Cheers Cast 3.14: The Heart is a Lonely Snipehunter

CHEERS Season 3, episode 14: “The Heart is a Lonely Snipehunter”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guests Jason Alberich from the Longbox Crusade.

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5 responses to “Cheers Cast 3.14: The Heart is a Lonely Snipehunter

  1. Hearing Jason tell that bucket story reminds me of the stories I used to hear people at old jobs tell about sending new hires to bring back a bucket of steam. The worst part was apparently one kid actually went around asking tons of people where to find one until he asked a supervisor who wasn’t very impressed with his sense of dedication to the task.

  2. One of my favorite episodes of Cheers, mostly because, as Ryan pointed out, it really gives added depth to Frasier, who could have been a one-note character in lesser talented hands.

    Having been the victim of a particularly cruel practical joke once, I have never been a fan of them and I would have loved to have had Frasier’s intelligence and found a way to turn the tables.

  3. As a sensitive nerd, I’ve been the butt of jokes many a time, and I have a hard time with practical jokes especially. I don’t get the appeal. But it is easier to take in a fictional setting. And of course, this episode lets us live vicariously the chance for revenge that would never happen in real life. So this episode is a winner for letting Frazier come out on top.

    Wait, did I hear I won a trip to a convention? Well hot diggety dog! I’m on my way!

  4. I was also puzzled by Coach’s smoking because it was never established before(?).

    But a good move forward for Frasier becoming less of a cartoon and more of a real person who could hold his own show.

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