Power of Fishnets 25: Maids of Might and Magic

The Power of Fishnets meets Holla for Hot Pants on this special episode reviewing Supergirl issues #1-4. Ryan Daly welcomes Doctor Anj to review not only the backup stories featuring the Saucy Sorceress, but also the lead stories starring the Last Daughter of Krypton.

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10 responses to “Power of Fishnets 25: Maids of Might and Magic

  1. I feel like this episode was a “back door pilot” for Anj’s HOLLA FOR HOTPANTS podcast. If so, I am totally on board with that!

    I think it’s an interesting bet that DC made–that mostly girls bought SUPERGIRL, so the back-up should be another female hero, as opposed to trying to get boys to buy it by putting in a male hero.

    Only recently have I become more aware of the work of Art Saaf, it’s really good stuff. That “Madman” splash page (which we also talked about on DigestCast) is glorious.

    And nice Al Franken burn, Ryan!

  2. Nice workaround for the problem of finding a way to get together over the Kilg%re – sure, it’s great to have a back and forth but we still got a thoroughly entertaining, informed show.

    Anj is right, these were ropy stories. As I understand it, the editor was told, or decided, to give the book the vibe of DC’s successful romance line. Bad move, it set Kara’s character back years. I do, though, have a strange affection for this run because it was Supergirl finally having her own book, and boy, those covers were amazing, so many are burned into my memory. That ‘date’ cover with the cat is, to me, utterly iconic. Plus, all the crap boyfriends led logically to the Amazons Issue.

    Kar, like Lois and Diana, suddenly had diverse roommates before there was diversity. OK, it was all pretty much tokenism, but the intention was pure.

    So Zee encounters Arthurian stuff in two out of four stories and no one linked ‘em? !huD

  3. I would say that Kara Ain’t No Holla Back Girl…but I enjoyed Anj’s segments (and Kara’s hotpants) too much to go there.

    Art Saaf’s stuff is gorgeous. I found it through that beloved Supergirl digest, and I’m still a fan.

    Kara/Linda’s romantic drama…ugh. I would say thank goodness we’re past that, but honestly some of that is what has pulled me out of the Supergirl TV series, despite loving Melissa Benoist in the series.

    “The Saucy Sorceress” is just an awesome nickname for Zee. Certainly better than Batgirl’s “Dominoed Daredoll”. She doesn’t wear a domino mask! What does that even MEAN?!?


  4. Nuts, I neglected to comment last time! and I have little to add to this one! Was this Cary Bates’ first ongoing series? I know he was a young man, and Martin refers to the editorial aim above, but this is kind of a mess for a title. In the first story, is Linda late for the start of term? The play has been cast and is already in rehearsal? And continues to rehearse even after a murder? Where are the police? “Oh, crap, we’ve lost an actor? Is the understudy nearby? Oh, and maybe someone should call the cops. After rehearsal.”
    The I started thinking about Linda having roommates, and going to the beach, and trying to keep her wig a secret! I haven’t read Anj’s ( no doubt) excellent blog, but I sure enjoy him on these podcasts! (and the Legion of Super-Bloggers) Perhaps he’s raised these points previously. Linda Lee Danvers deserved a better exploration of her character.

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