DigestCast #3.5 – Marvel Comics Digest: Spider-Man

It’s a special “digest-sized” episode of DIGESTCAST! Shag and Rob talk about the just-released MARVEL COMICS DIGEST #1: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, the first in Marvel’s new line of digests, on sale now!

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12 responses to “DigestCast #3.5 – Marvel Comics Digest: Spider-Man

  1. THANK YOU! I’ve been trying to find information on the contents of this new digest ever since I heard about it. I still haven’t found one for sale anywhere in my area (Everett WA) and I wasn’t sure I wanted it…until NOW! I have really fond memories of reading the “Doc Ock & the Ghost of Hammerhead” saga by Len Wein & Ross Andru back in the webswingin’ ’70s. Back then I bought my Amazing Spider-Man comics at the THRIFTWAY grocery store and my Batman comics at 7-11. Waiting four months for the conclusion to this story was a really big deal. The suspense was killing me!

    And don’t get me started on the whole “The Night Batman Died” 4-parter by David V. Reed over in BATMAN. I never could find all four issues no matter how many 7-11s my mom took me to! Sheesh!

    Back on topic!

    My LCS says they can still order a copy of the new Spider-Man digest for me, but I really want to buy one at a regular grocery or drugstore, just like old times. I know the success or failure of this new line of digests will depend almost entirely on people buying them out in the wild. The comic shop crowd wont order enough copies to sustain the line. So everybody who loves this format needs to get out there and go a’hunting fer some fresh superhero digests while we still can.

    “Groovy” Mike Decker

  2. Thanks for this episode; like Groovy Mike above, I’ve been curious about the contents of this digest ever since I heard about it. And like Mike, I really want it now. However, that’s going to be a problem, because I live in Europe – no Archie digest distribution here, obviously. Meaning that the only way to get it is ordering it online, meaning that postage will probably cost more than the book itself. Craaaaaap….

  3. Maybe the 80s and 90s had a relative dearth of one-offs or contained stories, the height of the serial-forever crossing over into titles maybe?

  4. Great episode
    Enjoyed it so much I took your advice and went and found then bought one here in Winnipeg Manitoba at my local Safeway. Can’t wait to read it with my kids. Just wanted to add that I’ve
    been a fan of the network shortly before the secret origins joined the network. Love all the podcast.

  5. Thanks for the heads up that the new Marvel digest is out. I’ll keep my eyes peeled next time I visit the grocery store.

  6. I will admit I haven’t read my issue yet, mostly due to all the reading material obtained at Heroes Con, but it’s an impressive package.

    Yes, the modern stuff doesn’t reproduce as well, but it’s still better than the 80s Marvel Digests! Those things were illegible. Ugh.

    I get a smile on my face every time I pass one of these at the checkout counter. So nice to see Spidey back at regular retail.

    It does beg the question why there wasn’t an Iron Man team-up in this one to tie into Homecoming, though.

    Great episode!


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