FW Team-Up: Batman and Mister Miracle

Siskoid and Chris Franklin's coverage of The Brave and the Bold continues with issue #112 (May 1974) by Bob Haney and Jim Aparo, starring Batman and Mister Miracle! It's "The Impossible Escape"!

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19 responses to “FW Team-Up: Batman and Mister Miracle

  1. I’m definitely with Chris in regards to Batman’s desert outfit in BvS; a trench coat over his costume looks ridiculous. In fact, that entire “Knightmare” narrative just bored the living hell out of me, tbh.

  2. I don’t have this one, but it seems like crazy Bronze Age fun. I really enjoyed your discussion of the issue. And “the Master’s” Alpine lair reminds me of Telly Savalas’s in *Her Majesty’s Secret Service*.

    Usually, all that might not have been worthy of a comment. You already know I love all these team-up shows, after all. But I want to support Chris. More importantly, like many other people, I love to needle Shag.

    1. Well, I disagree. I don’t like Jim Aparos’s art. It’s too dynamic and anatomically correct. I want flash, not substance. And I want scoliotic poses, straps with no discernible purpose, and as many pouches as the artist can draw. I want slow, decompressed stories I can read in two minutes — where nothing unexpected happens and everything is explained twelve times over a five-issue arc. I want a sedentary, clueless Commissioner Gordon who can’t catch a pickpocket without Batman. And I don’t like all this thoughtful discussion. Every conversation about two heroes should begin with the question “Who would win in a fight?” and end with an exchange of insults.

        1. Wow the captain literally brought an army or maybe s.a.s ? Is that what they were called ? The British special forces .

  3. Here’s my idea for a Mr miracle team up we team up with a the pro wrestler Greg the hammer Valentine and a rookie super hero created by YouTube channel Brocster builds The cheese . Can Mr miracle. Along with his two new friends . Stop the sinister king tut and the riddler from stealing a power relic of the ancient ones before it’s to late this would be done in the super friends style with plenty of justice league international humor .story by Chris Franklin and Greg Valentine with brocster art by jim shooter .

  4. I wish I had some theories for the various questions about this story. But I’m flummoxed. Maybe subsequent issues would clarify things about the “master”, but I doubt it. Sigh.

    A little different direction for a Mr Miracle team-up could be the Silver Surfer. Yes, they’re a big mismatch in terms of powers, but that never stopped nonpowered heroes from teaming up with Superman. And Scott and the Surfer have those shared themes of being Christ figures, trapped and escaping, and pursued by ultimate evil figures. For a story, perhaps place it at the time the Surfer is stuck on Earth, and Miracle takes the challenge to try to help him escape.

    Fun time as always, team-sters!

  5. The dream team up? Mister Miracle and ‘Mazing Man where ‘Mazing Man mysteriously escapes the traps seconds before Mister Miracle because he is really Batman in disguise. That helmet can cover the most extreme of bat ears!

  6. Ok, I am more than a little embarrassed to admit this, but I am so far behind on my podcast listening that I just got to your coverage of Spider-Man and Starfox in Marvel Team-Up #143. I’m dropping my comments here instead of the original thread so you’ll see them. I blame my lateness partly on my compulsion to read the comic in question before I listen, if I have it or it’s available on an app. Regardless, I dug this episode from the distant past of June 2023!

    I always love the pretend team-up ideas, and with this one I can’t deny the appropriateness of Siskoid’s pairing of Timber Wolf and Starfox. What really jumped out at me, though, is that I couldn’t believe Shag didn’t pick Crimson Fox to team up with Starfox. Sure, Venus has the comparable love manipulation powers, but a) Crimson Fox has the pheromone emission powers to stimulate sexual attraction, b) She was a member of the JLE, and c) She is a FOX (Dare I say in more than one way)!

    I love team-ups and I love your coverage of them!

    Stay tuned for my comments on the Batman/Mister Miracle team up in B&B #12, coming in 2025! (Seriously…I need to pick up the pace!)

    1. Never shy away from putting a comment down in an old podcast, we get them anyway! It really doesn’t matter if you’re not up to date, so long as you listen. After all, these comics are DECADES out of date. What’s OUR excuse? 😉

  7. I always enjoy all four versions of FW Team-Up but B&B is my favorite because I collected it more than the others. I enjoy how B&B was almost its own separate continuity from other Batman comics and had zanier adventures.

    By the way,, Chris, I enjoy your Adam West voice for Batman and how you add a somewhat more serious tone to his voice compared to how he sounded on Batman ‘66. I think your characterization is how Adam West might have played the character on a hypothetical live-action Batman TV series based on the ‘70s comics. Indeed Adam West himself used a somewhat more serious tone when he did the voice for the 1977 Batman Filmation cartoon and the last two seasons of Superfriends/Super Powers, especially the classic episode about Batman’s origin.

  8. I’m glad you were both a bit confused about the book and needed a team effort to unpack it, because while I thought it was gorgeous to look at, I had to put it down several times and I’m certain I looked like that “what the eff am I reading” meme at some point

    I forgot that Batman was sometimes a bit of a globetrotting adventurer back in the 70s and Im glad that Chris mentioned James Bond, because that’s what this issue felt like to me. And like a lot of Bond films, I got lost in the overloaded plot.

    I wanted to see if perhaps Haney wrote and Bond comics or spy novels, but that was going to be too deep a rabbit hole for me. Although I did see a blog post pointing out how the same year a bond film had assassins on skies, Haney used that idea in a Teen Titans book. So maybe he took a lot of inspiration from Bond over the years and there are all kinds of little easter eggs like that in his comics.

    As far as how the book handles who the better escape artist is – I think Batman and Mister Miracle have one of those Fast and Furious Rock/Vin Diesel contracts where neither one of them can lose.

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