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