JLUCast: JLU Season 1 Wrap Party

Chris and Cindy rank their favorite episodes, moments and characters from Justice League Unlimited Season 1! Plus, YOUR listener feedback!

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Clips from Justice League Unlimited Season 1.

3 responses to “JLUCast: JLU Season 1 Wrap Party

  1. The wrap parties are always fun, Franklins! Very happy to hear there’s no crisis of multiple Franklins, but I think we all understand that sometimes the tempo of life just speeds up. Hoping you get some refreshing rest soon!

  2. Great episode. I agree that “For the Man Who Has Everything” is terrific, but was a disappointment coming when it did right after the JLU premiere, and featuring only the Big 3. Which also explains why I seem to like “Dark Heart” so much: It was packed with deep-cut heroes who had never been seen outside comics before. (Plus I’ve always been partial to Ray Palmer.) It might be hard to remember these days, when we seem to be on the verge of a big-budget Composite Superman solo movie, but 20 years ago it was a real thrill just to spot Nemesis and Blue Devil in the background of an animated fight scene.

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