oHOTmu or NOT Ep.20: Sangria Special

For our 20th episode, a change of pace: We revisit the first two issues of the Official Handbook and look at what happened to some of those characters after 1985. Especially fashion-wise. Which are still Hot, which are still Not, and which have been redeemed and condemned? Also: Sangria makes the girls goofier than usual.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse (Havana Nights), Isabel (Lip-Bomb), Nathalie (DJ Nath), Josée (Art-Girl), Amélie (AmyUltraViolet) and Shotgun.

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14 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.20: Sangria Special

  1. So this episode was more drunk than usual? Huh. Couldn’t tell the difference. 😉

    Poor Cannonball. Fellow Kentuckian still gets no love, even though he no longer looks like he wandered away from a Freak Show. I guess the 90s Rob Liefeld X-Force look wouldn’t have helped matters either.

    More lop-sided boobs on Andromeda. It’s beginning to be an epidemic! I think there were some additional mutations in the Marvel Universe that we haven’t learned about yet.

    Favorite lines of the episode “Can you imagine being fondled with those fingers” and “I want to grab that butt”.

    Great show! As always, you gals never fail to lift the spirits…and not just the ones in your hands!

    Oh and you’re okay too, Siskoid.


  2. There was a lot to love in this episode. So glad that the girls got to see some updates.

    Poor Cannonball! He’s the guy at the rave who doesn’t do drugs? Or the guy who is awesome at video games and says ‘dude’ a lot? Quite a departure from his quiet country first look.

    I really like the new Captain Marvel look as well. For me it said pilot. But now that I heard bellhop I can’t get that image out of my head. And worse, I keep hearing Tim Roth lines from ‘Four Rooms’ coming out of Carol’s mouth! “I don’t have a problem. I have problemS! Plural!”

    Thanks again for the fun!

  3. Thanks for another fun show, there were, as ever, some great comments. Don’t beat me up, but I’m not convinced scads of sangria makes for a better listening experience. There seems to be a widespread feeling that being pissed – UK-sense – is realllllllly funny, and maybe it is if you’re also drinking…

    The only costume which is much improved here is Ares, I like his Folsom Street Fair look.

    The original Beetle costume is awesome. Unique. The girlie Beetle (Linda? Yoko?) doesn’t say ‘Beetle’ to me, just ‘generic purple flying chick’ Was That a Beatles song you kept playing in this segment? It’s not one I know so any extra relevance is over my pretty little heid.

    Love the word ‘Bellhoppy’ for Carol. I wish the young ladies had got to see the initial new Carol with the horrendous Joe Quesada mane-hair. Freaky. I like the new look but it’s nowhere near as good as the Seventies Cockrum outfit.

    Is a ‘waist trainer’, which I had to look up, not just a corset?

    Boomerang looks really dull now, with those skateboards on his back – purple and blue is a much better combo.

    Likewise Brother Voodoo looked awesome with his Christmas costume, here he looks drab. And I hate dreads, they look like fraying carpet.

    As I’m gay it may be OK to say Cannonball looks extremely light in the loafers in that Open-Q outfit. The noise of a boy blasting is SWISH.

  4. This was simply glorious. And if the ladies are into sangria, my partner is the mind behind the new joy of my life which she dubbed “berry nonsense.” I may forget some of the components and I don’t know the ratios, but it’s primarily moscato, a splash of champagne, a bit of your hard cider of choice, a little bit of cranberry wine and then loaded up with fresh berries (usually raspberries, cut strawberries and blackberries all floating at the top) in a wine glass. Screw mimosas, I won’t settle for less anymore.

    As for the updates, what a mixed bag this was. There’s you’re notable improvements (such as Cannonball & Angel,) you’re backwards steps (hello Captain Britain and 90s Andromeda,) some basically neutral updates (like Brother Voodoo & Boomerang,) and at least one glorious What the Fuck in the form of Baron Zemo.

    And then off all on her own, in a special bubble where she can be mine, all mine, is Carol Danvers. May she forever frequent my dreams, and she can bring Monica Rambeau along as well.

  5. You now all know what I’ve had to face on a regular basis over the last year and a half or so: the 90s weren’t very kind to anybody. Especially poor Caliban who got the full on Liefeld. But looking past the 90s, so many redemptions and so few hots to nots! It’s funny, in full context of looking from 80s to 90s to now it does seem like overall comic book character designs have settled in a pretty good place overall these days… Unless you’re Boomerang. Poor guy just can’t catch a break no matter how many times he comes back (*rimshot*.)

  6. Another fine episode, ladies and gentleman. I have to admit that I feel bad for Captain Britain. I find him to be an interesting character, and enjoyed following him in the old Excalibur series, but it does appear that his costume could do with some updating. After all, the fashion faux pas of one Brian affects every Brian in the multiverse.

  7. Regarding choosing wine by color: when in doubt choose the bottle with clear glass. Or you could read the label. Rouge? Blanc? As it was, it was probably a good thing to get liquored up for this episode. Looking at the samples that SIskoid provided it seems that the designers must have been tippling a bit themselves. Those are some horrible costumes! And the stories you summarized are just as bad. Angel for instance. Substitute any limbs for “wings.” “They ripped his arms off and gave him metal ones that he can shoot his fingers from. Then those were ripped off and he grew new arms.” Yeeesh. Drink up, ladies!

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