FW Team-Up: Oracle and Catwoman

Last summer, Siskoid and Ashford Wright teamed up to talk about the Birds of Prey: Batgirl/Catwoman prestige-format comic. It's one year later for them, but five years later for the characters as they tackle its sequel, Birds of Prey: Catwoman/Oracle. A lot's happened in five years! Catch up with the heroes and podcasters both in this episode of FW Team-Up! Plus, feedback from the previous episode.

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5 responses to “FW Team-Up: Oracle and Catwoman

  1. Great show, but I swear every single time Siskoid says Batgirl it sounds like

    Where’s the Tttt sound man? Badgirl is a very different title.

  2. I didn’t know about this sequel!
    Very glad you reviewed.

    I am firmly on the side that Babs should have stayed Oracle and New 52 did the comic world an injustice by putting her back in the tights.

    And love that Batman Confidential story you mention!

  3. The plot about the Catwoman potential-sidekick gone bad reminds me of Incrediboy/Syndrome from The Incredibles, but this comic came first.

    I totally missed both of these comics, even though I was buying BoP at the time, which is very out character for me at the time!

    Fun episode. I waffle on Babs going back to Batgirl. The purist in me likes Batgirl being Barbara Gordon, but there’s no denying Oracle was the more compelling iteration, at least on the surface.


  4. Always good to hear Siskoid and Ashford together, and an interesting comic to discuss. As a programmer myself, I have LOTS of thoughts on Oracle, especially in the “how powerful she is” front, but suffice to say. I still adore Babs taking on this role. This let her grow into becoming one of the most important characters in the DC universe, in a way that wouldn’t have happened as Batgirl. Sure, that iteration is deservedly popular, and I loved it. But being a member and (I would argue) a leader in the Justice League? That’s not a Batgirl thing. It worked with Oracle. Ah, memories.

    Thanks, guys!

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