Super Mates Episode 25: Super Hero Weddings, Part 2

Chris and Cindy continue to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the show by looking at the wedding issues of Marvel and DC’s flagship heroes, Spider-Man and Superman, and you’re invited!

First up is Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson struggle with doubt in the days leading up to their wedding. But is it more than just cold feet? Will they make it to the altar (or the courthouse steps, at least)? And whose idea was this, anyway? What corporate synergy has brought together, let Mephisto not put asunder!

Then we step back in time…and to Earth-Two in Action Comics #484! Superman is vanquished by the evil Wizard, so a new hero must rise to fill the void! That hero is…Clark Kent?!? How do these events lead to his marriage to Lois Lane?

The first couple of comics get married again, this time in the Post-Crisis DCU, in Superman: The Wedding Album. A media tie-in, a gaggle of scheming creators, and even death couldn’t keep them apart, so the happy day finally arrives! It takes an army of Superman creators past and present to tell the tale of how a nearly 60-year old love triangle finally made it to happily ever after.

What did Chris and Cindy think of these tales? Were they convincing? Did they feel the love? Do these characters even belong together? Listen on!

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Chris (aka Earth 2 Chris) co-hosts the Power Records Podcast with the esteemed Rob Kelly over at the Fire and Water Podcast feed!

Chris’ guest-spot on Andrew Leyland’s Palace of Glittering Delights is now available! Hours of Trek Talk! Thanks to Andy once again for the wedding show idea!

Next time: Chris and Cindy take a look at the recent Batman 66 Lost Episode special featuring Two-Face, based on an unused TV script by Harlan Ellison! All this and your feedback!

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