FW Team-Up: The Thing and Deathlok

Siskoid and Ryan Daly's coverage of Marvel Two-in-One continues with issue #27 (May 1977) by Marv Wolfman, Ron Wilson and Pablo Marcos, starring The Thing and Deathlok, plus the FF, plus Nick Fury, plus a secret "fan favorite"! It's "Day of the Demolisher"!

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11 responses to “FW Team-Up: The Thing and Deathlok

  1. Ok here’s my idea for a death lock team up
    Plot death lock gets caught in a random worm near the towner bridge.
    And is damaged but is saved my a gyro from the Carl barks comics and ducktales fame . Also death lock has bin turned into a duck and now must join forces with gyro , gizmo duck and the duck avenger aka Donald Duck to save this universe from a evil alien race and all Duck lock wants is to go home .

      1. Glad you liked my idea the only thing I forgot to add in was Bernie Donald’s pet saint Bernard. Maybe do the aliens arriving some of the animals in Carl barks world might gain some marvel powers maybe Bernie could gain the powers of colossus then he can duck lock and the rest the crew in battle because dogs are awesome.

  2. Fun show, but the book sounds a bit on the wacky side, even for 70s Marvel.

    There’s a bit more connective tissue between Cyborg and Deathlok. George Perez was Rich Buckler’s assistant during his Deathlok run, and his first pro work was on that series. Perez has said he “borrowed” the half-robot look intentionally.

  3. I first saw Deathlok in that Marvel Team-up story which kinda sorta set up this issue. A big point in it was ‘Lok telling Spidey “this is the year 1996”, a mere 20 years in Spidey’s future, and New York City is a nuclear wasteland. Really messed with his head, so it was kind of a blessing that he mostly forgot about it when he got home. And without a doubt, Deathlok has an amazing name and design, down to the disturbing implication of that American flag on his chest.

    So let’s see, a Deathlok team-up. Maybe Lego Batman, so when they both say ‘Puter, their respective ‘Puters get confused, and maybe ‘Lok doesn’t like Lobster Thermidor.

    Great fun discussion, guys!

  4. Fun show about a very interesting issue – in many ways it’s quite a time capsule of the mid-1970s. I find all of the stuff involving Jimmy Carter’s inauguration pretty amusing (to say nothing of the depictions of his trademark grin). And as someone who was alive back then – and just a year younger than Amy Carter – I should note that it comes as no surprise that both she and Carter’s mother Lillian were mentioned here. At the time they were getting considerable media attention, Amy because it was the first time since the Kennedys that there would be a preteen child living in the White House, and Lillian because she had rather actively campaigned for her son (and remained in the public spotlight to some degree even after the election, as did Carter’s notorious kid brother, Billy, albeit for different reasons).

    Alas, poor Deathlok – he never seemed to fare very well in these team-up appearances…

  5. I love the song choice “Save the life of my child”. And the reasons for including it were perfect.

    I played that cassette tape over and over and over. I even got *really* good at fast forwarding over “Voices of Old People” and landing on “Old Friends” consistently … my personal version of time travel 😉

  6. I was a DC fan even as a kid and rarely got Marvel comics even way back when. But if there were books I bought, they were Marvel Team-Up or Marvel Two-In-One just to see the breadth of the universe. Somehow, Deathlok never crossed my own path.

    But my cousin, who was the type of kid who had maybe 8-10 comics in his house, hardly a collector, had a book with Deathlok in it. Ever time I visited I asked if I could look at that book. Not the best guest (much to my mother’s chagrin); ‘key, I’m here to visit but can I read your comic again instead of hanging out with you?’ I just thought Deathlok looked so bad-ass that I was drawn in. I said I would look for Deathlok books to buy but simply never ran into him anywhere else.

    -Hearing you both talk about Deathlok put me back into the young Anj state of mind, remembering how blown away I was by the pistol, -packing, rotting,animated corpse in the astronaut suit. What isn’t to love?

  7. This issue was bonkers, and reading it was an almost impossible task.

    get it


    I’m just going to quit writing this comment now and go out on top.

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