M*A*S*HCast #29 – Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde

M*A*S*HCast -  Season 2, Episode 5: Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde

Special Guest Star: Dr. Anj

Air Date: October 13, 1973

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4 responses to “M*A*S*HCast #29 – Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde

  1. I have to say, I really appreciate the perspective Dr. Anj brings to the (operating) table when discussing the life of a doctor. Like Rob, I hadn’t really considered the idea of having the same doctor staying with a patient from start to recovery. I just figured hospitals were run by cruel taskmasters who got rid of the less dedicated professionals by running them ragged. Or at the very least, getting the most out of the lesser paid doctors while they could.

    As for Trapper taking a lesser role in this episode, I wonder if Wayne Rogers was already starting to feel pushed aside by this point. Since this episode was co-written by Alan Alda, he naturally was focused on the character of Hawkeye. Rogers may have felt he was simply not the focus in this episode, but would get the ‘lead’ in later episodes. I’m sure it didn’t take too long for him to realize otherwise.

  2. An excellent podcast about a very funny and thought provoking show. If you ever have another medical guest on would you please have him/her answer the following.

    In many TV and movie offerings concerning medical people we see patients getting injections of sedatives/ sleeping aids/etc. and they seem to work nearly instantaneously. Are there any drugs that really do this? Frank falling on his face within fifteen seconds of getting his injection and Season 4’s “It Happened One Night” where an irate patient is biting Hawkeye are just two examples of this movie practice that is not unique to MASH. Thank you.

  3. The extended shift for doctors seemed really bizarre, but Anj’s explanation puts it in a new light. Have things started to change from insurance companies wanting to reduce liability from overworked doctors? Or just because of the strain on the people? Fascinating stuff.

    This episode was really great. Hawkeye’s slow descent into the abyss was pretty scary, but thankfully told in a funny way most of the show, to keep it from being depressing. Great job, guys!

  4. I always enjoy listening to Anj, especially when he speaks from his professional experience. I find it a little surprising that he hasn’t been on this podcast before now! Curiously, the other day I was reminded of the episode where Hawkeye is blinded, and he remarks in OR that he’s “catching a whiff of bowel.” I was in a rehab facility at the time, and I was catching a similar whiff. Why I thought of the line from M*A*S*H, and why I wanted to ask Dr. Anj if he’s had a similar experience, just shows that I listen to a LOT of Fire and Water podcasts!

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