M*A*S*HCast #143 – Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde

Season 6, Episode 23: Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde

Special Guest Stars: Drs. Anj and Chris Lewis

Air Date: February 27, 1978

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11 responses to “M*A*S*HCast #143 – Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde

  1. This is easily the most emotional we get from Charles Winchester this season, and luckily there will be more to come!

    I can’t wait for Season 7, I think that’s a fun season!

  2. I love me some physician-assisted podcasting! Rob, you always do a great job, and you bring on terrific guests (myself excluded). However, when you bring on two MASH fans who are likable, witty, AND experienced and knowledgeable regarding the practice of medicine, it is a special treat. These two are great on their own, but they also play off each other whether well. I know we all clamor for guest spots all the time, but please leave some room for this to happen again.

    1. Thanks Capn! Rob was brave enough to invite two medics on, not knowing that it would inevitably end up in tales of how bad we had things back in “The Old Days”! (And kudos to Anj for working the phrase “basophilic stippling” into a F&W podcast!)
      As always, it was a pleasure and a privilege to be involved, and chatting with Ron and Anj was great fun: I’m glad you enjoyed the medical banter!

        1. Love the discussion and hope Rob ends up inviting Dr. L and I back to the show together in the upcoming seasons.

          And do hope our medical banter is appreciated!

  3. I agree this was a great episode. My only criticism — which applies only to the laugh-track version — is that the laugh track was played at inappropriate times. The laugh track ordinarily doesn’t bother me because I grew up with it and I usually don’t even notice it. But here they played the laugh track at what should be serious moments – like when Charles first takes a pill, when Radar shows righteous indignation at Charles, and when Charles says he has to throw up. But that minor quibble aside, I agree this is a powerful episode and a nice conclusion to Charles’s arc for season six!

  4. It wouldn’t suprise me that Winchester took opera glasses if he knew he was going to be stationed in Japan with all their types of theater, and not that Winchester would neccicarily know it would happen or happened but the first western style opera writen and performed by a Korean was in 1950.

    Also there’s more to the Bohemian joke than Klinger just not geting it actully part of it is the nationality comment that he makes. The term bohemian come from the French who belived that the Roma came from the Bohemia region in the Czech Republic and thus was given to them and others that appeared to be imigrants that lived in the poor areas of the cities. Thus part of it is on the upperclass not getting or understatding where a group of people come from. On top of that Klinger did claim to be Zoltan King of the Gypsies.

  5. Also, another comment …
    Wonder if ‘bennies’ refers to Benzedrine, a common amphetamine in the past and not benzodiazepines.


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