Done-in-One Wonders Episode #6: Knocked for a Loop

Despite the devastation that resulted in the end of the last season, Xum and LANOS manage to review a Bronze-Age science fiction love story that deeply touched the Professor’s heart. But what happened to the rest of the Xum Crew?


Featuring: Green Lantern v2 #158


Images from this episode:

Music by Hoyt Curtin, Samantha Fox, and the Manic Street Preachers.

With special thanks to Will Rodgers for providing the voice of the Green Lantern, and to Shannon Farnon for providing the voice of Doctor T’gura.

And my most gracious thanks to our surprise special guest star!


Dedicated to Danielle… with love.


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15 responses to “Done-in-One Wonders Episode #6: Knocked for a Loop

  1. Oh Xum, what a sad story. All those intense teenage emotions, then the tragedy of Danielle and her family. I’m glad you found a true, adult love, and hope sharing the story helped.

    Great choice of one-off tale, I’d forgotten that one – I’m not a big fan of GL as total space opera, but taken as one-offs, there were some great stories in this run. I have to say, Hal was very forgiving of the nutty professor… probably he fancied her. Love that cover, if almost looks as if Keith Pollard (always loved his classy signature) reused the interior Hal for the cover. Great colouring job there, too… of course the rays were pink, Tony Tollin loved using that colour on his GL run! Probably some colour theory thing.

    Hello to Earth One Xum!

    One last question – don’t all Brits take their shoes off at the front door? My mother would go light if we trailed dirt in!

    Apropos of nothing, if you had to have a fuzzy Seventies UK TV co-host, would it be Bungle, George or Zippy?

  2. Wow, Xum. As with Uncle Kinzo, while I enjoy all the comic hi-jinx and fantastic production work, your story about Danielle was just…well, it was very touching. I could relate to the early parts of your relationship very well, as they mirrored the early day’s of mine and Cindy’s friendship. I can’t imagine going through what you did at such an age…but I’m kind of glad you took some of that anger out on Derek. I know as an adult you probably regret it…but I kind of feel like he deserved it, just from what we heard here.

    And Samantha Fox! First Richard Donner…now Samantha Fox. AND Shannon Farnon again! The stars come out for the Fire and Water Podcast Network!

    You followed up that unbelievable cliffhanger with an even BETTER Part 2. Well done, Xum Crew.


  3. I was so looking forward to this episode and you didn’t disappoint. Thank you for sharing such a poignant personal story. I’m sorry you had to experience such tragedy but am happy for you that you eventually found love again. I hope we’ll hear that story someday too.

    A comment on the rest of the show: Time travel makes my head hurt!

    Best wishes to you and the Xum Crew.

  4. I’ve been thinking about your story all day, Xum and trying desperately to find the right words to say. This episode, like ways, was stellar but your story choice and personal story was a real gut-punch. I’ve just been in a daze. Thank you for sharing something so personal with us. Keep up the great work.

  5. Very impressive episode, Xum. Thanks for sharing a very personal story about Danielle – I know it happened long ago, but I’m sorry for your loss. And thanks also to Samantha Fox for making a guest appearance; it was very nice of her to do so.

    As to the rest of the episode, you picked another interesting issue to highlight. This came out at a point when I had stopped reading Green Lantern regularly – I checked out a little less than a year before, when Wolfman and Staton were still the creative team, and GL had just been ordered by the Guardians to pay more attention to the rest of his sector. Seems like a good story, though, and generally I have no problems with GL being a more spacefaring adventurer.

    1. Was reading through the comments on this page thinking that nothing I could say could possibly add to what’s already being said.

      Well… I guess I still think that, but I definitely want to add a “Like” to Rob’s comment here.

  6. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a podcast that has hit me so hard emotionally. Not only are you a wonderful storyteller, Xum, but you’re also one of the bravest. It took a lot of courage to share those memories and I want to thank you for doing it. I think that pretty much all teenage boys are cowards, especially where girls are concerned, but you had the opportunity to tell Dan exactly how you felt and did not shy away from it. I’m sorry that it was in your last interaction with her, but you did better than most of us would have.

    Now if I can just get this ache out of my chest …

  7. Wow Xum, such a sad and personal story, beautifully told. This can’t have been easy to share, but I really respect and admire the emotional exposure you risked to tell us.

  8. So great to have the show back. And wow, what an amazing episode to come back to. Once again, you demonstrate the reason we hold these cheesy old comics so dear — not just for their own qualities, but because of the memories they evoke, the way we connect the narratives to our own lives. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to share such a personal and painful story, but I’m grateful that you did.

    You continue to deliver a show that’s completely unlike anything else out there. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  9. A great episode for a number of reasons.

    Fizzbin is that card game Captain Kirk invents in “A Piece of the Action” so your comment about the GL stories of that era being Trek-like is well observed!

  10. First, I wasn’t collecting Green Lantern back then, but I liked the story a lot. Seeing the artwork, I’m very impressed by Pollard and DeCarlo. Without knowing how old the issue is, the art style would make me think it was 80s or 90s. Easy to see the Mark Bright might have been inspired by this GL era for his own work. Nice.

    Second, the story-within-the-podcast is still a treat. The Xum Crew, meeting Earth-One Xum, fixing space-time, it’s such Silver Age trippy fun. You obviously work very hard on that, and it’s appreciated.

    Third, it feels almost hollow by comparison to even mention the previous points, when the most powerful part of the episode was Dan’s story. You’re a brave soul to share that, and beautifully done. Peace, good sir.

  11. Welcome back, Done-In-One-Wonders! This podcast is so delightful on many levels! From the background soundscape, to the carefully calibrated voices, to the intricate script to sustain a narrative over the series, to the positively Proustian reactions to specific comic books, I delight in it all. Xum, your time-and-space travel explanations show that you have read too many comics. You are, and I mean this lovingly, such a geek.

    As for this issue of Green Lantern, I vaguely remember it. If it is indeed in my collection, it may be one of the last issues of GL that I bought, after having bought the title for the previous five years. I came back when Steve Englehart began writing. So, obviously, my reaction to it is not the same as yours.

    Listeners of this podcast, and readers of these comments, if you have not read any of Xum’s blog, start doing so! This story, and its follow-ups, are there, as well as other poignant, warm, and funny tales of Xum’s life. (I have previously shared my reactions to this story with Xum.) This time, you were able to convince me to watch a Samantha Fox video!

    Thank you, Xum, for your stories and your talents!

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