Power of Fishnets Special: The Deadliest Fishnets in the Galaxy

Before you see AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, discover the secrets of the onetime daughter of Thanos, the deadly assassin Gamora! Ryan Daly welcomes Al Sedano and Jon M. Wilson from Resurrections: An Adam Warlock and Thanos Podcast to discuss Gamora's origin, her evolution as a character, her depiction in comics and in film, and her various looks throughout the years, especially that rockin' '70s fishnet bodystocking!

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Music: “Cherry Bomb" by The Runaways; "Nasty Girl" by Vanity 6.

14 responses to “Power of Fishnets Special: The Deadliest Fishnets in the Galaxy

  1. I almost thought nobody would mention Thanos’s “nurturing” side. But by golly you guys did. Great coverage. Not that I don’t love me some Zatanna and Black Canary, but this was an interesting diversion episode.

    Now when do we get to the Ultraverse’s fishnet-wearing Lady Killer?

  2. Great episode! I really don’t have much exposure to comic Gamora outside of her OHOTMU entries, but her costume made quite the impression. I love both Guardians movies, so I go straight to Zoe when I think of the character.

    This episode gives me hope that Ryan will greenlight that all Magpie episode of POF!!!


  3. I really hope Starlin is wealthy post-GOTG movie. Disney is basing a huge chunk of the MCU on his concepts and characters, for pete’s sake!

    I knew nothing about Gamora other than the movie, had no idea that her and Nebula got smooshed together in movie continuity. The more you know!

    Happy to hear there are more POF episodes coming! I feel like Victoria’s Secret should buy ad time or something.

    1. I know in the past Starlin has said he was getting more money out of creating Mongul than Thanos but in the recent interview that Diablo Frank did with him, he said he is now getting more money from Thanos. I just hope it’s a LOT more.

  4. Fan of Gamora since finding the Warlock reprint miniseries, but it never occurred to me that her outfit was a full-body fishnet. You know who else rocks one of those? Spider-Man villain, Mysterio. Fishnet and fishbowl!

  5. You guys managed to talk a lot about a character who isn’t much to talk about! Gamora was, essentially, the “hot chick” in Starlin’s Warlock comics. She wore a skin-tone costume, so the fishnets gave the illusion of partial nudity. Her story, slight as it is, is almost pointless, as you discussed. Briefly, brought from the future to slay a villain; Failed. And that’s it. The name has survived, but the post-MTIO annual comics appearances, and the movies really can’t be the same character. Without the fish-net body stocking, she’s just a green lady. Not to mention the time-paradox aspect of her story! I find that many of Starlin’s stories are a lot of fun, but don’t really hold up to close scrutiny.
    Jack Bohn, you have an intriguing idea, but I think Clea should be ahead of Mysterio on the list! (Did Ditko have a thing for drawing fishnets?)

  6. Great episode. I know I’m starting from a different place but I can usually see why a woman is considered sexy, but Gamora… the classic costume looks tacky* while the blotchy eye make-up Marvel’s second generation of creators was so fond of (see also Marionette and Dazzler ) is just nutty, clown-like.

    * Is that it? Go on, I can take it…

    1. Don’t forget Kitty Pryde! Also, I don’t think that Gamora is wearing eye makeup. I can’t find any images of her race right now, but I think they all look like that. So they eye coloring is how they look, not cosmetic.

  7. Martin, I think the make-up was just the ’70s talking. Reminds me of mom. She was still abusing blue space raccoon eyeshadow into the ’90s.

    I’m not known for nitpicking people’s highly individual aesthetic choices on their freely offered entertainment, but I’m going to call Ryan out on his “bad girl” song selections. Ironic for a galactic assassin, I think Gamora’s songs would be a bit earthier; older and slinky and metal and synth with a hint of violence. Maybe classic Heart, Blondie, Skunk Anansie, Lita Ford, L7, Lacuna Coil, Distillers, Kittie…

    On reflection, Gamora was a sort of Boba Fett to me. She was part of something I deeply loved from my childhood that was formative, but her role was rather tiny, and actual demonstrations of her badassery were much more sparse than I remembered.

    I never saw Gamora as sexy. To me, she should be terrifying. As you guys noted, she’s a stealth assassin raised by a mad god Titan, so she should never be someone you could entirely trust. Rather than a love interest or a femme fatale, I think she’s the just on the sane side of semi-psychotic blood red murderer. Not that it matters, because she’s the girl in the movie with all the boy space adventurers now, so you can chuck all that Starlin vibe in the bin. I got excited when her mini-series was announced and it look like she might regain her long lost edge, but on reading it realized Nicole Perlman is a Hollywood screenwriter with very safe, mainstream inclinations. Also, it was a dumb book and Gamora was the worst thing in it.

  8. I never associated Gamora’s costume with fishnets, but I’m glad Ryan did, so that we could get this great episode. This one really took me back to when I first started reading comic books on a regular basis. Silver Surfer was an early favorite of mine, and I followed him over to Infinity War, where I met Adam Warlock and became an instant fan of the character and his supporting cast.

    I always enjoyed how the more down-to-earth (as far as cosmic characters go) Gamora served as a foil to the philosophical, brooding Warlock. I agree that her appearance in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie was a little disappointing, especially during the prison scene. I think she should have saved Peter from being shivved, rather than the other way around. It would have been a good way to show Peter and the audience how lethal she could be.

    I’ll definitely be checking out Al and Jon’s Resurrections podcast.

    1. You’re right Brian, it would have been better if Gamora had saved Peter when they were in the Kyln.

      Thanks for saying you will check out the show, hope we don’t let you down!

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