TreasuryCast #12 – Marvel Treasury Edition #18: The Astonishing Spider-Man


Rob welcomes fellow Fire and Water Network All-Star Ryan Daly to discuss MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #18, featuring Spider-Man team-ups with the X-Men, Ghost Rider, Werewolf by Night, and Iron Fist!

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13 responses to “TreasuryCast #12 – Marvel Treasury Edition #18: The Astonishing Spider-Man

  1. Great episode, Rob and Ryan!

    I owned one of the other Marvel Team-Up treasuries — Sensational Spider-Man (Marvel Treasury #22). I didn’t own the treasury you cover, but a friend of mine did.

    Back in 1980 I had just been introduced to the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men #138. It was Jean Grey’s funeral and Cyclops helped this new reader by recapping the team’s history. I was amazed by this elaborate and detailed corner of the Marvel Universe that I had previously been completely unfamiliar with. I asked my friend Rob (not Kelly) if he knew of these great X-Men characters, and he pulled out his copy of this treasury. I remember thinking the X-Men story was strange and that the characters came off as jerks.

    1. Back when the bow-tie-wearing, youngish Tucker Carlson was on CNN, I used to refer to him as “evil Jimmy Olsen”. But that’s as insulting to Marc McClure as Ryan’s comparison was to Nicholas Hammond.

  2. I’ve just looked up Tucker Carlson. I love that the US really does have people called Tucker. And he has brother called Buckley. It really is like comic books.

    Anyway, loved the show, but when do you lads get it wrong?

    Like Ryan, I love the original Mar-Vell costume, that colour combo and design are striking. The second outfit definitely looked better on Carol Danvers because those black/blue shorts were definitely of the bikini variety.

    Did you notice that the ‘he’s a friend from work’ joke has made its way into the Thor: Ragnarok trailers?

    I’ve never seen this treasury, sounds like a fun collection. I looked up that Band on the Run cover, clever stuff!

    I’ll stand up for Jim Mooney, who drew the Iron Fist story… I’ve loved his art from the first time I saw it on Supergirl, it just makes me happy. I couldn’t believe it when he turned up on Linda Danvers’ Marvel cousin Carol, trademark poses and all, inked by the incomparable Joe Sinnott – talk about pure win. While Vince Colletta was, well, Colletta, he certainly made Mooney’s art look Marvel-ous. I really like it.

    The G of Petra G was Goldberg (age has its privileges).

  3. Excellent episode! I would not have rated this treasury as one of my favorites, but hearing you guys talking about it made me appreciate it more. That cover is a stunner, for sure.

    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who was traumatized as a kid by the Orb’s messed-up face. Man, that was gross!

    Say, do you think the reason that Iron Fist story ends with everyone forgetting what happened, was because Conway knew it was a stinker, and was hoping the readers would forget it, too? 😛

    Keep up the good work!

  4. I don’t have this treasury but I have a couple of the issues within. I considered team-up books to be the gateway drug to expanded universes. So Marvel Team-Up was one of the few Marvel books that I collected semi-regularly in my youth. I was more in the Claremont/Byrne time period but I would buy any of these I saw at yard sales. The Iron Fist one was incomprehensible to me now and then. And isn’t there a panel where it is implied Drom’s mother gives birth to an adult??? Disturbing.

    But I had to comment because I am occasionally gobsmacked at the collective mind of this community. Often before listening to a podcast, I’ll look at the gallery post. Now I am a Gwen guy, but when I saw the page of MJ standing in front of the Ghost Rider poster, I thought ‘man, that image captures everything MaryJane is. Who gives a crap about the Shocker robbing a fur coat store when you could hang with her??!!??’ I then listened to the show and laughed out loud when the two of you also waxed poetic about that splash!

    And the Orb reveal is a classic! Do you have a ‘reveal’ moment like this that haunted you as a kid? As a little kid, I caught a rerun of Quincy where he was dealing with a plastic surgeon who botched surgeries. Jane Greer (!!) appears under a veil the whole show until the end, when in court, she reveals her scarred face. Terrified me as a kid!!

  5. What a great episode. Definitely flew the “Find Your Joy” mantra of the network from beginning to end. Good on you guys!

    Confession time: This is the first treasury I ever owned. I begged my Mom to buy it for me at Eastside Pharmacy (see the FW Presents on newsstands) it looked a little scary, but it was Spider-Man and my 3 year old self wanted it. Turns out, it was a bit too much for me. The book scared the beejeezus out of me!!! I think it was the Orb’s reveal that sealed the deal. I was so scared of it I ASKED MY MOTHER TO THROW IT AWAY. Yes, I requested my mother to serve in that stereotypical function of the crusher of childhood dreams and throw the book away!!!

    Having said all that, I have read many of these tales from the Essential Marvel Team-Up volume 1 trade. In fact, I covered the Werewolf team-up with Cindy and our son Andrew on a Super Mates House of Franklin-Stein episode. They weren’t nearly as kind to it as you guys.

    I’m really looking forward to Ryan’s “Fatherhood Nervous Breakdown” podcast. How about the “Dad Gone Mad Cast”?


    1. So…

      As a child you were terrified by Darth Vader and missed your chance to watch STAR WARS in the theater. And now you were scared of The Orb and begged your mom to throw away the ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN treasury comic. I’m on edge to find out what’s next.

      1. Well, Vader didn’t scare me so much as my parents were afraid I WOULD be scared. But there’s always the Wolf Man, who is now my favorite Univesal Monster. His transformation in Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein scared me into actual hysterics when I was 4 or so. In fact, had I seen that FIRST, the sheer sight of Werewolf by Night on this cover would have sent me crying for mama! I was a big weiner.


  6. Oh, and since last episode, Dani’s school had their spring book fair. There were several of the Marvel Manga-sized books there (a Cap: Civil War tie-in, Rocket Racoon and Groot, etc) and the first new Marvel Star Wars TPB. So there is NO reason the Marvel Treasuries couldn’t be at these book fairs!


  7. I’m fairly certain this was the first Marvel comic my dad ever got for me, probably because I was a huge fan of “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” and there’s Spidey and Iceman on the cover.

    One of the two things that have always stuck with me all these years later is the X-Men story. Being introduced to Cyclops, Jean and Angel wearing street clothes added to the treasury’s overall mystique of a weird, evil underworld that existed in the MU after the sun goes down, and these guys were the ones here to protect us. This story, combined with another early Marvel read for me (“Secret Wars,” where the X-Men deliberately separate themselves from the main heroes to become a third fraction), cemented the idea that the team were the oddball misfits of the Marvel Universe. I like to think that in another reality, street-clothes X-Men was the premise of a cult 70s TV show.

    The other thing that stuck with me from this treasury was, of course, the Orb’s face.

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