For All Mankind 49

Rob and Super Friends Paul Kien and Shawn M. Myers discuss the SUPER FRIENDS treasury and digest books! Plus Listener Feedback!

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9 responses to “For All Mankind 49

  1. Happy New Year to Rob, Paul and Shawn, and everyone else on the network!
    I liked that you revisited the Super Friends treasury and digest, but I don’t really have much to say about those that I didn’t say about those books when they were covered in Treasury Cast and Digest Cast, respectively. (You did, however, remind me how much I miss getting Digest Casts on a more regular schedule – so this ‘rerun’ really hit the spot.)
    And I like Wonder Dog, too…

  2. Happy new year . I tend to like Marvin , wendy and wonder dog as well . But I like dogs . Also I didn’t know Marvin had a super power and is part of the Wonder Woman family thou a honorary member.
    Maybe Marvin and wonder dog should be brought back as full members of wonder family in mordern times . A goofy but nephew and his big lovable dog that help Diana solve some mysteries from time to maybe . Done in Saturday morning style maybe we could have a Wonder Woman family mystery comic for kids what do you think they could bring back wonder toddler as well as Marvin’s little sister with super strength who looks up to his super hero aunt . What do you think ?

  3. Thank you and a Happy New Year to all the good folks at Fire and Water! I don’t have much to add except that I also love the digest cover including everyone including both Wonder Dog and Gleek. Monkeys are my favorite characters, but I like Wonder Dog too. The poor pooch was the victim of one of the worst character “updates” in the history of comics when Sean McKeever decided to introduce Marvin, Wendy, and Wonder into Teen Titans in the 2000s. Wonder Dog ends up being a disguised Hell Hound who actually eats Marvin and Wendy. What a difference 30 years or so makes, I guess. My inner six year old was traumatized. Looking forward to episode 50.

  4. Wow – I don’t think there’s anything about the DC Bronze age that you guys don’t know! I’m a little older than you guys by about 5 years, so, I went from late silver dc and marvel, and then went direct to bronze Marvel, so I never knew any of this stuff. Been getting back into comics heavily and am trying to read as many of the campy and bizarre ’65 to ’75 DC comics as possible. And, was a couple years too old to keep following cartoons – so I’ve never seen a Super-Friends show, so this is all very interesting to me. Another amazing podcast. BTW, in this endeavor, I’ve become familiar with Sekowsky…. he’s DC’s version of Marvel’s Frank Robbins… who I didn’t like growing up, but I have really started to like both of them recently. Not sure why my opinion is shifting… it’s either their incredibly distinctive and visually exciting styles, or my diminishing eyesight, Happy New Year!

  5. Great discussion gents! I didn’t have either the treasury or the digest as a kid, but the existence of both haunted me from house ads. I got the treasury decades ago at the my first regular comic shop. I wrote an article on it for Back Issue magazine in that great treasury-sized issue! Cindy gifted me Alex Toth: Genius Animated for Christmas, so I have been drooling over all his work for HB and other studios, including Super Friends of course. The “animation course” in the back of the book is indeed pure Toth, not only in execution, but in concept. I wonder if he refused to do the wraparound segments if they didn’t let him do this? I wouldn’t be a bit surprised!

    The digest I own thanks to the generous gift of Mr. Rob Kelly, who sent it to me years ago! The cover is beautiful and sweet, and all those wonderful things Shawn mentioned. Seems like the original 3-part Global guardans story would have been a great selection for this issue, essentially creating a mini-trade paperback! Plus, it had Wendy, Marvin, Wonder Dog, AND the Wonder Twins. And just for the record, I have no probelms at all with Wonder Dog and Wendy…just Marvin.

  6. Just a quick little aside: Fans of the Super Friends & Silver Age DC Comics may want to check out the recent animated “Scooby Doo & Krypto, Too!” as it’s full of nice references to the comics of the era. Plus, a couple of references to the 1978 Superman: Zod, Ursa, & Non make appearances.

  7. Great show long time listener first time commentator. I guess that’s how the joke goes looking forward to series finally.

  8. Great show, Rob and Bat Cousins. This digest was my first experience with the Super Friends comic and those three stories live in my child brain.

    I’ll skip the Aquaman inner monologue this time, as I think he’ll have his moment coming up, so instead let me say thank you for a terrific podcast. For All Mankind is always a must-listen and I looked forward to it every month. I’m especially looking forward to episode 50 as I understand you’ve got three past guests plus a brilliant commenter with the voice of an angel.

    Thanks for a fun ride.

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