Zero Hour Strikes! Sequels and Epilogues Part 1

The penultimate episode has Bass and Siskoid look at some sequels to Zero Hour, including Booster Gold #0, Adventures of Superman #522, and Impulse: Bart Saves the Universe. The clock is running out on this podcast... fast!

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17 responses to “Zero Hour Strikes! Sequels and Epilogues Part 1

  1. Not sure what else there is. If there were any books that started with #0 rather than #1 between zero hour and the new 52 zero month I can’t remember them. A chunk of Convergence uses Zero Hour as a brand but it’s just a signifier of the mid nineties; even the Parallax story doesn’t really touch ZH. As far as I can tell there’s just one panel related to Zero Hour in Death Metal.

  2. That issue of Adventures of Superman is why I can’t swallow No Man’s Land in the DCU. Why wouldn’t all the heroes do the same thing in Gotham?

    Glad to hear you’re covering the JSA issues. That definitely brought some amount of closure to the awful treatment the JSA got in ZH.

    Sorry to see the show go, but looking forward to the finale!

    1. I think the people of Earth would rather see Gotham go than save it, CFranks. Also, if you have a guy who keeps booting people out because it’s “his” city, well, you reap what you sow!

        1. I don’t know if he’d be the balanced “heart of the city” Perry is meant to be. I think most anyone in Gotham would “remember” the city as even worse than it is, using Zatanna’s spell. There’s no “ideal” Gotham, only something that would have been rebuilt ever more dystopianly.

          Hey, maybe Zatanna DID cast the spell after all.

          1. I would think Bruce Wayne and, yes, Gordon, would forcibly idealize Gotham into something better.

  3. Jack-in The Box- did a kids meal featuring DC heroes about this time. It included a Hawkman with the Zero issue costume.
    I have one.

  4. The Adventures issue is a favorite of mine, mostly because of how much it focuses on Perry. I love the Post Crisis Perry to the point that it has made me dislike or hate any new version that comes along. From the angry, yelling Perry of Superman: The Man of Tomorrow animated film to the stand in for Zack Snyder yelling at the fans that didn’t want to accept a new Superman in BVS, I just don’t care for them. Yes, I realize that an editor in real life would not be as fatherly. I hate when that is brought up about Perry, but I am probably alone on this island.

    Anyway, having him be the anchor to bringing back Metropolis is on point. Especially during this era. I mentioned this in the comments for the latest Who’s Who, but this era of Superman did have a lot of weird stuff but for those of us that were hip deep in it at the time it all made sense. The demon drug hung around for several years and was used to good effect during that time.

    If memory serves it turned out there was a Bloodwynd and J’on just temporarily assumed his identity.

    On a more personal note, I’m going to miss this show. It was a lot of fun to relive this event and these stories. Y’all did a fantastic job. Thanks for everything.

  5. Keep finishing strong, men! I’m glad you have good material again this time. I also enjoyed this Booster Gold series — especially his relationship with Batman — as well as Zatanna’s stage patter in the Adventures of Superman book.

    1. On an unrelated note, I enjoyed my first Tim Horton’s coffee this morning and thought of y’all. I’ve known other Canadians, but never for very long, so you and the Hot Squad are representing the entire nation in my eyes.

      1. I can’t stand their coffee, or “hot drink” as I think it must legally be called (I prefer their London Fog), but Shotgun worked at one for all of her teens and part of college. She famously got third degree burns on her foot when she dropped a pot on it.

        1. Aaaauuuuggghhh! That sounds terrible! I’m sorry that happened and hope she recovered completely. I think I’ll stick to hotel coffee (and tea) today

          1. That’s terrific, Siskoid, and I’m grateful to hear it. Thanks for following up. Please pass along my well wishes to Shotgun and the whole Hot Squad. Heck, I’ll even include you and Bass.

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