Midnight 22: NIGHT FORCE #11-14

Finally, Ryan Daly and Paul Hix conclude their review of DC's sci-fi supernatural series Night Force with a review of issues #11 through #14. The series that started so strong wraps up... not that strong at all. Honestly, it's pretty lackluster and bad, but the boys are still able to laugh. So that's something...

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Music produced by Neil Daly. "Night Force Theme" by Neil Daly and Paul Hix.

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9 responses to “Midnight 22: NIGHT FORCE #11-14

  1. I always thought Baron Winters looked quite a bit like Jonathan Frid’s Barnabas Collins. Cloak, same stringy hairdo, etc. So there is definitely a Dark Shadows vibe to the proceedings.

    Sorry this series fizzled out for you guys, but it was entertaining to listen to, either way. Waiting for “Night Force” to become a number one single in Australia. Maybe The Wiggles could cover it?


  2. Night Force FINALLY came back in the 90s. I tried the continuation, but not for long.

    I dunno. Marv Wolfman is this household name but I just can’t get into his stuff. As is well known by now, I got into New Teen Titans too late so all I got was his writer’s block spread over years of comics because DC wouldn’t let him leave. I have a tough time getting through Tomb of Dracula’s purple prose (what I’d read before was in French translation). Crisis is over-rated as a story, just a collection of Easter eggs in between big tent-pole moments. The less said about Vigilante the better (but I haven’t really looked at the original series, only later material). I’m still waiting for a Marv Wolfman book to really wow me. Night Force wasn’t it. My Essential Tomb of Dracula still has a chance, but I’m not planning any other read-throughs. Recommendations from the peanut gallery aside from the obvious?

  3. I never knew that Wolfman planned to bring NF back as yearly mini-series…that was pretty ahead of the curve for comics at the time, I wonder if he really had concrete plans or DC was just like “Uh, yeah, sure, we’ll do Night Force again. In the meantime, can you write more New Teen Titans?”

    Congrats on finishing this particular run of books for the show. Please bring back Johnny Oddball…er, I mean Paul Hix!

  4. I had dropped the title by this time and looks like I chose wisely. I knew the ‘swastika’ cover and was always curious how Winters was involved with WWII. Now I know, I guess.

    I want a bonus issue of Winters appearances in Moore’s Swamp Thing. Constantine owns him. I nominate myself for cohost. Find my joy!

  5. Ryan, you need to expand the scope of what this podcast covers to not just DC Horror Comics and cover the Tomb Of Dracula if you want a GREAT Wolfman/Colan Horror Series.

  6. Cool Pod cast. An interesting last issue. I would probly have Peter Capaldi play the Baron. Wish his son had shown up before the last issue. Might have been fun to see him in issues building up who he is. Then when the reveille of whom his father is would have been cool. Yeah can’t call it an origin since all we know is he was part of a cult and he has powers. No idea from ware etc. And he had a hot ex wife. Kay. The issues before had been great. And a descent end, but could have been better. Maybe if Warren Ellis had done a Vertigo run on them a re boot or continuation could have been cool. Can’t wait to hear the next pod cast.

  7. Aw yeah, Midnight!
    This might be the most current I’ve ever been on my podcasts. Well done, Ryan and Paul! You guys really sold this one. . . until you told us to stay the heck away. Sounds like a seemingly-rushed-finale-with-a-few-too-many-ideas-that-didn’t-quite-fit-and-probably-could-have-been-avoided and maybe should have been avoided.

    As for Deadman, Ryan, I’m game anytime after March 1.

  8. I used to have great memories of Night Force…

    On that second cover, so far as I can glean, they’re neither leading nor running from the beast – they’re wandering through the carnival and it’s about to surprise them.

    It’s interesting that you both (and Anj, above) felt so uncomfortable about a book with a dirty great swastika on the cover – the bullet in the corner says ‘DC’ not ‘SS’… are we Brits just inured to the image because we all grew up with it plastered over ever second boys’ comic? ‘Achtung, die. Britisher!’ and whatnot! What about all the DC war comics, did they feel dodgy too?

    Anyway, thanks for a fun series!

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