JLI Podcast #48 – Justice League America #48 & Justice League Europe #24

Ryan Blake joins The Irredeemable Shag to chat about Justice League America #48! It's General Glory and the League versus the Last Giant Nazi Robot! Then Paul Hix stops by to discuss Justice League Europe #24! Giant worms burrow their way under London, putting the JLE and Crimson Fox in jeopardy! Finally, we wrap up with YOUR listener feedback!

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56 responses to “JLI Podcast #48 – Justice League America #48 & Justice League Europe #24

  1. Status update #3
    Building is up and terra man the true cowboy one has bin helping us as well (smash )(insert banjo music ) you know who as well.
    Question shag did you loose a hippy version dark side , I ask cause he’s wearing fringed pants and watching the many loves of Doby Giles
    With the dogs and black terror the public domain super hero .,
    We currently acting as the official head quarters for the R- team .
    Who have a summer special coming up on YouTube check out Cryptc cowboys YouTube channel to see that and other R-team adventures

    Also just wondering have ever thought of covering one of the dobby Giles comics as one show or reviewing the made for TV movie bring me the head of dobby Giles on film and water ? Also if any one Is would to check my you tube channel is Bucky749

  2. Great work, gentlemen! I’m in the parking lot at work and only 38 minutes into the podcast, but I have to comment before I officially start the week. First, this podcast inspired me to buy these original issues and I have read ahead, so let me tell you what’s going on. See, Ernst and Newkirk [redacted], and General Glory is completely unaware at this point that [redacted]. But the whole thing will be resolved in #50 when [redacted]. Now it all makes sense, right?

    On a less spoiler-y note, I LOVE Ryan’s insights on General Glory as a character. Good thing Martin was doing his job prepping future guests for you, eh? I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard similar opinions in the future, since we’ve got two episodes left of this saga, presumably with more fans of the original GG.

    On the Hitler design and paint job for the Uberbot, I think Mel Brooks said at one point that after World War II, he decided to spend the rest of his life ridiculing Adolf Hitler. It’s why an actor portraying Hitler shows up in Blazing Saddles, a period Western. I think the Uberbot is serving the same noble cause.

    Oh, regarding the word you can’t remember, it’s “onomatopoeia.” (Thank you, spellcheck.). And regarding the Hoover name, Kirby is also a brand of vacuum cleaner. They do not look like Kirbytech, however.

    Well, off to work, but I’m looking forward to more this afternoon. Skidoo!

    1. Sheesh, Captain E! Way to spoil everything! Here I’m trying to carefully not mention [pow biff ouch bite splinter fromage], I mean nicely said. (ow)

  3. All I really need to say is that Paul is right. You must watch Tremors. I didn’t want to watch it either but my husband, Yragael, insisted that I watch it. It’s a true great. As ever I loved the podcast. It’s great to hear everyone coming round on the General Glory story. I’ve always been in the minority that loved GG and it’s about time we grew the group. I wonder if the upcoming Breakdowns will turn out to be better than I remember.

  4. Okay, so you talked about how this story would be done a few years later, but what’s more telling is how it was done five years earlier, because Glory isn’t just Captain America crossed with Captain Marvel, he’s Captain America crossed with Captain Marvel by way of Miracleman. The echoes are all over the place, from the beginning with the old man straining to remember his magic words to the bits coming up. And that’s probably part of why it was ill-received, inviting comparison with a truly legendary story.

    And also for being too long, and for filling the ‘last story before the endgame position including grabbing issue 50. As a fan I would have much rather had a shorter GG story and a classic legacy villain for the big 5-0.

    But as what it is, this is a fine enough story.

  5. Another great episode! For JLA, I found the cover analysis hilarious and ON POINT.
    The golden age art section, damn! That was some carefully crafted parody/homage, and speaking of which, I believe that is one of the reasons the new take on the General Glory saga has shifted the original POV: we can now sit more comfortably with that balance (and back then, this was too early in the EXTREME era to really cherish the “backwards” take.
    Also, agreement on the art. Linda drawing civilians really is a highlight… well, civilians as in “not metahumans”, since she has to draw plenty of militarypeople and paraphernalia and shine through it all.

    JLE 24 was fine. Paul’s recap was SUPERIOR. Rex’s dick move was my favorite part.

      1. I remember seeing Super Powers Toys in a store in Ayr (Scotland) and cursing myself for not having enough pocket/birthday money to buy anything (having no doubt spent it on Action Force , Star Wars and likely Transformers if the dates aligned). I begged my parents to return to that toy shop but I think we only went back 3 years later by which time they were no longer in stock.
        I always wondered why that store had Super Powers Toys for sale because I have no recollection of the Super Friends Cartoon on UK TV in any version they made. The only glimpses I got of the show were watching it on TV when on holiday in Florida – there is a whole story behind that as well…. Maybe I should do a podcast about these experiences.

        Anyway where was I? Ah yes Godzilla, for reasons I couldn’t fathom the BBC kept repeating that show for years during school holidays. Possibly because they didn’t have a toy line. Or it was cheap. It wasn’t until TV-AM came along with commercial breakfast kids TV shows that I think the BBC blinked. Thanks to TV-AM we got Transformers and Action Force (Rebranded GI Joe cartoons and not many of those as they ended up mostly video rental)…. And the BBC eventually picked up I think Thundercats and TMHT (yes hero turtles because ninjas were illegal or something for kids to enjoy).

        Sorry for digressing so much from JLI podcast – but then I am still years behind!

  6. Excellent show as always, and it’s unusual to see poor Shag so fluxed by a guest!

    Weirdly I’m one of those few awkward people that are just okay about marmite and that’s how I feel about the JSA story. Dipping in and out along with the podcast, and I finally caved on getting the omnibii (y’know just around when they run out!), general Glory is fine but if I collecting this monthly for my JSA faves I’d be a little miffed at how little they get to do.

    The worms in JLI probably won’t balls things up too much as London is awash with tunnels throughout the city, what with the Underground and all that. It’d be difficult for them not to hit that of the sewer tunnels in central London. Though those worms would have been handy for finishing up the Channel Tunnel, so poor Catherine could pop back to Paris more often!

    As well as a reference to Dune and Tremors, which is a movie you really should see (just the original though), I wonder if with all the culty-related stuff it was also a call out to the Chthonians of the Lovecraft Mythos. Apparently the makers of Tremors, really go see it, wanted to use the Chthonians but couldn’t get the rights, hence the less impressive sounding grabboids!

  7. Yes, Shag, watch Tremors. It’s full of characters you’d meet in real life, but never expect to see in a movie. The scientist only knows her discipline and the characters lampshade the trope this violates. Reba McEntire can act, and she is charming as the doting, heavily armed good wife. The camera also loved the scientist, who looks like a regular attractive person, not the Hollywood version. Fred Ward and Kevin Spacey show how they’ve carried so many films. It’s a late night SyFy plot, but it’s done so well and counters so many expectations that it achieves a kind of greatness.

  8. Shag, I’m surprised Paul would even talk to you without watching Tremors first. Having seen it decades after release, you’ll miss the irony of Michael Gross, the peace-loving hippie dad of Family Ties playing a gun-obsessed survivalist, but it’s still a helluva fun film. My whole family watched it a year or so ago and had a great time with it! It still holds up perfectly!

    No offense to Ryan or Shag (well, maybe offense to Shag), but despite the fact that this story in hindsight sounds fun and is well drawn and presented…it still feels out of place in this title, in my opinion. As a one off issue, sure. As a five-part storyline…I think that’s where they lost me. I’m willing to go back and re-read them at the end of your coverage to still see if I feel that way.

    As for the JLE issue itself, yeah, giant worms farting out Metamorpho. I guess Paul was too preocupied with penile humor to note the obvious “passing gas” joke, since Rex can, ya know…become gas!

  9. Completely unrelated to this episode which I’ve not listened to yet (just finished Teasdale* episodes having to slow down on the catch up while on holiday in Germany).

    However I am curious since so many of the previous guests have been introduced to each other a Conventions – what are the best Comic Cons in the US for comic fans of a certain vintage (Maybe born mid 70’s) to visit? I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth pulling the kids from school for a couple of days (and my wife who works in a School) to head over to Megacon in Orlando next year in March/April. Megacon is the only BIG US show I’ve been to. However I do recall going to a small show in a hotel in Florida in the late 80s with my parents, I think Pat Broderick was there – but I can’t be certain! All the other shows I’ve been to are in the UK Edinburgh Comic Con, Glasgow Comic Con (UCAK years) and various Babylon 5 shows. I get the impression that Megacon might have gotten too big now compared to the show we enjoyed in 2010.

    *Oh and while this joke is way way way too late I always laughed at the Teasdale Imperative as a title because the name sounds so much like a Teasmade which my grandparents had – A more british machine has never been invented. Alarm clock (analogue) and Tea Making machine together!

    1. Doug, I was at a small show at a hotel in Florida several years ago and went to the same show (Tampa Comic-con) when it took over the convention center a few years later. Like serving sizes, the conventions just keep getting bigger, but at least that means we have more people to talk comics with. You are welcome to come back to Florida anytime! (But fair warning, it’s only comfortable before mid-May and after October.)

      1. I honestly lose track of the number of visits we have made it to Florida over the years. The majority of which were in July due to school holidays! Sadly for the next few years July is likely our best option as my daughters are in school, my wife works in a school and thus as a family we can only manage school holidays!
        I wish I could remember the small hotel con I visited I am sure if was in either Orlando or Tampa/Clearwater. I regret not talking more to the artists at it. But I was young and had my parents drive me to it which I am sure they thought I was wasting time doing!
        Oh and last I read portion sizes are shrinking at last but only in the Di$ney Parks 🙂
        We are currently trying to figure out our next trip to the US it ain’t cheap! 🙂

        1. Please let me know if you decide to return to the Tampa Bay Area (captainentropy@hotmail.com). I’ll buy you all a cooling beverage and offer any local tips I can. But honestly, in July, I’d consider Maine. Or perhaps Colorado! It’s far, but it’s gorgeous.

          1. If only Disney and Universal had planned ahead and built moving themeparks that migrate during the summer like something from (I think) mortal engines we’d be in better shape.

            But alas they didn’t so July in Florida it is going to be until the kids are out of school! Or I ditch them and go Solo…. Which might work for Galaxy’s Edge and trying to get a Dolphins game in as well.

            Should we travel back to the Bay area I will warn all locals and then they can decide to meet or run for the Florida hills… You do have hills there right? We once went to Spook Hill and were terribly disappointed!

          2. Totally agree on the migrating theme parks. The imagineers should start on that project post haste!

            Regarding hills, the best I can do is some Native American burial mounds. We have a town called Mount Dora, but the elevation is 54 meters.

        2. Hi Doug – Just a few recommendations for US shows from my own experience. If you are looking for comic-book centric shows, then I’d recommend:
          – HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina
          – Baltimore ComicCon in… well, Baltimore, Maryland
          – Terrificon in Connecticut (though I have not attended Terrificon myself, I’ve heard wonderful things about it)

          MegaCon is a massive fun multi-media pop-culture convention. However, it’s more about the celebrities and cosplay, than about comics. Also, I can’t vouch for how many podcasters in our community meet up there. I haven’t attended in several years, and don’t feel a drive to attend again.

          I know that several of us are planning to attend HeroesCon in June 2023! Hope to see some of you folks there!

          1. Thanks Shag,

            Duly noted for the Conventions. I suspect if I do travel to any of those it would be solo as while my wife is a massive geek and my daughters are also being brought right, both love Harry Potter, one is obsessed with all things LOTR while her twin is Dr Who crazy – I think they prefer the more celebrity style pop culture shows. This is despite the twins being named after superheroes!

            So I might have to think about 2024 rather than 2023 at this rate due to the dates for travel and holidays (vacations).

          2. Doug, if your folks want a Doctor Who fix, and are able to travel to Los Angeles, I recommend GallifreyOne, which happens in February every year. I think Shag can vouch for that one, as well.

          3. Sounds like MegaCon would be a great choice for the celebrity pop culture con then!! Hope the family has a blast in the States!

          4. Mark, thanks for the heads up on GallifreyOne – daughters are only 11 years old and she’s probably going to meet plenty of Dr Who folks over here in Scotland before she will be able to go over to LA in Feb (Stay in school kids). I don’t think we’ve managed to actually meet a Doctor yet mind, plenty of guest actors however.

            I’m more interested in how many Dr Who fans will come to Edinburgh for the Worlds of Wonder Exhibition.


            If folks can smuggle me American Foodstuffs we can’t get over here (see comments on Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice or Key Lime Juice) I will provide the greatest of all local Scottish Beverages – No NOT whisky the true beverage of Scotland – IRN BRU (which fun fact makes Scotland one of the few nations in the world where the top carbonated soda is NOT a Cola of some ilk)

          5. The Edinburgh Exhibition looks amazing! Wish I could attend.

            And yes, I will completely vouch for Gallifrey One!! Even though it’s on the opposite side of this huge country, I try to attend each year! It’s my home away from home.

    2. Oh, and the Fire and Water crew (and the Longbox Crusaders) have been known to treat the mid-Atlantic as an equally-inconvenient halfway meeting spot — I think HeroesCon in North Carolina, specifically. I’m sure they’ll tell us when they pick the ground for another gathering.

    3. OMG, the Teasmade sounds amazing! Full on britishing, that is! Now the Monty Python style foot stomp is even more relevant!

      1. I made the daft mistake of telling my wife about the teasmade. She now thinks we should consider investing in one as she is a tea drinking fanatic (despite not being from Great Britain but instead Germany!). I have explained a digital alarm clock and a kettle are far far more effective! Should we end up with one I will supply a full report.

    4. Terrificon, which is on this weekend, sounds ruddy amazing, Doug, so many Bronze Age guests!

      I remember UKCAC and GlasCAC, great times. You’re so right about the Teasmade, I still want one!

      Captain Entropy, if I ever get back to Tampa, can we go to Publix? Having experienced it in January, I am hugely jealous.

      1. Absolutely, Martin! Keen of you to notice that foreign visitors returning to Publix must be escorted by a U.S. citizen (and preferably Florida resident). I’ll be happy to provide that service, and I can introduce you to some outstanding store brand ice creams. I even know a Publix employee who can get us the inside scoop, as it were. (I’m here all week, folks. Remember to tip your servers!)

        Seriously, I hope you two enjoyed the rest of your brief visit (in addition to Publix), and maybe we can make our schedules match up when you return.

        1. Thanks, I did, despite the lack of mask wearing (I finally caught the Covid) and the terrifying Mad Max-style traffic!

          1. Oh do NOT get me started on Publix Ice Cream. They had the best range of any store I ever encountered and I remember when we visited New York I was shocked to discover that Publix – like all Supermarkets (with the exception of Target and Walmart) is a regional chain, oh the days before the internet when that sort of information wasn’t stored in Libraries to learn!

            Anyway where was I? Publix Ice Cream. It was the spring of 2003 or maybe it was 2002? I’ll need to check my notes. And we (wife and I) travelled over to Florida for the NFL Europe Training Camps (Did I mention I’m a Football fan and so is my geeky wife?) to visit the Scottish Claymores Camp in Dunedin in Florida. All 6 NFLE teams had training camp over in Florida dotted around Tampa Bay Stadium so they could scrimmage at Tampa Bay Stadium. Now up until this trip the best Ice Cream we’d had from Publix was it’s own brand Strawberry and Cream (I’d need to check the website to be sure it’s still made – but it’s geolocked and I’m on my work VPN right now). And to this day that ice cream is up there with the very best, but on this trip we found the Key Lime Pie – own Publix brand Ice Cream and it was FANTASTIC. I love Key Lime Pie at the best of times but this Ice Cream was amazing, but of course we were staying in a motel I think which had a fridge but not a freezer. There were only the two of us and those tubs of Ice Cream back then were huge – I want to say over 3ltrs but I defer to your silly “imperial” measurements for the confirmation.

            Despite my best efforts and I do mean best efforts to consume the ice cream there was just no way we could do so in one evening. So what’s a man to do? Well more accurately what’s a Scotsman to do….. Throw it out because you can’t eat any more and it’s going to melt? Are you CRAZY? That’s wasting food! Offer it to a stranger so they can eat some – well did did try and offer some to some German NFLE Fans we met at Tampa Bay Stadium but that was a bit weird. No the solution was to put into some of those giant soda cups you get at gas stations and let it melt slowly in the ice box we had bought for the car journey. So that when we arrived at Tampa Bay Stadium for the scrimmage we had Gigantic Key Lime Pie Milkshakes for the day and they were glorious.

            Sadly the next trip over was November 2004 (for my 30th birthday, I feel old now) and we couldn’t find that Key Lime Pie Ice Cream in Publix again. Supposedly it had been “seasonal”?

            I could go on about my Ice Cream endeavours over the years – the fact I purchased an Ice Cream machine to make my own at home, my ongoing quest for Orange Ice Cream and my struggles to smuggle back into Scotland Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice (do they still sell those cans in stores in Florida). I will spare you the tale of my hunt for the Orange Milkshake from McDonalds – and then subsequent discovery too late of the Stake n Shake Orange Freeze/Dream – which has since been discontinued – ARGHHHHH!!! (Imagine a William Shatner style Khan scream at that point please)

            Anyway back to the point. Publix Ice Cream I heartily recommend.

            I have zero idea what relevance this has to JLI however, but I’m not complaining!

          2. Just double checked after switching to Florida VPN – I think it is Publix Premium Ice Cream Strawberry is the Strawberry I recall being amazing – might have changed since we were last in the USA in 2019. And I see there now a Key Lime Pie Frozen Yogurt option…. Mmm tempting.

          3. Oh, don’t be dramatic. It’s just the comments thread, and your grip down here was always tenuous at best.

            ¡Vivá Publix Ice Cream!

            ¡Vivá la Revolutión!

  10. Another fun romp through Justice League, everyone! If you aren’t entertained by Nazi bots getting punched and worms pooping out superheroes, I don’t know what to tell you. On top of that, Ryan and Paul brought the entertainment on their own! Enjoyable guests always lead to an enjoyable episode.

    JLA – I agree with Shag, Linda Medley’s art is so good by this point. She’s grown so much since the first issues she did. I know I’ve mentioned before, but she definitely knows how to make the characters “act” with great facial expressions and poses. I mean, it’s hard NOT to make it look fantastic when you draw a Hitler-bot getting it’s arm ripped off! I don’t know who was in charge of designing Das Überbot, but I love that they made a “moustache” port on the head. What a completely useless, and hilarious, design.

    JLE – well, this issue had a lot more innuendo than I was expecting. Now maybe it’s just Paul, but now I can’t un-see all the phallic images. I mean, it’s hard NOT to see it. I’m going to need a stiff drink. Or just some time to myself to play with my dinky cars. There’s a vas deferens between what you see and what it means. After all those puns, I’m tuckered!

    Will I be kicked off these boards if I admit I, also, have not seen Tremors? It’s on my shame list of movies I really should have seen but I have not gotten around to it yet. Can I make it up to Paul by teleporting some Doom Patrol from the Pacific Canadian Embassy to the Down Under Embassy?

    I really enjoyed listening to this episode. All of you guys did a fantastic job. Keep up the great work!

    1. Yeah, guys, just because Rob waxed lyrical about “Parts: The Clonus Horror” on a recent JLUCast, doesn’t mean I’m going to rush to watch “Parts: The Clonus Horror” — I’m not that suggestible as a listener. But I might be the kind of listener who decides he didn’t QUITE hear correctly what movie Paul was talking about, so I can now report that the film “Kathy Smith Tummy Trimmers” was well worth my time.

  11. Hey, I get movie-shamed weekly for not having seen X. It even happened on my own podcast last week, so I feel your pain, Shag. But it wasn’t Tremors, plenty of shame to go around. If you want to know which movie it was, you’ll have to listen to Outcasters: A Batman and the Outsiders podcast available from the Wright On Network and yes I’m deliberately shilling my show to be a stinker.

    Of course, I loved the discussion about both issues. Well done and all that! Medley’s art, calling the Uberbot “Weapon H” cuz it looks like you-know-who, Paul bringing his “A” game, all such a fun listen.

    I have extra affection for Paris Cullins part of the issue, because he can really channel some Kirby energy, faces, and poses in his art. His runs on New Gods and Forever People (sorry, Rob) homage Kirby’s style so well. Having him draw Glory’s origin was pitch perfect.

    Now I mentioned this on Twitter a while ago. You know the Champions of Angor, right? Bluejay, Silver Sorceress, etc? We’ve never seen a patriotic Captain America hero with them. I suddenly got this theory, that their Cap was just about to get his powers, when Earth’s Lady Liberty transferred them instead into Joe Jones, creating General Glory. But that couldn’t have happened, right? Or could it? (*twilight zone music*)

    About the JSA and GG, let’s also remember that from the Beefeater issue, he claimed his father teamed up with GG in WW2. It was discounted at the time with the familiar “GG was just a comic book character.” Put a pin in that and let’s see if that gets revisited. (You’re welcome, Shag!)

    For JLE, all I’ll say is that final panel with Constance helplessly tied to a billboard and surrounded by giant worms? Terrifying and one hell of a cliffhanger!

  12. Impressive podcast most impressive. I just got over covid but I don’t have it in my system anymore so I should be okay. The cover looks pretty cool. Side note I saw a woman do this exact pose that ice is doing at my store. The so-called breast and but pose. She decided not to turn around but turned her upper body enough to look for something. As she was doing her job. And yup she physically did it with ease. But even trying. Just Nashville into the pose. So the whole super been spine joke people have put out for years. Call that myth busted right there. What would be more difficult is how she’s holding on to the robot as butyl is holding onto their legs and kicking like is not turned them both off of the robot arm. Everything else about this cover is pretty cool. Also general glory rocks. The Hitler robot is pretty funny. Well the Hitler giant robot. Though it is kind of funny that Schmidt. Isn’t there a version of the red skull. Since Johan Schmidt. Is the real name of the red skull in Marvel comics.

    The joke on giant robot is kind of funny. Though Catherine’s hair not really working. Instead of looking like big 80s here looks like she couldn’t find a hairbrush. I still mostly remember Ernie the boy hostage ….I mean sidekick. From that issue of lobos back. The bit with Lady liberty going into someone’s mind and giving of dollars in a turning out to be an experiment. Was already done for Ms. America. Probably to: line with her appearance in Golden age. I do like the Kirby-esque drawings done for general glory’s origin. I too hope that there is not something sinister behind his background. And it’s just as he remembers. Just you gone everyone’s nerves after a point. The don’t call me chief joke is probably what they’re going for with Martian man Hunter and general glory. Guys beating the giant robot with one punch was also kind of funny. Obviously a throwback to the one punch issue. LRA the payoff for the new Mr. miracle works well enough. Having general glory arrested was weird.

    Not as weird as the fact that the arresting FBI agent. Is holding his badge like he’s ready for a Dio concert. He’s not doing magic, nor is he at a hosers basketball game. The only guess I can come up with this they were rocking out to holy diver while driving over to arrest general glory. Also these military. Why in the world would any American military person be arrested by FBI agents? Will just forget the fact that there in England when you’re doing this. And they have no jurisdiction to do anything. Hence the name of federal. They don’t even have a Interpol agent with them. But, will let go. You mentioned there should be someone with them with international right to make this arrest. Shouldn’t CID or to put it in the vernacular USACID. The investigating him since he was Army? (United States Army Criminal Investigation Command)

    Were probably not the point where a jag officers. Still, not only are they well out of their jurisdiction. There’s kind of this body of water between England and the United States. So they’ve kind of tippy towed out of their jurisdiction. Moving on to the next issue. I was going to make some “members” jokes. But, you beat me to them. So I’ll just paraphrase it is the bit that the jerk was going to say in that one episode of Justice league Unlimited shows over on that. I see that this is what you’re talking about with the so-called elastics find it. Again I saw someone at work do the same pose of PowerBuilder doing a bit more extreme to be quite honest. So not myth busted. Sorry but she stood even more bent and this is a person who work clothes. Though their ends the epic comic book myth.

    As much as I like tumors, we all know all of this was started by Beetlejuice. That was where the giant worm craze began. I’m kidding of course. This Indiana Jones joke they gave to Cara was slightly funny. Rex not wanting to help the two people who screwed up his life the most is kind of funny. Like Bart Sears a lot but his stuff is a little more atmospheric than good a girl art. Vivian’s outfit is downright conservative. To me Bart Sears art is more really talented vertigo then pinup gal artwork. So no I don’t see this is looking is too salacious. I don’t really think they ever did anything with the twin angle. Though as I see our main bad guy in a purple robe and all of his minions in green robes. All I can think of is that one Scooby Doo episode with the ice cream ghosts. Both silver sorcerers and blue Jay have cool poses in this book but have very little to do in it. Back to the what happens Rex. I’m going to guess he was farted out. Since I can’t think of any euphemisms for taking a dump. That would start with the letter F.

    Normally the one they would censor would start with the S. And if they were still in France that work was to letter M. So unless he’s saying fecal matter when talking to red. I shall have to go with mustard gas attack. It out of destroying the creature from inside works well. I think they just used the panels judiciously. And it would required an extra pound to do the bed where they are celebrating before being covered in worm guts I hope. The alternative would be worse. Then doing the other thing like in the movie tremors. Michael Gross was great in the sequels. I remember him more from those then family ties. The bit with Catherine during her exercise and the guys showing up to meet the resident Green Lantern was cool. But, why would you put a turtleneck on a exercise outfit? Tight spandex and Nina turtleneck I don’t understand?

    The villain is decent enough, but the giant worms as your attack bit only in this comic with that happened. I can’t really see this happening in the action force comics that come with the toys that are out. Maybe G.I. Joe. Not probably not. I can use it is happening in the current justice league. I can’t really see the avengers going up against this threat. A bunch of wacky cultists just up like Scooby-Doo villains. Controlling a bunch of giant worms with a tuning fork. This would only work in this comic. Almost forgot there led by an evil perfume creator. Any rate can’t wait to hear the next episode.

    1. Elaborating on one comment above: General Glory receiving his powers from a vision of the Statue of Liberty is indeed reminiscent of the Miss America story from Secret Origins #26, when Roy Thomas retconned that character as a replacement for Wonder Woman in the post-crisis Justice Society. Recall that in Miss America’s case, the actual source of her powers was a secret government project to create an army of super-soldiers. The vision of Lady Liberty was implied to be a hallucination triggered because the Statue was the last thing Joan Dale saw before she was abducted. Perhaps the same secret project established a base in wartime France?

  13. Thanks for another terrific episode, this is the first time I’ve heard Ryan on a podcast, I hope we get more of him on the network. It’s always good to hear from another former European.

    Justice League America #48 was a wonderful issue, I’m so glad you’ve come around to the Linda Medley pencils, Shag. I wish she’d been given a long run. John Beatty’s inks were always welcome on a comic, I think I first came across his work over Mike Zeck on Captain America, lovely stuff

    That robot really is a ludicrous beastie, it would have been fun had it been short circuited by, as Ryan so splendidly put it, ‘dog piddle’.

    I can’t remember much about JLE #24, giant worms just don’t have the personality of a memorable villain such as Dr Destiny or Zazzala.

    I’ve never seen Tremors either, all I can say is it’s worrying that these things remind Paul of his Woolloomooloo willy. Nevertheless, I enjoyed all the wrinkles in Paul’s recap.

    You weren’t kidding about the Crimson Fox torture scenes being strong, it’s hard to look at. Having said that, the silhouette panel is terrific, with that single blob of blue very effective in making the figures pop.

    How fab to have Paul on the show, truly the British empire owned this episode!

    What did you think Shagg?

  14. Maybe it’s from being from Ohio but whenever I here Kirby the first think of is the the vacuum cleaner even before the artist. Jim Kirby basically invented it there.

  15. Shag, I need to have a vacation in your granny flat, take me to your Publix!

    Captain Entropy, I am intrigued. What’s so narrow about our roads? Most have one lane in each direction, that’s all you need… six lanes full of massive truck-cars with blacked out windows moving at speed is terrifying. But I would cross them all to get to a Publix to meet you and Shag for ice cream. Do they sell Teasmades?


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