Panel by Panel: Triple Destruction on AM Radio

FW Presents another episode of the newly reconceived Panel by Panel, the show that dissects a single comic book panel from the last 85 years of comics history every episode. This time Siskoid is joined by Dr. Anj and the randomizer hands them... Miss America 70th Anniversary Special #1 (2009), page 30, panel 1, which is part of a reprint of All-Winners Comics #10 (1943)! Just when you thought we would cover recent comic book art, we're sent back, way back!

All relevant images in the Panel by Panel Supplemental.

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6 responses to “Panel by Panel: Triple Destruction on AM Radio

  1. Fun episode fellas. And congrats on covering a Whizzer story and never once mentioning his yellow costume and his mongoose-inflicted origin.

    That prop-plane looks like an autogyro, a helicopter-plane hybrid used by both the Shadow and Batman in his early days. Adds to the Golden Age ambience. And maybe that swastika is bleeding? Just a thought.

    Keep ’em coming! These are a lot of fun.


  2. Like you guys, I didn’t like Frank Robbins’ work as a kid, now I absolutely love it. I think it’s natural when you’re younger to have a more narrow view of what comics (superhero comics, at least) “should” look like, and Robbins is so different from that. Not that you see a lot of his idiosyncratic flourishes here.

    This premise is proving to be surprisingly workable, considering this is an audio medium. Looking forward to more installments!

  3. Thanks for another great dose of art admiration, it’s always great to hear Anj. I reckon I’ve bought archives from that very same book and record store he mentions, it was tough not to buy loads of stuff. I came out with a Captain Marvel Jr Colima.

    ‘A plane in a cave is bizarre’, Siskoid? Holy Forgetfulness!

    This is an interesting panel, tougher to visually parse out of context. I especially love the caption’s slanting font (sometimes I contort my body weirdly at work and yell ‘HELP! IVE BEEN ITALICISED!’ Surprisingly, few people laugh…), which reminds me of Fawcett work, and the drop cap that’s familiar from Golden Age Batman work. Great call on the Scooby-Dooness of the villains, though I am pretty sure the Skrulls have been retrofitted into the Golden Age.

    So, what’s next?

    1. Next is a panel from your neck of the woods. I won’t say any more.

      Don’t hold your breath, because with the improv tour finally over, I’m getting back to regular productions, finally, but when there’s a proper hole in the schedule, you’ll see what I mean.

  4. I am really loving this show! This time I didn’t see the panel before the discussion, so I was trying to imagine it based on your description. I wasn’t very close. I loved the idea that one could see the stalactites as the sky. This really is a very good of the effective and efficient economy of comic book illustration. The figures are in silhouette, yet indicate strangeness and malevolence. The microphone and stand are a negative silhouette, which clearly show that it is a microphone on a stand! The aircraft, and I concur with Chris that it’s probably and auto-gyro, indicates the scope and vastness of the setting. With this one little panel, the reader sees three scary creatures with technological capabilities and transportation. With all that taken care of, now we can focus on the story!

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