Valentine’s Day may be over, but the love-in continues! Join Chris and Cindy as they tackle the loves and losses of comicdom’s most famous red and blue heroes! Yes, it’s DC and Marvel’s flagship characters, Superman and Spider-Man!

Follow Spidey and his bride-to-be-and-yet-never-was Mary Jane from that first famous door knock, to the deal with the devil that undid it all.

Then stop by Metropolis to visit comics’ first couple, Lois and Clark, who finally made good on 50 years of “will-they-won’t-they” to ultimately land on “they never did”.

The winding road of romance proves their greatest enemies for happiness not to be Lex Luthor or the Green Goblin, but executives at the very companies they keep afloat!

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Next time, it’s two of our favorite episodes of Batman: The Animated Series!

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