FW Presents – Meanwhile… #2


MEANWHILE... is back for a second installment, this time with Rob, Shag, Siskoid, Cory Drew, and Dr. Anj discussing what they've been doing to find their joy during the enforced social distancing due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

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26 responses to “FW Presents – Meanwhile… #2

  1. I’m a film buff, but I have to side with Shag on the movie going experience. It’s about $60 for tickets for a family of three for what will probably be a shitty theater-going experience. Who needs that? $20 for us all in a controlled environment would be great! Endgame at home w/out some shithead on his screen the whole time? Sign me up.

    1. Makes sense for families. For a single person though, that 20$ ticket is 3 times what I normally pay (maybe 4 if Canadian prices are higher), so they’ve got a scaling issue.

      1. Honestly, $20 is close to what I pay for a single ticket here anyway…

        Also, PPV costs, with the exception of big events like wresting and boxing matches, have always been between $10-$20.

        It might also be a studio’s time to scale back on high above-the-line costs and movie budgets.

        1. I pay 20 for special events like Theatre Live material (which is going to be streamed online apparently Thursdays this month), but generally, I go on cheap night which is 6-7 dollars CAN. Cinexplex’s Scene card also means I get a free movie every 10 films I see (which I use when I don’t go on cheap night, where tickets are 10-12$).

  2. It was great to hear how everyone is doing. The biggest development in my life since the last episode is that my wife was able to acquire some toilet paper for us. I was afraid to ask her how she got it, but I like to imagine that it went down like the coaxium heist in Solo.

    Comics: I finished up Kirby’s New Gods and have moved on to some Star Wars comics, from Marvel’s 2015-2019 series, that I picked up on Comixology a while ago.

    Books: I’m currently reading Terry Goodkind’s ‘Wizard’s First Rule’. I found it in a used book sale, and remember watching the 2008 television adaptation of the novel called ‘Legend of the Seeker’. So, I thought I’d give the original source material a try.

    TV: My wife told me about CBS All Access offering a free month of service, and have plans to watch ‘Picard’. Also, my daughter recently discovered the Monkees and has become obsessed with the group. So I’ve been watching episodes of their old TV series with her. I’m just glad she didn’t become a Justin Bieber fan.

    1. It’s interesting because in Denmark the difficulty in getting toilet paper is really just the “normal” difficulties of social distancing. The only toilet paper I’ve seen out in places is 4 ply and most stores never had that much of it to begin with. Actually the only thing there was really a big run on for a bit at the beginning was live yeast. Hand sanatizer is hard to find but that is more because it has been diverted for health care establishments and the businesses that are open (for workers and customers) . So most places that have it only sell it to the public if the have a health issue.

  3. Your daughter has impeccable taste. I’d suggest easing her into 33 and 1/3 and Head. Those are…acquired tastes.

    Also, Mike and Micky’s latest live album is out later this month – so that’s definitely worth checking out.

    And I cannot recommend Nesmith’s Elephant Parts enough. good time humor.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. Micky is her favorite, so we’ll definitely have to check out the new album.

      1. Also, the Monkees have an appearance on the Golden Girls and Boy Meets World.

        Micky is tremendous! He’s a very cool guy with his fans and still has an amazing voice!

          1. Thanks. I’m sure I caught that episode when it first came out, but this would be a good time for me to go back and give it another listen.

  4. I’m grateful for these “Meanwhile” episodes. My socializing has gone from minimal to none in the last few weeks. Listening to this and my other favorite shows on the F&W Podcasting Network has been a bright spot in an otherwise stressful time that (at this point) feels endless.

    I’m not really reading any new comics these days, but I looked forward to going to my LCS (EVERETT COMICS) every week to pick up the latest Epic collections, Reprint Trades or Facsimile Editions that have replaced the monthly floppies in my obsessive collector’s heart.

    The last thing I was able to get before the shop closed down for the duration was TALES OF THE BATMAN BY MARV WOLFMAN. Beautiful hardcover edition of Bronze Age greatness that fills in a gap in my collection between the Len Wein run and the Gerry Conway run. So now I’m in the midst of a big Bronze Age Batman reading project that will span the issues from January 1979 to May 1983.

    My wife and I have also been spending our house arrest time watching episodes of KNIGHT RIDER (1982-1986) which is a show we both have fond memories of but haven’t watched in a very long time. It’s been a real blast to relive some good times with Michael & K.I.T.T. When we’re done we’ll start either THE A-TEAM or AIRWOLF (Hi, Andrew!) we haven’t decided which.

    At this time it’s just a relief to get our minds off of the horrors of the real world and our own financial worries and focus on things that make us smile.

    And for me personally this Podcasting Network is like an oasis of joy in an increasingly harsh desert.

    Thank you all.

    “Groovy” Mike Decker

    1. Note to The Irredeemable Shag:

      The episode of KNIGHT RIDER my wife and I watched last night (Season 2/Ep. 13 “A Knight in Shining Armor”) featured Daphne Ashbrook 12 years prior to her appearance as the beloved Dr. Grace Holloway in the wildly underappreciated DOCTOR WHO – THE MOVIE (1996)

      The episode also guest-starred Lance Legault (Col. Decker – no relation) from THE A-TEAM.

      A big part of our fun in watching old TV shows is spotting all the great character actors who appeared in EVERYTHING from the sixties to the nineties.

      “Groovy” Mike Decker

  5. I’ll be looking forward to checking this episode out, since it’ll give me a “Fire and Water” taste of the world we live in, currently. It’s a stressful and scary place: I’m probably still up at 12-ish AM at the current time, after spending all day fretting about news and a shopping trip I HAD to make (No TP needed, yet!), but hearing podcast voices I’ve come to value and appreciate talk about how they’re weathering the storm will be a comfort we’ll ALL need!

    Oh yeah… Nerdy stuff I’m doing while bunkering down, with occasional distanced walks outside. As always, reading comics is a MUST. (Just finished up the “Dead Again” Superman arc! And with the Hoopla library app, I am discovering the trade collections of the 90’s DC “Dragonlance” comic!) Comics helped get me through previous VERY difficult times in my life, and this instance is no different! Other than that, watching random weird movies and occasional wrasslin’ material has helped. (To save my wife’s sanity, I WILL start exploring Blu Rays of movies I completely missed this past year and a half, due to her hectic schedule. Hear that, Rob? I will FINALLY settle in to watch “Aquaman”!) And gaming has been a huge distraction, as well! Thank you, Nintendo Switch… When I feel like it, just plug that sucker into the main television, or if I want to give the lady her peace and quiet, take it in handheld mode in another room.

    Also, the cats have been a gigantic help! Sometimes the kittens can test the patience, but they are still both very loving and are helping their cat parents as best they can. The same goes for our 8-year old “big feline brother”.

    I may not say it enough on here, or in other forums, but the Fire and Water Network… and all of its participants… really do bring me so much joy in life. May all of you take care, and stay safe. When things are less of a Bizarro World version of “Normal”, I’ll not stop turning to y’all for some lightness! (Maybe we can hope for a Composite Superman version of “Normal”? Two great heroes smooshed into one weird whole?)

  6. I’m so pleased to get another episode of Meanwhile, it’s a treat having an ever-changing round table of guests. It’s nice to hear that everyone is getting by. I’d love to hear an international edition with the likes of Paul and Mike from Australia, Herman from South Africa, Jimmy from Ireland and Edo from (oh Lord, I’ve forgotten), Denmark?

    It’s a rotten shame about Cory and his specs… is there no neighbour with a key who could post them? I’d certainly say there’s a case to be made for non-contact travelling – get in, get out, get back.

    What’s that TV show Shagg says he’s started watching? Card? The big bargain over here is Starzplay UK, 99p for three months! I watched all of the superb Doom Patrol in a fortnight and am starting on Pennyworth.

    Having been to US cinemas twice in my life, I can only see good in them being shut… so many ignorant thickos, how can you guys bear it? I saw The Wicker Man remakes and one woman came in with a stolen shopping trolley and three kids under ten and just rambled loudly, druggily through it. Then there’s popcorn, but that’s an international problem – noisy, smelly, tastes like Styrofoam but worse.

    I haven’t had that ‘have I got it?’ moment. Shagg mentions, happily. As regards Shagg’s son, his attitude is terrible; I get that he has to work, but we all have to be as sensible as we can…near paranoia is acceptable because, why risk lives? The numbers speak for themselves. Well done to Shagg on policing distance when he comes around. Really, it should be FaceTime/Skype only, that would be a lot less painful than the current ‘so near…’ scenario – half measures are only going to prologue this tragic nonsense. I don’t know if it’s made it to the States, but on Channel 4’s Gogglebox this week (ordinary viewers are filmed watching and commenting on telly, sounds dull but it’s really interesting from a sociological viewpoint, especially now) there was a lovely moment as social isolation was discussed. Check out this very short clip.


    1. And I’m chuffed Rob’s enjoying The Great Pottery Throwdown, I suggested that to him a few months back in a Finding Your Joy thread. Cory and I, great minds… I also agree re: Schitt’s Creek, great stuff.

  7. Not that much difference from last week for me. Though had a bit more time to do some yard work. Put up a fence so the chickens can roam around more freely, worked on some raised beds and the greenhouse for garden. Was able to catch up on the CW DC shows, and watched the Colonial House series, MASH episodes, and Time Team with the family. Yeah I know it’s great having a 7 year old who likes history shows (and MASH).

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