Super Mates Episode 29: Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman pilot with Gene Hendricks!

One of the hardest working men in podcasting, Gene Hendricks (The Hammer Podcasts, The Quantum Cast, Anime Freaks) drops by to join Chris and Cindy in discussing the infamous 1974 Wonder Woman TV pilot movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby as a very blonde, very non-traditional, not-quite-Amazon Princess!

Decked out in much different costume, she matches wits with Ricardo Montalban (in a very familiar costume for Fantasy Island fans), an international thief who has stolen some top-secret code books! It’s got tricked out bracelets, non-visible invisible planes, and some of the worst pick-up lines in cinema history! What did Gene think of it? What did Chris and Cindy think of it? Where’s Tattoo when you need him?

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Gene’s fine blog and podcast work can be found here!

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Next time: Chris and Cindy jump on the Avengers bandwagon by taking a look at a Marvel Age classic, “To Be An Avenger” from Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3! Plus, they discuss the trailers for Batman V Superman: The Dawn of Justice, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Ant-Man! All this, plus your feedback!

2 responses to “Super Mates Episode 29: Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman pilot with Gene Hendricks!

  1. O.k. I now realize that posting comments on shows that you put to bed years ago will fill your inbox with e-mail alerts, but man, I couldn’t help it. I also listened to this one over the weekend, because after hearing about it for years, I finally watched this movie the first time some time last year.
    I can’t say I disagree with anything you guys said in the show: it’s pretty bad. And yep, just like the Spider-man show was sort of a standard ’70s police drama with a costumed dude making occasional appearances, this one was like a standard ’70s espionage/action show or movie with a costumed woman occasionally running around through its scenes.
    One thing I recall bothering me about Cathy Lee Crosby in particular is that she often had this sort of patronizing smile/smirk on her face. And I definitely agree that the actress playing the renegade Amazon would have actually worked better as Wonder Woman. Also, it bears repeating that Montalban, dressed in his white Mr. Roarke tux, looked so hilariously ridiculous in that pint-sized rubber raft. A few tweaks and this entire movie could have been turned into a pretty solid satire…

    1. Yeah, I think Crosby wasn’t acting as much as she was…reacting. She has a natural charm, but the whole time she seemed to be pretty incredulous to everything going on around her. The “I want to make love to you” dialog still makes me chuckle. And of course, “Wonder Woman…I love you.” Only Motalban could pull that line off without the entire room bursting into laughter.


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