JLUCast: Static Shock DCAU Crossovers

JLUCast returns with a special episode covering the DCAU crossovers on Static Shock! Young hero Static teams-up with Batman & Robin, Superman, Green Lantern, Batman Beyond, and the Justice League to take on the Joker, Harley & Ivy, Brainiac, Toyman, Kobra and Sinestro!

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Clip credits:

Clips from Static Shock series.  Music by Richard Wolf and Gousse. Theme by Lil’ Romeo and Master P. Justice League Unlimited theme by Michael McCusition

9 responses to “JLUCast: Static Shock DCAU Crossovers

    1. Trusting a teenager with a secret like that is generally a bad idea. Not to be ageist, but it’s a lot of stress on a not-yet-fully developed brain.

      That said, I get it. Telling the whole League — even just the founders — seems like a lot. But one person you’ve really hit it off with and believe you can trust — one whose friends won’t be angry with you if they find out he knew and they didn’t — that’s a potential confidant. It feels good to let out the truth, just a little. And by bestowing this honor on him and making him a co-conspirator, you gain a lot of loyalty for a long time — maybe even ’til you’re old and grey.

  1. ^Ha! Yes, indeed he did lay that funk down. Play That Funky Music, Teal Boy…

    Thanks for the link! Nice to hear we weren’t the only ones not happy with Braniac’s presentation on Static Shock. Kind of surprised he was so…vocal about it though.

    1. I guess I was just the right age, because I REALLY dug the 80s robotic Brainy revamp. Particularlyl the Super Powers figure. But dropping the Silver Age shorts works too. The animated design is a great redo of the classic look.

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