JLUCast 2: “In Brightest Day”, “In Blackest Night”

No Green Lantern episode shall escape their sight! Cindy and Chris flashback to Superman: The Animated Series’ “In Brightest Day” introducing Kyle Rayner and the GL Corps to the DCAU! Then they spotlight John Stewart and the Justice League episodes “In Blackest Night” Parts 1 & 2! No man escapes the Manhunters!

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Clip credits:

Clips from Superman: The Animated Series, “In Brightest Day” and Justice League, “In Blackest Knight”.

Theme from Justice League by Lolita Ritmanis. Additional music by Kris Carter and Michael McCuistion.

Clip from That 70s Show.

30 responses to “JLUCast 2: “In Brightest Day”, “In Blackest Night”

  1. I can’t believe you two talked about going to the bathroom and not washing your hands and never jumped on the obvious fact that urine is YELLOW… the Green Lantern’s weakness!!!!!

    1. How did we miss that? I’m not sure if yellow is an actual weakness for the GL rings in the Timmverse. But still, it should have been discussed, in addition to Kyle Rayner’s appalling bathroom etiquette. I bet John Stewart is very methodical on his hand washing, thanks to his military training. He needs to put Rayner on toilet-scrubbing duty!


  2. Cool to see you guys reviewing Kyle’s episode too

    This was my first introduction to the green lantern concept so I wasn’t aware at the time of Hal so I assumed that Kyle had always been green lantern.
    The superman animated series near its final season just seemed to be throsimv everything in it
    It was cool to see a lot of those ideas pop up in justice league

    Kyle I liked he had that sort of Peter Parker vibe going which I was also big fan of spider man so I took a liking to him

    That theif definitely looked like guy it had to be Intentioal
    Speaking of that guy actually did appear in the justice league unlimited comic

    So guy dose exist in the dcau
    Do you guys plan on coveting some of the tie in comics might be something to do.

    Sinestro while as kid I dug him looking back he kind of is just a thug though I dug the red skin color
    It was a missed opportunity to to not use his manipulative side
    My favorite version is still the version from first flight.

    Superman getting his butt kicked was definitely started in his series which sadly never got fixed and still continued into justice league

    While i like the episode after becoming more knowledgeableof the comics and the green lantern mythos i kind of wished Hal had gotten used
    Though with what was going on at the time with him being dead and the whole emerald twilight deal in the comics it would make sense they would use what was current at the time which was Kyle

    Now with the John episode
    When John was introduced in the pilot I was confused
    As they had been playing reruns of the superman show
    And I was expecting Kyle to be on the team so seeing John and again I had not been well versed in the comics had no idea he was a lantern

    This episode definitely made me fan of and still am yo this day
    While i have grown to love Hal I still have a soft spot for John thanks to the show

    I will say while the marine origin for him works I kind of wish the architect origin had been brought up like he wanted to be one and was going go be one before joining the Marines.

    The voice of red Forman has the effect whenever I see or hear him in something I keep expecting him to call someone a dumbass.

    The other green lantern being jerks definitely good seeing hawkgirl beat them and they do pay later on in the despero episode
    I thought the no weapons clip sounded like a nod to the cantina scene in a new hope.

    Flash playing lawyer definitely was fun.

    I really dug the manhunters
    Such a cool design and after listening to the secret origins episode on them they really have cool backstory
    They should have been the villains in the green lantern film they are perfect starter villains.

    John reciting the oath definitely was the highlight of the episode for me.

    Another great episode.

    1. Good call on the cantina connection Dial C! It was like an upscale version of Mos Eisley I guess.

      It’s always interesting to hear from folks who met these characters either before or after myself. I can totally see you accepting Kyle as “your” GL. Heck there are old farts like Shag who feel the same way. 😉

      Kyle does have that Peter Parker vibe about him, both in the comics and here. Instantly relatable.

      Thanks for listening!

  3. Wonderful episode–no sophomore slump for this series, not that I was worried (although Cindy sounded like she was about to die at some points).

    I, too, have wondered about the permanence of power ring constructs. In the classic JLA 110, guest Lantern John Stewart famously rebuilds housing for some poor families, but now the places are new, clean, rat-free, etc. Even as a kid, I was like, are those houses all going to disappear the minute Lantern flies away? Not being an expert at GL lore, I told myself that Lanterns can decide that some of the stuff they create is permanent while, say, a giant green mousetrap fades away once it’s no longer needed. At least I hope so, for those kids’ sake.

    Your upcoming guest sounds really awesome! Can’t wait for that one.

    1. Thanks Rob!

      I am happy to report Cindy has made a full recovery. She should be her feisty self when our guest arrives next episode.

      Speaking of which, our upcoming guest is indeed awesome, but somewhat difficult to work with. He demanded only orange & green M&Ms in his dressing room, for instance. But I suppose he’s worth it.

  4. Once again, great episode, awesome job, and extra kudos to Cindy for being a trooper (even more so than she might usually need to be). Add me to the list of folks who were mildly bewildered by the exclusion of Hal Jordan from the proceedings in these GL-centered episodes. I could see why they’d want to avoid having too many Earth Lanterns crowding up the scene, but if anyone needed to get cut, I would have predicted Kyle for the chop. I like Kyle Rayner a lot as a character, and I read almost all of his run as the lead GL, but in the scheme of a serialized TV show serving as the public face of DC’s IP stable, he does seem like the more superfluous entity. Ah, well. As you pointed out, this JL episode did a great job of bonding John to the League, and I prefer this version of his brush with infamy to the one we see in Cosmic Odyssey.

    1. Agreed on the Cosmic Odyssey angle Max. And I would be lax if I didn’t point folks to the latest episode of DC OCD where Paul and Mike talk about…Cosmic Odyssey! It’s an unintentional crossover!!! Great stuff as always from those two Aussies.

      I think DC has wised up about keeping their “classic” characters in the spotlight…although by the point they put Hal and Barry back in the sling, I think Kyle and Wally had more than earned their stripes, so it was kind of unneeded in a lot of ways, in my opinion.

      Still, when you go to other media, it’s usually best to stick with the classics…unless you can do a bang-up job like Timm and co. did with John Stewart!


      1. Gah! I’m behind on DCOCD! My OCD is slipping! And yeah, it’s funny, because Kyle and Wally (even more so Wally than Kyle) really became “my” GL and Flash, even though I read a good ten years of Barry and even more of Hal before they were supplanted. In fact, I’ve been no big fam of dragging the old guard back into things and shoving the legacy chaps aside. It just seems odd to leave as big a milestone character as Hal out of the lineup, in the context of the cartoon.

  5. Thuh way Ah heard thuh Perfesser tell it, thet “In Brightest Day” ep-ee-sode wuz spohst tuh have Hal Jordan as thuh Green Lannern… and thar wuz a bit o’ a row ‘tween thuh Dubya-Bee and Dee-See ’bout it — which led tuh thees delay.

    Thuh Green Lannern episode wuz ‘reejinally ‘nounced fer season two, same as thuh Flaysh one. An thuh notice sent to thuh comics press ’bout thuh dee-lay senshally sayd: “Thuh ree-son thuh Green Lannern ep-ee-sode took so long wuz thet it took a while to come up with sumpthin’ Green Lannern cain’t do thet Sooperman could.”

    Ah dun’t think thet wuz true — judgin’ from thees episode. Thuh Perfesser tol’ me he had wunce overhear Shaun McLaughlin and Bruce Timm at an old Wondee-Con een thuh early naughties thet they “wished DC woulda leht them use Hal Jordan”… So pahrent-ly Dee-See mayde thuh Dubya-Bee use Kyle, an they ‘ad tuh keep a lot o’ the Hal or’jin so they could geet thuh ep-ee-sode dun in tyme.

    1. And some people think I’ve got a thick accent!

      That totally makes sense. I can’t see an old fanboy like Timm going with Kyle on his own. I’m sure it was some kind of edict from up above. Thanks for the info Mr. Manning…and the “Perfesser”.


  6. Well, kiddies, it looks like I’m going to have to be Captain Curmudgeon on these comments! I was going to keep quiet, because I didn’t want to trash-talk something that you are so fond of. But, I’m an old-time DC Superheroes fan, and some of this stuff really annoys me!
    I promise not to discuss the esthetics of the cartoon. It doesn’t appeal to me, but I’m not going to knock it.
    The characters, however…
    Episode 1 (as best as I can remember from your synopsis); here’s how the REAL heroes do it: “Hawkgirl, you’re from another planet?” “Yes, the planet Thanagar.” “Did you travel here in a ship, and do you still have that ship?” “Yes.” “Green Lantern, could you use your ring to analyze and replicate the technology of Hawkgirl’s ship?” “Certainly.” “Great! You and Hawkgirl do that, and then Flash, use your super-speed to collect what materials they’ll need and build a duplicate. Manhunter, Batman, you and I will analyze the respiration systems of the visitors, and figure out what kind of narcotic we can pump into the building. Then we’ll load their sleeping bodies onto the ship and send them away.” “I’ll make sure that they won’t be able to come back.” “Okay, team, let’s get to work!”
    That makes as much sense, and they don’t have to be jerks to each other.

    Episode 2. I’m surprised that everybody liked the scene where Hawkman deliberately provoked a fight with the female police officers who were trying to have lunch.

    Oh. That wasn’t what it was? Is it better if a woman provokes a fight with alien Green Lanterns? This Hawkgirl is a mean, violent, and cruel person.
    The original story is one of my early favorites. What starts it is Hal calling a JLA meeting to tell them he’s resigning, because he’s a mass murderer (as far as he knows). What is cartoon John Stewart, who has nothing in common with comic book John Stewart except the name, doing? Is he hiding from the Guardians? Is he avoiding justice? Did he ever say something like “I need to say good-bye?”

    Your recap of comic book John Stewart’s publishing history was both ridiculous and appalling. The guy was never given a proper identity, secret or otherwise. Did he really destroy a planet? Is there no punishment for that? Even accidentally, there needs to be a consequence. You don’t get to keep your power ring!

    At least Superman acquitted himself well.
    Okay, back to the praise for the great work of Chris and Cindy. Poor Cindy. Give her a toddy and put her to bed.

    1. Well, okay then! I can’t honestly say I haven’t encountered too many fans who don’t like the Timm style or his shows, but you are certainly entitled to your opinion.

      As for Hawkgirl, the way I read it is, the GLs were being disloyal jerks to their own brother, and she called them out on it. I don’t really see where gender enters into the equation, as she’d have done the same to a group of female GLs as well, say Katma Tui, Arisia, etc.

      We’ll learn Hawkgirl isn’t quite what she appears to be though, so I think it’s even more fascinating to think about this scene in the context of where they go with her at the end of season two in “Starcrossed”. I’m not bringing that stuff up in the show itself, JUST IN CASE there is someone listening who didn’t see the entire series. Better to just note her character as we go along.

      I’m happy to report Cindy is feeling much better. Actually the day we recorded was her worst day of that cold. Go figure.

      Thanks for listening!


  7. Hey there Cindy & Chris, was listening to the episode on my afternoon walk and I had a smile on my face the entire time. This series brings back a lot of fond memories for me, and hearing you talk about it with such affection really warms the cockles of my cold, shriveled heart. The fact that I just showed my kids their first JL episode this past weekend helps, too!

    I did want to make one historical comment: John Stewart was predated as a costumed, super-powered Black character at DC Comics by both Vykin of the Forever People and Black Racer. Vykin first appeared in Forever People #1, which hit stands in December 1970 (cover date of Feb/Mar 1971). Black Racer followed on in April 1971 (cover date of Jun/Jul 1971) in New Gods #3. I would be willing to argue that Black Racer is more of a cosmic being than a hero, but Vykin was clearly a superhero. I know the New Gods (particularly the Forever People) are something of persona non grata here on F&W, so I am simply passing it along for whatever it is worth.

    Anyway! Very much enjoying your coverage. Hearing you both discuss In Blackest Night brings me back to watching this episode in my dorm room with my (now) wife as undergrads at Clemson University. I also want to echo your take on the Kirby influences on the Manhunters, as I remember being struck by just how Kiby-esque they looked on first viewing. The “Shaft” musical pastiche when John is in his old neighborhood is great as well.

    If I could No Prize the Manhunters switching between jet boots and transporter? Perhaps jet boots are their normal method of local space system travel — but they would have no way to transport their prey back through space in that fashion, so they are forced to used the transport beam. Maybe?

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Vykin! How did I forget him? Probably because Rob and Shag hate the Forever People? 😉

      Seriously, I think almost everyone here on the network loves the Fourth World saga… but not so much the Forever People.

      BUT you are so right about Vykin being the first black super-powered character at DC! Leave it to Kirby, who co-created Marvel’s first two black heroes (Gabe and T’Challa) to bring that to stodgy old, stuffed shirt DC.

      Glad the show is bringing back fond memories… and you are sharing Justice League with you kids!

      Oh, and great job on New Nightmare over at The Vault last week! I really dig that movie and you guys did a bang-up job of covering it!


  8. Covering “In Brightest Day” was a welcome surprise! I haven’t seen many episodes of Superman:TAS, it came out during a cable-TV-less period for me, so I enjoyed the coverage here.

    For being under the weather, Cindy really nailed it on “he’s being an investigative reporter” for Superman. It’s easy to forget that facet of Superman’s character when he’s in the cape, but that’s right on the money: using his brain not just his powers. Well done, Cindy!

    Also really appreciated the callback to the older JLA stories. My knowledge of that era is extremely limited, so I knew more of the Cosmic Odyssey similarities, and it was great to hear where the show’s story *actually* came from. Thanks, Chris!

    A special guest host? Is it me???!! Why didn’t anybody tell me? I’ll need a new headset, and get the press releases ready, and … what? It’s not? Oh. Uh… never mind…

    1. Yeah, Cindy often surprises me with insights I didn’t see coming, but they make so much sense. That’s kind of how our marriage works in general. Even when she has a killer cold!

      Our recording with our guest host is fast approaching. Hopefully it will go SWIMMINGLY. 😉

      Besides, we can’t afford you Tim. You’re far too famous, thanks to oHOTmu!


  9. Sorry getting here so late!! Trying to play catch up with my podcasts. Another wonderful episodes!! So glad Chris and Cindy are on this journey together. Love this cartoon and love y’all too!

    Just a quick comment about the S:TAS episode you covered. I was a devoted Kyle Rayner fan (he’s still my favorite Green Lantern), so this cartoon was a huge disappointment. They basically gave Hal’s origin to Kyle and made Kyle somewhat generic. He was essentially Hal as an artist. Ugh! I wanted Kyle’s original costume! I wanted Kyle to hip, fun and amazing! While I love S:TAS, this episode really was a blow to my comic-faithful nerd senses. Yeah.. really took that to a downer place. Sorry. With that said, nice coverage by you two!

    Thanks again for another great episode! So happy Cindy’s spousal abuse has carried over to this show! :)

    1. I could see why you would be disappointed Shag. To diehard Hal fans, they just gave his origin to the new kid, but didn’t use his name. For Kyle fans, they used the name only and didn’t even give him his proper costume.

      And the spousal abuse carries on no matter where we go. It’s just what we do. Or she does, I guess!


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