Film & Water #83 – Head


Episode 83: HEAD

Rob welcomes Monkees mega-fans David Ace Gutierrez and Greg Arujo to discuss the Pre-Fab Four’s 1968 head-tripping musical HEAD, written by Jack Nicholson!

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20 responses to “Film & Water #83 – Head

  1. I think the Kool-Aid was heavily spiked during the production of this movie. Or maybe Nesmith’s family provided some Liquid Paper/White-Out to huff?

    I first saw this when it came to VHS during the MTV Monkees revival of 1986. I had grown up watching the show, and I was just old enough (11 or 12) to reexamine my love for the show and the music. So imagine my surprise when I watched Head. From what I understand my reaction was the same as their pre-teen fans in the 60s. Wow. I had to watch it several times before I could say I liked it, and I don’t think I ever fully understood it.

    I haven’t seen it since then, I don’t believe. My daughter and I have been watching Monkees episodes on YouTube off and on, and hey, it still works! She really likes it. And we’ve both been listening to a lot of Monkees on Amazon Prime. I don’t think I’ll be showing her Head anytime soon. I would like to watch it again just to see what I think of it through adult eyes. Like Rob, I do get the air of pretentiousness, but I also admire their ballsiness in totally torpedoing their image. Teen idols today do that on a daily basis, but at least the Monkees did it in a movie, not on TMZ.

    My favorite Monkee has always been Nesmith. I’m a country-rock guy, so that makes sense. As Greg and DAG pointed out, his ambivalent attitude toward all the wacky goings on spoke to me. I do agree Mickey pretty much carries the show. I think the producers expected Davy too, since they centered the early episodes around him falling in love every week, but Mickey keeps it all afloat. Oh and that reunion show was unwatchably horrible. So disappointing.

    Remind me not to go to any celebrity-filled event with you, DAG. How did you survive Galifrey One? Do several regenerations of Doctors have restraining orders against you? And Greg, there’s nothing worse than meeting a hero and having them give you the cold shoulder like that. I’m sorry.

    Fun episode guys. I mean DAG and Greg. Was Rob on this episode? 😉


    1. As Shag can attest, I’m much better behaved around people whose work I like. I do interview actors and whatnot.
      However, I do reserve the right to take a knee around any of the surviving members of Queen, The Beatles, aThe Avengers (the British ones), or JLGL (PBHN).

          1. Wait. I lied my restraint.
            I forgot I briefly worked with Harry Nilsson’s son. When I found out, every conversation consisted of me telling him facts about his father he already knew.
            “Did you know your dad was the Beates’ favorite recording artist?” and the like.

            But we bonded over Def Leppard, so we’re cool.

  2. I was a fan of the Monkees growing up. I loved their show and their music. My brothers and I would even play at being the Monkees (I usually got to be Nesmith). Now you tell me that they made a movie. Thank you gentlemen for the invaluable service you’ve performed. I’m off to find this curiosity on YouTube.

        1. I’m sure it’s not a coincidence the greatest moments of the Monkees performing as an actual band happen to be when they play Nesmith songs (Circle Sky, Listen to the Band).

      1. I’m still processing Head. So I may hold off for a bit before tackling 33 and 1/3 Revolutions, but I certainly will give it a watch. Thanks.

  3. Once saw a clip of the movie where the Monkees were dandruff … I think. After that I was pretty reluctant to hunt this down.

    But hearing the enthusiasm of the hosts makes me wonder if I should find it now!

    Like Rob, the Monkees show was a repeat staple in my youth. I don’t consider myself a fan although I Karaoke’d Stepping Stone once.

    Thanks for great informative show

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