JLUCast: Batman Beyond “The Call”

Head into the future as Chris and Cindy discuss the first appearance of the Justice League Unlimited in the DCAU, in Batman Beyond’s “The Call”! Superman recruits young Batman Terry McGinnis to flush out a traitor on the team. But when the shocking true enemy is revealed, will old Bruce Wayne have the solution to bring him down?

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Clips from Batman Beyond “The Call”. Directed by Butch Lukic, music by Kristopher Carter

14 responses to “JLUCast: Batman Beyond “The Call”

  1. i’m not too worried the batman Beyond future it feels like a future that exists because somebody didled time
    1. Rob does’nt WANT Superman to be evil or mind controled.
    2 BRUCE Wayne LIVES that long?
    3. Big Barda being on a justice leage but Wonder woman not? That feels like the grandmaster making a quick substitution.
    4 ANOTHER green Lantern that’s not HAL? What’s wrong with these.
    5 Very tellingly no flash type! there’s your time didle.

    1. Rob, that’s exactly the kind of imaginative, suspicious, conspiracy-minded, detail-oriented theorizing I love in fandom and often find vexing in reality. Bravo!

    2. You bring up some good points. Despite really enjoying Batman Beyond, it has some rather dark futures for our heroes. Superman and Tim Drake both mind controlled, for instance. I’m not a fan of the icky Bruce/Barbara thing either. Not AFTER her and Dick were an item. That’s just gross to me. It’s like dating your kids’ ex or something. Blech. I don’t count the BB comics as canon, cause they went some places with that, that are just… no. Not in my head canon, mister!

  2. C & C, great review! I really enjoyed y’all’s analysis and all the background knowledge you bring, and you brought out great points. I do think Supes bringing in Batman Jr. was the real him fighting through and finding a way around Starro. And I think, “He knew what he was getting into” referred to the dangers of hunting a spy in the League, or maybe just putting on the cape and cowl. On a deeper level, it’s Supes trying to build a rationalization shield against all the guilt that is probably already coming to bear about stuff he did while controlled by Starro. That’s my best no-prize attempt, anyway.

    Regarding Supes’ comment at the end, he may have known Terry’s true parentage. For all we know, he can smell the Bruce Wayne on him the way the Bat-hounds certainly can. But I prefer to think he meant Bruce’s resourcefulness, courage, capability, etc. In my head, Batman and Superman are secretly each other’s biggest fans. I think the work of Grant Morrison and other writers back me up on this, as do some JLU episodes. They’re a little in awe of each other even when they don’t like each other.

    1. Thanks Captain. I tend to think Superman meant the two Batman have a lot in common, but NOT DNA, despite Timm already having the idea. But once that’s actually thrown in to the contnuity…well, you can take it either way. Which is like having your cake and eating it too!

      Good no-prize for Superman. He’s been brainwashed before, and he did seem to have some deep, DEEP resentment and regret from Darkseid manipulating him in “Legacy”. It was mentioned in the first episode of JL, of course boils to the surface in “Twlight”, and even figures into the JLU series finale, “Destroyer”. So I don’t think Superman is just going to say “That wasn’t me”, and completly move on, like a certain other media version of the Man of Steel did (cough, cough…Superman III).

  3. Such a great discussion, Franklins, I enjoyed it very much. My own little take on Superman bringing Batman into the League is overthought, as typical for me. Perhaps the suppressed Superman mind was thinking “Batman will help me. Find Batman.” The dominating Starro mind picked up on those thoughts, not knowing their source, and assumed it was its own notion, and formed the idea to have Batman be its scapegoat and distraction for the rest of the League, giving it more freedom to act. So for Starro, “help” meant “use”, whereas Superman, “help” meant “save.” Hmmm, yep, definitely overthinking it.

    Maybe one of you said this and I missed it, but in addition to Dolphin, Aquagirl also has a strong resemblance to Namorita, with golden blond hair and green swimsuit. That would be fitting for Timm liking to slip in Marvel-isms. But also her name Mareena is like Mera, similar to Namorita’s name and her mom’s, Namora. If the resemblance wasn’t intentional, it’s a crazy coincidence!

    Thank you for this great excuse to rewatch some Batman Beyond. I loved this show a lot, and the intro is one of my favorite cartoon intros of all time. Till next time!

    1. Hey, I like that “No Prize” answer for Superman’s/Starro’s puzzling behavior in recruiting Batman. I can head canon that!

      I didn’t make the Namorita connection! And that’s after watching Wakanda Forever, where there was a version of Namora. You’re probably right. I think Timm in many ways was more of a Marvel guy than a DC, or maybe equal parts, so he filtered as much Marvel in as possible. No doubt an inentional nod to Namorita. Great catch (fish joke not intended)!

  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a Wonder Woman and the Star Raiders episode! I love toy talk and especially on lines that never were!

    I, for one, did not know that they ever hinted that Terry was Bruce’s son. So SPOILER ALERT much?!? The clip you played at the end, Superman’s line read is clearly nudging the audience in that direction.

    In comics or whatnot, I generally don’t like “Distopian versions of our heroes” plots, mostly because they tend to give the alt versions ridiculous costumes that would never actually work if these characters actually existed. But, as usual, Timm and Co. came up with designs that look suitably kinda dark and grim but practical.

    Great episode!

    1. Well, sorry for the spoiler Rob, but the big Terry/Bruce reveal is at the crux of the JLU Season 2 finale, which was almost the series finale…but then they got a pick-up for Season 3. I assumed most listeners knew of this, but maybe I should have put a SPOILER WARNING up front. Hopefully you’ll have forgotten by the time we get to “Epilogue” later this year (or early next), and will be surprised all over!

      We would love to talk about Wonder Woman and the Star Riders! You’ve got me thinking of the best way to cover it. Hmmm….

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