Super Mates Episode 27: The Starman Chronicles 1

This episode marks the beginning of a new recurring feature: The Starman Chronicles, covering James Robinson’s epic DC series from beginning to end.

Jack Knight is no hero. He’s a collector and dealer in pop culture antiques. His father Ted was Starman, defender of Opal City and member of the Justice Society of America. Now his brother David wears the red and green and protects their city. But when David falls, and Opal succumbs to Starman’s greatest enemy, will Jack be able to rise to meet the destiny forced upon him, or is the city, and his father’s legacy, doomed?

Chris and Cindy begin the series by taking a brief look at all the various versions of Starman who have existed throughout DC’s history. Then they are off to examine Starman (Vol. 2) #0-3, the “Sins of the Father” arc by Robinson, and artists Tony Harris and Wade Von Grawbadger. It’s the “hero legacy” bit done as only DC can, but with a darker twist. What did they think of it? How were they affected by this series? And why did Chris grow a goatee?

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Next time: It’s the Death of Superman! No, not that one. And no, not that one either! Chris and Cindy take a look at two animated “deaths” for the Man of Steel from Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League!

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