JLUCast Special: Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

Cindy and Chris are joined by their friend, and Legion of Super-Bloggers member Russell Burbage to discuss the NEW Justice League vs. The Fatal Five animated movie! Set in the DCAU, the movie focuses on the time tossed Starboy and new Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, as they team with the Justice League to thwart the world-ending plans of the Fatal Five! It’s a JLU reunion, with plenty of Legion of Super-Heroes and Green Lantern action thrown in! Here what they think of this new film from executive producer Bruce Timm!

WARNING!!! Despite our best efforts, we SPOIL this film pretty early on in the episode. SPOILER WARNINGS in effect!

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Clip credits:

Trailer from Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

Legion of Super-Heroes animated theme by Kristopher Carter

24 responses to “JLUCast Special: Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

  1. Superman: “So…how’s Kara?”
    [animated Legion of Superheroes has been rebooted twice since “Far From Home.”]
    Braniac-5: “Who’s Kara?”

  2. Interestingly (or perhaps not interestingly) enough, I do not see this movie as being part of the JLU/DCAU/”Timmverse” — but the Bruce Timm/Giancarlo Volpe/Jim Krieg Green Lantern TAS continuity…

        1. My intention there was that Timm hasn ‘t said this WASN’T part of his GL series continuity, so it could be. Or it could be BOTH in his mind. I wasn’t poo-pooing the idea, even though now I read it like that myself!

  3. Impressive podcast. Most impressive. So Naked Star Man. Sexyness. 😉 Any way sounds like this was an awesome movie. I’ll have to rent it soon. What…no Cos? That’s just wrong. Maybe the time line had been messed up what ever the Fatle Five were doing made it to ware Brainny and co couldn’t travel threw time. And Star Boy had maybe made it threw the time line before it was closed off. Time trapper had done something like that in Cos own min. They should have had creator credits. Like Lime light being created by Geoff and EVS.

    Oy Bob Harris. Yeah Paul Levitz leaving publisher at DC messed over the creators a lot. Like what happened on Flash till the show people made home girl Killer Frost. Which hopefully got DC to give Conway a check. Ah the voice actress of WW had said something about Gal on twitter , the smile bit might have been it. Waait how is Mano and Empress dating? He can’t touch anything with out destroying it. How can they….never mind I don’t want to know. Yeah Thorak makes a better leader. But, it is what it is.

    Hmm, Cos or Sun Boy would have been a better choice to save sun, but it gave Star Boy a hero moment so cool. They probly didn’t use Dreamer since they’d have to show how crappy the Super Girl tv show dresses her. Ware people would question why she doesn’t get the cool outfit on the show. Geez looks like her granny dresses her on the show. Back to the cartoon movie. Man pour Supes. Still good to see he was treated better here than on the Tv show. To bad they didn’t have Paul Dinin help with the writing, but glad Bruce Timm did a good job on it.

    Yeah this was kind of how Star Boy was treated in the JSA. Maybe Geoff Read the book Cindy is talking about. Can’t wait to hear the next pod cast.

    1. Wait, Dream Girl was on Supergirl? I’m way behind on that show. I saw Brainy in this year’s crossover.

      And how do you mess up Dream Girl’s costume? It’s a silver bathing suit!?!

  4. Fun show guys! I haven’t seen this yet but I’m thrilled the show is back, and with a lot of the original creative team as well!

  5. Cindy and Chris, thank you for another fun-filled episode. Russell was a great guest, and I appreciated his insights into the people, places, and things of the 31st century.

    While this movie sounds like a great addition to the JLU universe, and I look forward to seeing it, I have to admit that I was disappointed to learn that it’s not as kid friendly as I’d hoped. I don’t want to belabor the point, but this is a problem that I keep encountering with many DC movies. I’d love to share DC movies like this with my daughter, the same way I do so many of the Marvel movies, but I often just don’t feel comfortable doing so. 🙁

    1. Yeah, I wish DC as a company would just get over this need to be “edgy” and just make things mostly all ages…like JLU was. There were layers for adults to get more out of, but kids got the whiz bang, and there was rarely anything that was inappropriate for children. The only thing I can think of was Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, which was pretty disturbing. And of course that was originally censored and recut before release.


  6. Great coverage on this everybody. I’m glad this was equal parts praise and complaints. But the thing I was happiest about is Cindy hating Tara Strong as Harley. I’m personally of the opinion than these DC movies use Tara Strong and Kevin Michael Richardson a little too much, but I definitely have to side with Cindy here for sure. I realize that Arleen Sorkin probably doesn’t want to do the role anymore, but Wikipedia lists 15 different voice actors for the character. Plenty of choices. But I guess since it was shoehorned appearance that honestly mattered F all to the story, probably about a ton cheaper to use somebody who is already there for another voice.

    1. I like Strong in every other role I’ve heard her do, from Timmy Turner on Fairly Odd Parents to Raven on Teen Titans. But her Harley seems a bit too…put on. It’s not as natural as an extension of her own voice as Sorkin’s was. That’s not really her fault, but I’m not sure she should be the go-to for the character. And yes, I would agree Kevin Michael Richardson, despite doing great work, probably does show up a bit too much, in EVERY WB animation production. He’s the Casey Kasem of today, in that regards. 😉


  7. Hey Cindy, what was the name of that book series you spoke of in the podcast? It sounded interesting.

  8. Great show, guys. Since I’m stuck in the Bronze Age, I have no familiarity with Jessica Cruz, and felt like the movie should have delved into her background a little more. My Legion knowledge is pretty spotty, too, and more background on them would have been appreciated.

    I think Superman was given short-shrift here as he often was on the animated series, and Wonder Woman didn’t have a lot to do, either. The Arkham stuff only seemed to be included to give Batman more screen-time. He’s my favorite character, but I don’t want him shoved into the fore-front when the story doesn’t call for it.

    Honestly, the characters picked to use were pretty weird. Mr. Terrific (?), Ms. Martian (?)

    Really, I think you guys hit on a systemic problem with DC animation. It is either too dark or adult or too-kiddie, and is never in between, like the original animated universe from Batman through JLU.

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention. If you haven’t heard, Kaley Cuoco will be voicing Harley. After this, I’ll bet we’ll all be begging for Tara Strong to take back over.


      Chris, if you and Cindy haven’t watched Batman and Harley Quinn, where Harley was voiced by another Big Bang Theory alum, do yourself a favor and keep it that way. IT IS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I get what you mean Gothos. I’ll be honest, I’ve only sampled Justice League Action from the shorts DC puts out on their YouTube channel…but it’s a bit too goofy for my taste. I don’t mind it being fun. Batman: the Brave and the Bold was fun, but JLAction seems too… juvenile? Silly? Modern kids animation zany? I’m not sure what it is, but it’s just not what I want in a “straight” DC show.

        I think it’s a lot of the new voice artists, and the direction they are given. I saw one with Chronos and he sounded like a Spongebob character. I plan on trying it again, when I can actually catch whole episodes, but right now…I’m not really feeling it, personally, despite the presence of Conroy, Hamill, etc.

        I have been avoiding Batman: Harley Quinn for the very reasons you are hinting at, and I will probably continue to do so. I will have to cave at some point…but not now.


  9. I haven’t watched it yet, but very much looking forward to it. I have the DCU app, but my internet connection is terrible (this month, moving soon) so video on the app only works when downloading first. And this movie doesn’t have the download option. Gee DC, thanks a bunch.

    Keep the JLU-ness coming!

  10. I find myself still thinking about the moment where Miss Martian turns into Tim Drake Robin to illustrate a point to Batman.

    If Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is in canon to this movie, that’s a heck of a thing to do to Batman.

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