FW Team-Up: Superman and the Freedom Fighters

Siskoid (not American) and Nicholas Prom (American) team up to bring you Fire and Water's 4th of July Special, covering the Superman/Freedom Fighters team-up from DC Comics Presents #62, and folks, the very SOUL of AMERICA is on the line! This one MAY be a metaphor for our times. So while somebody braver than you is setting up those roadside-bought fireworks, sit back, relax, and let the podcast magic take you across the dimensions... Plus, true blue feedback from the last six months of episodes!

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10 responses to “FW Team-Up: Superman and the Freedom Fighters

  1. The Freedom Fighters without Phantom Lady? That’s like Blondie without Debbie Harry!

    Nevertheless, this is a fun, goofy story and yeah I def get a #ZanyHaney vibe from the proceedings. DC grabbing most of their Quality characters and smooshing them into one team book made a lot of commercial sense, and I remember FF #1 (no, not THAT one) being one of the first “back issues” I ever bought via a Heroes World catalog IIRC.

    Charming episode, as always.

  2. The current Freedom Fighters series does take place on Earth X in the current day. The original group was destroyed, but a new group starts by trying to reawaken Uncle Sam, the Spirit of America. It is one of a few titles I am currently buying.

  3. Thanks for covering this story, even if it’s not quite a proper team-up. The Freedom Fighters are one of those teams that look interesting to me, but I’ve never gotten a round to reading any of their titles. Therefore, I appreciate this look at one of their adventures.

    In regards to the cover, I assumed that the Nazi’s of Earth-X sank Canada beneath the waves as part of their master plan to conquer the western hemisphere. As a result, Canada went on to become the Earth-X equivalent of Atlantis, which means the Earth-X version of Aquaman is Canadian, as well. All in all, I’d say that Earth-X Canada made out pretty well in all of this (i.e., they avoided direct Nazi occupation, and they get to be ruled by Jason Mamoa).

  4. Great idea for a July 4 episode. I’m with Nicholas, mind, I don’t get patriotism at all, loving your country above all others simply because that’s the one you were born in… weird.

    I wonder why this issue, which I vaguely recall, had no Phantom Lady in it – without the Phantom Lady there ain’t no Freedom Fighters. Could someone please ask Dan Mishkin or Bob Rozakis on Facebook what the deal was there? I’m too shy.

    I wonder if Cary Bates and Dave Cockrum knew of Human Bomb when they created Erg-1.

    Uncle Sam travels to other earths because the spirit of America is multiversal.

    As Michael implies, that idea about the power of Sam being affected by the American situation is a big part of the current series. It’s not a bad read, but terribly one-note in its grimness. I recommend you check out the Justin Gray/Jimmy Palmiotti/Daniel Acuna series from 2006 and the sequel series, which saw Renato Arlem replace Acuna, on the hateful DC app; both series were a good-looking read

    Brilliant Amalgam mash-up – Uncle Superman was placed in an apple pie? Genius!

    I’m all for a Scooby-Doo team-up episode, maybe with someone who regularly reviews it. Especially fun issues are #25 (GL/GA), #26 (Hong Kong Phooey), #30 (Challs), #33 (LSH), #37 (Supergirl), #42 (Super Gorillas), #48 (The Rogues)… ach, they’re all tremendous!

    Another offbeat team-up worth discussing is the receiver Catwoman/Tweety and Sylvester issue was tremendous.

  5. I was a regular reader of the Freedom Fighters original series, at least from issue #6 on, but I got this one as a later back issue. It really is a disappointment as a Freedom Fighters story, not just because of the absence of Phantom Lady. We don’t see them as a team or as friends or even as personalities, which was done very well by Bob Rozakis in their own book.
    The thing about Uncle Sam, the comics character, is that he is a personality with no definable power set. Sam should always speak like a humorless Mark Twain wrote him, but other than that he seems to be a patriotic Deus ex Machina. He punches hard and withstands artillery fire and leaps great distance and traverses dimensions and waxes eloquently on American ideals and whatever the story needs. He’s like Walt Whitman as the Hulk crossed with the Phantom Stranger. But I do like his earnestness!

  6. I want to like the Freedom Fighters, but it hasn’t happened yet. Any good word on the current series? Eddy Barrows could help me to like the Freedom Fighters, maybe.

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