Give Me Those Star Wars 17: Charming to the Last

On this sad and special episode of GIVE ME THOSE STAR WARS, Ryan Daly pays tribute to Carrie Fisher by inviting a dozen guests to share their favorite Princess Leia moments and their thoughts on the iconic actress who passed away on December 27, 2016. Guests on this episode include: Michael Lane, Nathaniel Wayne, Doctor G and DJ Hegemony, Rob Kelly, Cindy and Chris Franklin, Max Romero, FKA Jason, Angela Drew, Paul Hix, and Omar Uddin.

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Music: "Star Wars Main Theme" and by The Evil Genius Orchestra (with Ryan and Shag) and "Princess Leia's Theme" by John Williams.

Thanks for listening, and May the Force Be With You!

13 responses to “Give Me Those Star Wars 17: Charming to the Last

  1. Fabulous thoughtful and passionate contributions by all of your other contributors Ryan. I hope your voice comes back strong soon.

  2. I knew at least one of you would say something that would get to me. Two or three did. Chris has it right. Heartfelt and touching, but some nice insights as well.

  3. Very nice tribute.

    Got to say I’ve always thought the “short for a stormtrooper” line wasn’t sassing the enemy soldier but indicating that Leia knows full well that the Stormtroopers are, if not still clones, recruited to a very strict set of body type standards to maintain the psyops impact of these armies of indistinguishable faceless soldiers and thus already knows that these are not actual stormtroopers but potential allies.

    And sort of sassing said allies with the implication that if any of the officers they met had been paying attention they would have noticed the same thing before they got there.

  4. Thank you again for letting me participate Ryan. It was a very nice tribute and I loved hearing everyone’s contributions.

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