JLUCast: Wake The Dead

 When the Justice League is unable to stop the rampage of a magically revived Solomon Grundy, will Shayera’s return be enough to save her friend? Or will the former Hawkgirl be forced to destroy him? Join Chris and Cindy as they discuss this pivotal episode in the series!

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Clips from Justice League Unlimited “Wake the Dead”.  Justice League Unlimited theme by Michael McCuistion

12 responses to “JLUCast: Wake The Dead

    1. No, I believe that was canon back then. I don’t have an GA stories handy to check, but I think it was established. Bill Finger was Alan Scott’s co-creator and original writer, so it makes sense.

      1. Green Lantern Alan Scott first lived in Capitol City, and then moved to Gotham, working at WXYZ Radio. The earliest reference to Gotham City I could find in my Dad’s Golden Age GL comics (though he didn’t have them all), is Green Lantern 20 (1946).

  1. Great episodes of JLU and JLUCast. I had thought the same thing about how the ”don’t do it” line regarding the bus was reminiscent of Superman II when he says “don’t do it, the people!” I wonder if that was an intentional homage, like the later bridge scene being similar to the bridge scene in Superman The Movie.

  2. For this JLU episode, I keep thinking how most of it feels like huge violent battle, but the resolution is remarkably quiet and poignant. Normally, our superhero battles all end in a triumphant climatic victory, where a maguffin like the “magic mace” would be part of a combat maneuver. But instead it’s subdued, it’s tragic, heartbreaking, and beautiful in a way. Some great storytelling, and as Chris likes to say, “in a kids cartoon.”

    Excellent coverage as always! See you at the House of Franklinstein, unless I’m too chicken.

  3. Awesome coverage as usual Chris and Cindy. This episode of JLU is always interesting to me because of the various conflicts I find within it. As you discussed at the beginning of the episode Shayera is docile, complacent, and questions herself and her purpose. Polar opposite from her attitude prior to the events of Star Crossed. In fact, she only regains this attitude once she decides to help Grundy, as if her passion has been woken from the dead (I guess the episode title had a dual meaning). Not sure if it is intentional but Shayera’s outfit (white tank top, black slacks) help showcase the duality of her attitude in this episode. Perhaps I’m stretching it a bit…

    I do think the bridge scene and the “don’t do it” line are homages to the Superman movies – at least I hope they are. I do agree that Green Lantern must have been pretty ticked off Superman doesn’t include him as a “big gun”. Even Vandal Savage said GL was the toughest to kill (Hereafter Pt. 2)! I loved Dr. Fate putting Superman in his place with the “I’m curious how you’d dissuade him.” response. I love Superman, but he need taking down a peg or two after stating Grundy didn’t have a chance against him (and then getting tossed around like a rag doll) and then dissing GL like that.

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